T-Mobile makes changes to CellSpot program


T-Mobile will be making changes to its femtocell CellSpots. 

This information was revealed in a leaked document obtained by this publication. According to the document, T-Mobile’s personal CellSpots will no longer be offered as a free rental. Beginning July 9th, customers will have to make a small $99 deposit in order to purchase the CellSpots. But instead of renting these, customers will be owning the units already.

T-Mobile originally offered the CellSpot as one of three different options back in 2015. The Un-Carrier released the CellSpot to act as a backhaul for a personal cell tower. It does this by using the customer’s own internet service. As a result, the particular address gets localized cell coverage. 

In addition to the CellSpot, T-Mobile also offered a two-piece repeater. Customers who opted for this were able to extend signal at a window so they could have signal inside their home. T-Mo also offered a custom-branded Asus Wi-Fi router that customers could use with Wi-Fi Calling. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile will let existing units that have been deployed already continue to function. They are also considering this option as a “last resort” for coverage. It will come with a 14-day return window and a 90-day warranty. 


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  • marque2

    I got the two piece repeater a few years ago it made the service go from really bad to useable. Service has improved enough the last two years where we no longer need it. Biggest problem was the wife claiming it would produce cancer causing radio waves (eye roll)

    • Pak T

      Yes I bet she didn’t give up her phone, did she? ;)

  • Alex Pilaia

    I have the 4G LTE Cell spot router and i love it. Full bars anywhere in my home. Sucks I have to pay for it now when it has been FREE and reliable for me for 4 years running. Especially since it is 4 years old and does not run 5G. If you are going to make us pay $100 for it, there better be a new version, that supports 5G, and extends the range of the device.

    • spyncycle

      Calm down.
      “As of this writing, T-Mobile will let existing units that have been deployed already continue to function.”

    • Kaulana1989

      you don’t have to pay for it if you already have one get the new updated model you can have it replaced for free if you got an old one version 1

    • Pak T

      I got one when I called for another issue and mentioned the cell coverage was terrible at my house. The phone rep ordered one up for me. I was only mentioning it as an aside because it didn’t matter since I just used Wi-Fi. Now that I have had it for a while, I still am not sure what the benefit it since it still requires my internet connection to work and I can simply use the same internet connection directly with my phone.

  • PorthosJon

    Yeah, it’s quite a racket they have going on with this. They charge you for the cell spot, and then it uses MY data connection and any data I consume is charged to my T-Mobile plan. So they are charging me to use data that I ALREADY PAY FOR. Since the phone decides to flip between wifi and cellular data, I would have to manually manage it.

    Great scam, wish I had thought of it.

    • marque2

      I have the repeater. You attach a box where you find the best signal in the house and it broadcasts to a second box in the center of the house. Doesn’t use my internet at all. You can choose either or.

      • PorthosJon

        Yeah, unfortunately you need to have at least 1 bar of service for that to work. My area all 3 big ones have maybe one bar if you stand just in the right part of the yard.

        • Sharti24

          What location is that?

        • PorthosJon

          I’m in Northern Westchester County in NY.

  • Jman100

    For the record, this change was delayed to TBD. See source article.

  • Sharti24

    Did t-mobile remove the dual cell signal boosters? I dont see them being offered on their website any longer. I wonder why they would do that? Those seemed popular

  • Shad0wB0xin

    I have the asus router.
    Anyone here ever flashed stock asus firmware to one of them?
    How easy was it?

  • C Angel

    September 14th, 2021. I just received and installed the T-Mobil 4G LTE V2 CellSpot. I had to pay a $25 refundable deposit on a Credit Card and the unit was shipped free overnight. I don’t own the unit and must send it back when I’m finished so I was not given any options to purchase or nothing about a $99 fee. Totally fixed my cell problem as I installed a metal roof a few years back and I had almost no signal on my 2nd floor. I now have full bars and averaging -81 dBm. connected on band 66 to the device. I was averaging -115 to -118 dBm before I installed the CellSpot. My 4G speed now is 38 MB/s down x 14.5 MB/s connected to the CellSpot thats using my 400 MB/s x 20 MB/s Home ISP.
    I think the program is the same as a few years back as I tried the older T-mobil dual cell booster and that did not work so well for me. I asked the rep and he said T-mobil no longer offers the dual unit (booster) only option was the new V2 CellSpot that connects to my ISP. I’m just happy my calls no longer drop as I walk around the house.