Report reveals T-Mobile’s 5G network is widely available at Interstate Highway Miles


T-Mobile’s 5G network is now available in more Interstate Highway Miles. This comes from new data gathered by Ookla.

According to the research firm, T-Mobile’s 5G network is available at 92% of all Interstate miles. Meanwhile, its competitors are at 68% (AT&T) and 51% (Verizon). This report comes at a crucial time when people are getting ready to travel for the summer vacation. And according to reports, the number of travelers have more than doubled since last year, especially with more people coming out of quarantine after getting vaccinated. 

The data revealed by Ookla shows that T-Mobile’s 5G network has a huge lead over its rivals. Even though more than 99% of Interstate Highway miles is covered with the LTE networks of major providers, 5G speaks of a different story. 

“When you’ve got T-Mobile 5G, you’ve got the largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network… so you’re covered at home, work, school, your favorite vacation spot, and on the roads in between. There’s one choice for reliable 5G connectivity on the go — and that’s T-Mobile.” – Neville Ray. 

Now that pandemic-related restrictions have started to ease, more and more Americans are gearing up for that much deserved summer vacation in September. And according to T-Mobile’s data, its customers have already started traveling over the Memorial Day weekend. Their data reveals that the number of customers who traveled 100 miles or more has doubled over the same time last year. There is also an 80% increase among travelers who took a distance of 50 miles or more. 

With T-Mobile’s 5G network on the roads, they can stay connected to listen to the news and do all things online. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Mike Thaler

    What can 5G do for me (o r95% of users) that LTE can’t?

    • vrm

      cook your brain with more microwave.

      • slybacon

        Haha! It’s definitely not microwaves, but radio waves. Energy level is much different. UV light from the sun is even higher energy than microwaves.

      • marque2

        It isn’t really at a frequency that could cook your brain. Microwave ovens work because they create a microwave frequency that water molecules have a strong propensity to absorb. This causes the water to be more active and “heat up.” These frequencies are pretty specific but are within the 900 Mhz range and the 2.3ghz range (home Microwaves use 2.3 industrial 900). 5g is at 600 and 2.5 ghz at the moment, well outside the boil your brain frequencies.

  • Glenn Gore

    It looks like that coverage percentage would be very very close to 100% if it were not for that glaringly large gap of I-80 in Nebraska. It has always amazed me that such a major and BUSY highway like that would be totally ignored by the carriers for all these years, as well as be allowed to ignore it, considering that they all own, and have owned for years, the necessary spectrum to cover it. It’s a classic example of spectrum squatting that has been allowed by the FCC.

  • Omar Boyer

    Thats definitely a lie here in California. As much as I love t-mobile. Out the city it in the interstates while driving to arizona or nevada or utah it still leaves a lot to be desired . U definitely do not get 5G or 4G or 3G or even 2G edge. Still lots of dead spots with no service at all . At&t has solid lte even in the middle of nowhere and it works. Verizon has solid lte also . They don’t have 5G but they have lte which works. Thats better than having absolutely nothing on t-mobile.

    • slybacon

      Utah has great LTE and 5G on I-15 (except in Mona), even down to Vegas. The populated areas of Utah have incredible 5G coverage and speeds. Inside my office building I get 600+Mbps down and 100 up. Usually 150-300+ download everywhere I drive here. Compared to everyone else’s comments, Utah must be the only place T-Mobile installed 5G. haha

  • vrm

    I found ONE location here in the Cary area (NC) where the t-mobile coverage is excellent. Intersection of Lake Pine and Hwy 64, in the strip mall, I get 5 bars on 4G AND 5G. Band 2, Band 71 and even band 41 show signal strength of > -70 db ! Yes, band 41 signal strength inside a store > -70 db, full 5bars ! At my home, though, band 71, WHEN I catch it, is -125 db or worse !

    Clearly, it must be a sprint site that t-mobile converted for use. I remember sprint sites had strong band 41 signals backed by verizon 2G on 700 mhz. Too bad that t-mobile has not improved their native sites in this area in over 10 years ! If they updated all sites to match the one, they can steal customers from at&t and verizon here and all that those two can do is watch customers flee.

  • Sharti24

    Why is that? T-mobile’s “5G” is 80-90% NSA 5G which is fake anyways (relying on LTE as an anchor).

    T-Mobile needs more sites using 600 MHz Commscope NR Antennas. Along with band 41 NR running on the same tower

    • slybacon

      How do you know how much is NSA vs SA 5G?

      • marque2

        He is a spy.

  • Gary

    I just got back from a round trip road trip from Texas to Virginia, and while I had a 5g signal on my phone for about 90% of that trip, the 5g data was either not as fast as LTE or not available for about 75% of that time. There were time in Virginia where I was getting more than 300 down, but that was the exception.

    I just leave my phone on LTE since useful 5g really isn’t a thing yet in any of the spots I frequent.

  • marque2

    It still could use work. On Trips from Los Angeles to San Francisco the very busy I5 has spots where I can’t listen to streaming radio and Spotify buffers the whole next song. Listening to more lightly buffered streaming stuff (Family Radio for instance) and it does go in and out. Kudos for Having the most 5g, but I am still not getting any G on many major interstate freeways- not even talking about intrastate highways.

  • I dont have any issues where I live 5G is awesome