T-Mobile customers now getting Samsung update that fixes Galaxy S21 camera issues


It is important for a flagship smartphone to be able to function properly upon its release. But for Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S21 series, many users were disappointed with its camera issues. Thankfully, Samsung has taken action to release an update. 

When the issue was first reported in May, Samsung did its best to fix it with consecutive updates. Unfortunately, users were unable to get the update at the same time. And to be fair, the issue not only affected the Galaxy S21 model but all the other phones in its series– the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+. 

Users reported that the camera of the device lagged whenever they switched between different zoom levels. The phone also stuttered when users browsed through the camera app. 

Samsung has since acknowledged the issue and promised that they will be addressing them as soon as possible. And true enough, they released updates to fix the problem. Some T-Mobile customers, however, had to wait up to two months to receive the update.

If you are among the users who are waiting for the update, Samsung’s latest G99xUSQU4AUF5 firmware update comes with camera improvements that address the issue. There are also some minor tweaks and a new security patch included in the release. The short changelog includes the following:

  • Performance camera has been improved
  • Overall device performance has been improved
  • June 2021 security patch

The update has a total size of 400MB. It will be released to all T-Mobile Galaxy S21 series devices in the following days. 


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  • Juan Carlos

    The OnePlus 8t received the June security patch last night ☝️

    • Stevebro

      My OnePlus 9 got it weeks ago and my s21 got this update begining of this week this site has definitely taken a plunge in being up to date.

    • MissedCall

      Forced update was last night. I got it like 4 days ago.

  • johnnyxlayer

    Unfortunately it’s only the June patch and we are already in July idk why it took tmobile so long to release the June patch it took about 1.5 months from the May patch

  • Stevebro

    Just got the July security patch nothing else in the update got it last night