T-Mobile partners with Fisk University to bring virtual cadaver lab to students


T-Mobile is helping med students have a better way of learning things. Today, the company revealed in a blog post that they have partnered with Fish University, HTC Vive, and VictoryXR. The partnership launches the first-of-its-kind interactive 5G-powered VR human cadaver lab. This will serve as a learning tool for students in biology-related and pre-med majors. 

The partnership comes right in time, especially since Fisk University students will be attending in-person classes starting this fall. Situated in Nashville, Tennessee, Fisk University is one of the first virtual reality campuses in the country. By giving students a virtual experience, they are able to explore the complete skeletal structure, muscle structure, and the eleven human organ systems. 

“We’re combining the best aspects of virtual and in-person learning, and this is the future of education,” Fisk University president, Dr. Vann Newkirk, said. “Fisk University is emerging as a tech leader among colleges, and our effort to bring a virtual reality cadaver lab to campus exemplifies our commitment to provide students with a state-of-the-art education.”

During their classes, students get to examine each internal organ. Professors can also remove these organs and let the students hold and open them on their own. Thanks to VR technology, students can enlarge the organ to a size that will allow them to step inside to better understand how it works. 

Prior to this technology, Fisk University avoided purchasing cadavers because of the high cost and maintenance. The virtual cadaver lab allows state-of-the-art scientific learning that is not only affordable but easy to maintain. These cadavers don’t also degrade so there’s no need to keep buying a new one over time.    

This is all possible, thanks to Fisk University’s partnership with HTC Vive and T-Mobile. Students will be using HTC Vive headsets as they work inside the virtual cadaver lab. Meanwhile, these labs run on T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network.

“5G opens up endless possibilities for applications that better connect us to our world, helping us learn and explore in ways that weren’t possible before,” John Saw, T-Mobile’s EVP of Advanced & Emerging Technologies, said. “With the largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network in the country, we’re working to fuel 5G innovation and transform the education industry.”


Source: T-Mobile

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