T-Mobile: To speak at UBS Future of 5G event


T-Mobile will be joining the upcoming UBS Future of 5G event. 

In a blog post released today, the company revealed that its president of technology, Neville Ray, will be presenting and providing a business update at the event. It will take place on Friday, June 4, 2021 at 11:30 am EDT. 

During the virtual event, there will be a live webcast of Ray’s talk. It will be available on the company’s Investor Relations website

Once the presentation is over, an on-demand replay will be available on the said website. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    I 100% agree this page went from been a good page to really bad I don’t even want to visit they don’t even talk about software update. My fold 2 got a update with cam improvement and nothing is been talk about

    • marque2

      I don’t mind the extra news. We used to have the case where fairly serious news about new models went missing and we didn’t have posts for weeks. Now we get posts – a few are outside your interest so you can skip them and wait until something you like pops up.

      Or better yet when you see good T-Mobile news online that you haven’t seen here yet alert Christine about it, there is a tips email link on this web page.

      • MissedCall

        I can get what she’s reporting by subscribing to the Investors News page.

        • marque2

          Ah but it is mixed with all sorts of other crud I am not interested in. If you see something somewhere that is missing, and not from Investors News, send Christine an email and she is good about posting it. That is how these sites tend to get about 1/2 their info from user input about articles they have found elsewhere online.

        • MissedCall

          The T-Mobile Investors page. On the T-Mobile website.

        • marque2

          They have always reported items from the Tmobile investor page. IN fact the links go there. Yet somehow I prefer to come here because this is an aggregation site, aggregating, investor info, internet rumor and occasional phone information. I admit about 1/2 the articles I don’t click in – or click in only if I see a comment, but I am glad the stuff is here. I am not sure what your issue is.

        • MissedCall

          As others have said, there was more information in the past…specifically related to handset SW Upgrades and the like. Seems like a tmonews site would also report on insider sales (programmed or not) by the E-Staff.

          That “other crud” is actually chock full of valuable information about TMUS.

  • Janice and Rusty WIlliams

    Looks like Neville Ray is now towing the Marketing & PR Operations Flag for the company.

    Hopefully Neville will again share how his mother is in England, suffering from dementia in an old folks home,
    and how 5G allows him to track her movements via GPS half way around the world.