DoJ has “grave concerns” on T-Mobile’s CDMA shutdown schedule


Last week, a leaked internal document revealed important shutdown dates that T-Mobile has lined up for both T-Mobile and Sprint. Today, antitrust officials at the Department of Justice expressed their “grave concerns” about this. More specifically, they expressed their concerns on T-Mo’s plans to shut down the wireless network being used by Boost Mobile customers.  

These concerns were addressed by the department today as the Division looked for a way to solve the issue. After discussion, the DoJ sent a letter to the attorneys of Dish Network and T-Mobile to address the shutdown. Part of the letter reads:

“After careful consideration of the Parties’ submissions and arguments, the Division is left with grave concerns about the potential for a nationwide CDMA shutdown to leave a substantial proportion of Boost’s customers without service.”

Although the Department was unable to reach any “conclusions today”, they will not hesitate to step in if both T-Mo and Dish are unable to figure out the issue on their own.  

Boost Mobile was purchased by Dish Network Corp. as part of an antitrust settlement that paved the way for T-Mobile to acquire Sprint. The prepaid brand runs on Sprint’s 3G CDMA network, which T-Mobile plans to decommission on January 1, 2022. Once this happens, the majority of Boost’s 9 million customers are at risk of losing service. 

Dish acquired Boost with a seven-year network-sharing agreement with T-Mobile. But with T-Mo’s plans to shut down the network next year, Dish has been caught off guard and its Boost Mobile customers will end up paying the price. 

For its part, T-Mobile believes that they have given Dish enough time to prepare for the shutdown date. Its CEO, Mike Sievert, believes that “This is a manufactured crisis, orchestrated by Dish, and it is about money, not customers.” The executive believes that “if Dish was really concerned for customers, they would simply take real action and get their customers new phones on time, before the network upgrade happens.”

T-Mobile shared that they are also doing the same thing for the Sprint customers who will be affected by the CDMA network shutdown. And comparing this to the number of Boost customers, it is but a small percentage. 

In the letter penned by the DoJ, it will have no choice but to go to court to enforce the agreement, especially if the settlement has been violated. 


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  • PC_Tool

    T-Mobile shared that they are also doing the same thing for the Sprint customers who will be affected by the CDMA network shutdown. And comparing this to the number of Boost customers, it is but a small percentage.

    This. T-Mobile is migrating a hell of a lot more customers in the same time-frame. Dish is just pushing to be let off the hook with the added perk of hurting their competition at the same time.

    No sympathy for Dish having to do the same thing the other carriers are now doing for 5G for a great many more customers that Dish currently has, and Dish doesn’t even need to offer 5G devices….

    • Shaun Michalak

      At first, I thought.. Well, this kind of is not fair because of the double upgrade.. Then when I realized that 5G phones came out months ago, that support VoNR, SA, and CA.. Well, that is pretty much the full package there.. With that being said, this gave Dish over 6 months to get every one of their 3G customers to get new phones that “will” support their network when they get it up.. and yet, did nothing but sit back and complain.. Now, I do not feel one bit sorry for them.. Phones are out that support their network, so there is no excuse.

  • Dish needs to step their game up and get these people off CDMA. It’s a dead technology they have the money and spectrum get it done already we need more bandwidth to complete on tmobile behave.

  • Verizonthunder

    How is this a concern if Dish decided to sell CDMA devices knowing a possible shut down in the future. Then dish had the nerve to cozy up to At&t for support while still not building out a network to stabilize. Dish grow up instead of being cheap and blaming others for your f up’s.

    • Shaun Michalak

      The thing is.. I just do not understand what they are really gaining by going with AT&T except maybe better coverage since they still have a contract with T-Mobile too.. and in a few month, neither will have 3G for CDMA..

    • DrewskiStyles790

      Totally agree!! Dish seriously makes my skin itch.

  • MissedCall

    Wonder how good Sievert feels now. He’s cozied up with the Biden socialists and this is what he gets.