T-Mobile brings first-ever 5G POV experience at T-Mobile Home Run Derby


T-Mobile is making a mark in history with its latest announcement. As revealed by the Un-Carrier, they will be giving sports fans a new 5G-powered experience at All-Star Week. 

T-Mo has partnered with MLB to produce a first-person view with T-Mobile 5G POV cameras mounted on the hats and masks of players during the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. This is a remarkable milestone for T-Mobile since it is the first time a professional sports league will have its athletes don 5G-embedded wearable cameras. Not to mention, the cameras will be delivering live HD video and audio over 5G. 

You can check out the T-Mobile 5G BP on this website and MLB social channels beginning July 12th at 6:30 pm ET. You can also take a look at the bonus views on ESPN at 8 pm ET. 

There’s also the all-new MLB AR app, which fans can use to get a 3D view of Coors Field and interact with the action in real-time, from anywhere. T-Mobile says its customers using a 5G device can also get bonus features and stats like exit velocity, max height, and hang time. 

Aside from this new fan experience, T-Mobile will donate $10,000 for every home run hit off a magenta ball during bonus time at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. They will donate up to half a million dollars to the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant Program. 

At home, you also have a shot at a week-long celebration that T-Mobile has in mind. Some of the experiences that you can take part in include the following:

  • T-Mobile Home Run Derby Bracket Challenge – If you can accurately predict the overall winner, you might just win the $100,000 grand prize. You can join this by going to this website starting July 7th after the T-Mobile Home Run Derby Bracket Show on ESPN. 
  • T-Mobile’s All-Star Bat Shop – Get your very own 18” bat from one of the 30 MLB Clubs at the T-Mobile store at 1475 16th Street from 11-6 pm local time from July 12-13 and have it customized and engraved. Throughout the day, be prepared for some surprise appearances from MLB legends. 
  • All the Fun at PLAY BALL PARK – Ever wanted to have your own hologram on a baseball card? Here’s your chance. Head over to T-Mobile’s hologram studio at the Colorado Convention Center from July 9-13. You can share the hologram with your friends on your social media accounts. There will also be some daily giveaways, baseball training drills, autograph opportunities, and many more at the PLAY BALL PARK. 


You can learn more about this by visiting T-Mobile’s announcement page


Source: T-Mobile

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