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T-Mobile brings first-ever 5G POV experience at T-Mobile Home Run Derby


T-Mobile is making a mark in history with its latest announcement. As revealed by the Un-Carrier, they will be giving sports fans a new 5G-powered experience at All-Star Week. 

T-Mo has partnered with MLB to produce a first-person view with T-Mobile 5G POV cameras mounted on the hats and masks of players during the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. This is a remarkable milestone for T-Mobile since it is the first time a professional sports league will have its athletes don 5G-embedded wearable cameras. Not to mention, the cameras will be delivering live HD video and audio over 5G. 

You can check out the T-Mobile 5G BP on this website and MLB social channels beginning July 12th at 6:30 pm ET. You can also take a look at the bonus views on ESPN at 8 pm ET. 

There’s also the all-new MLB AR app, which fans can use to get a 3D view of Coors Field and interact with the action in real-time, from anywhere. T-Mobile says its customers using a 5G device can also get bonus features and stats like exit velocity, max height, and hang time. 

Aside from this new fan experience, T-Mobile will donate $10,000 for every home run hit off a magenta ball during bonus time at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. They will donate up to half a million dollars to the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant Program. 

At home, you also have a shot at a week-long celebration that T-Mobile has in mind. Some of the experiences that you can take part in include the following:


You can learn more about this by visiting T-Mobile’s announcement page


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