T-Mobile believes pandemic behind delay of promise to hire more employees


When it was still trying to get its Sprint merger plans approved, T-Mobile promised that it would be adding more jobs to the company. This was one of the major concerns people had with the merger since they worried it would lead to job loss. But T-Mobile promised that they would add 11,000 jobs by 2024.  

“This merger is all about creating new, high-quality, high-paying jobs, and the New T-Mobile will be jobs-positive from Day One and every day thereafter. That’s not just a promise. That’s not just a commitment. It’s a fact.” Former T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, was quoted saying in a blog post that talked about “Just the Facts on Jobs.” 

Unfortunately, the new T-Mobile hasn’t been able to keep up with this promise even though the merger has been official for a year. By the end of 2020, the company reported having 75,000 full-time and part-time employees. This is a number that is 5,000 less than when the merger was completed in April 2020. 

Over and over again, labor unions kept warning about the possibility that this would happen. There has been a prediction of between 24,000 and 30,000 job losses once T-Mobile and Sprint would merge. 

And according to T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a delay in their hiring plans. Sievert also believes that the combination of the two companies happened more quickly than anticipated. But they intend to hire 6,000 new employees in the next few months. 

“We’ve moved from a phase in 2020 where we were focused on combining the two companies, and that causes us to look for some efficiencies, to where the results of those efficiencies turn out to be growth,” Sievert said. “Now we’re hiring and hiring as rapidly as we can.”

Hopefully, this pandemic is just a hiccup on that hiring promise and that T-Mobile will truly live up to its commitment. 


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  • riverhorse

    All companies are having hiring problems. People are getting paid to stay unemployed. And no matter of multi-thousand hiring bonuses have been able to lure them back. Now.
    But wait until hyperinflation finishes arriving, in combination with stock market crash and multi-bankruptcies- they’re going to be begging for minimum wage jobs that won’t exist. And crime will explode, triggering vigilantism.
    The only ones surviving unscathed, or even better off, will be in Red states, heavily vested in crypto. Losers will be all of today’s whiners and complainers that temporarily got a pass when the economy was strong w lots unemployment- forcing companies to hire anyone with a pulse. But when jobs go begging and companies can be picky, few will want a whiny, troublemaking, smelly pothead with a useless liberal arts or diversity studies degree sporting antisocial theories while possessing zero manual or team people skills.
    Today’s bullies will soon cry, nothing is forever.

    • Limeybastard

      So true, well said. I feel sorry for these corporations, they’re currently not able to find staff for what they are accustomed to paying for. I’d be upset as well. After all why would I want to pay anyone more than I have to ? Bring back min wage I say.

      • marque2

        The problem is the unemployment benefits are just really good. I got 1050 a week last year – that is about $26 an hour, but it doesn’t get state taxed and SSA isn’t taken out, so it seem much higher. That is more than just a “living wage.” It is a bit lower now, but here in California, you still get $18.75 an hour for not working (and again with lower taxes)

        I am not sure how much companies are suppose to pay, I think coming out high school or even some college degrees 18.75 is pretty good, but since that is now the floor, for doing nothing, companies have to pay quite a bit more to attract the same talent. Companies aren’t infinite money trees capable of paying people any salary the desire for any amount of work they choose to do.

        • dcmanryan

          Utah is ending the extra government handout at the end of June and many other states are doing this as well. This is an unpopular decision for many but it has to happen in states that are basically opened back up with no government restrictions.

        • Bklynman

          What they should have done from the start,just done what most other countries did, give ppl anywhere from $1500-$2000 a month. The states that are ending this,they should wait until 9/7,when it ends. Sleepy Joe himself is saying it has to end, All these states that is ending it early,they might be facing classaction lawsuits,where they will must give all this money back to the ppl. What they should do is just end there part of it. Most of the money is coming from feds anyway,all they are going do with it,is house illegals while our vets are homeless. No raises for ppl on ssi,ssd,etc!! But we got money for the illegals!!

        • marque2

          We need people to produce things or all that free money will only result in massive inflation because there are much fewer goods available to buy because companies can’t hire people to produce things.

        • Yonatan Ben Magen

          Ikr China has had to outsource to Vietnam, Laos, Burma, etc cause they can’t enslave enough uygurs to meet demand.

        • marque2

          Um no, but nice try. Non Chinese companies are directly outsourcing to other low cost countries like Vietnam.

    • Tbs

      Have you lived off of minimum wage jobs
      ? Like supported a family, paid a mortgage, car payment etc? It’s not possible. It’s not that people don’t want to work, it’s that they don’t want to work for slave wages anymore. Red states only survive currently because they are subsidized by blue states. Red states will crash and crash hard. And as for investing in crypto, that’s the same as investing in unobtainium, it’s made up and holds no value when sh*t hits the fan.

      • marque2

        Who has a minimum wage job. Apparently 0.6% of Americans have them and they are mostly kids living at home or in college or second incomes in the family.

        And it is not true that you can’t live on it. Move to Iowa,.if you and a spouse have minimum wage jobs you can actually afford a small house.

        These aren’t career jobs we are talking about.

        Now – let me know about those minimum wage Tmobile jobs. How many are there? Just about zero

      • dcmanryan

        Explain when sh*t hits the fan. As the dollar continues to become more worthless by the hour Crypto values and interest has been at record highs and record returns for those smart enough to invest in it.

        Look up Utah’s economy where I am and please explain what blue state is playing into that. If anything Utah needs a wall around it to keep California out and their Liberal thinking which will someday ruin this state like they have many others.

        I’ll also add if you’re living off minimum wage it’s 100% your choice and I don’t care where you’re at in this country. Minimum wage was never intended to pay for a mortgage and a family and never will be able to do that.

      • riverhorse

        I’m not trying to be mean, but everything you’ve said isn’t so.
        I humbly recommend that you revisit all your beliefs as if God told you in a dream you were wrong about all. It can’t hurt- at worst you don’t change anything, at best you become rich.

        Minimum wage jobs are only for kids or entry level- barring a refugee, there should be NO reason a minimum wage worker has started a family already. Or took out a mortgage. The only exception should be a multi-floor, or at least with a basement or attic or garage or space in the back to build a small cottage big garage. Then in the beginning I’d live in the extra space and rent out the main. Ideally a two-family: rent out two units and live in the spare space the first few years.

        I went broke and homeless three times- all before internet or smartphone eras. So I’m an expert in starting from scratch, and I have very strong opinion on this don’t cut anyone any slack because I recovered always without borrowing money or going on the welfare rolls.
        Main things: Yes, I went broke thru Ignorance, but I take credit for three things: zero drug use, zero robbing, and most important- no children until being well off. I wasn’t going to slave three simultaneous low paying jobs while never seeing them and who knows how they would turn out have to attend public school.

        Anyone broke and with kids plus heaven forbid health issues- do what you can to hitchhike or crawl to your nearest mega Red city- get out of any stingy welfare area. A complete family receives FREE EVERYTHING AND IMMEDIATELY. Housing, even if it needs to be in a hotel, + food, medical, college, internet, laptops, cellular, interview clothes, toiletries, laundry, transportation…and everything brand name because most well known businesses donate up the kazoo + the city has their own income tax, besides the federal & state funding. Those that are Disabled- the city applies to SSI for them. Once you get that, you do occupational therapy and apply for permission to work & supplement that income- and you’ll get permission for up to 19 hours at any job, 35-40 if at their approved job list.
        Anyone homeless in a big city = BS. Either they’re professional beggar because they can get few hundred daily, or drug-addled or insane or habitual criminal or unfortunately low IQ.

        NEVER WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE. At the very least take a quick & free flagman basic CPR X-Ray proctor food handler home attendant security guard course.
        You start $20+ hourly in the large cities- that’s 45K yearly before any OT or overnight holiday extra pay.
        BUT DON’T DO ANY OF THOSE- server bartender in the better places (high class restaurants, country clubs, resorts, steakhouses & stadiums makes few hundred daily in tips. If inexperienced, bus tables while you learn- and make one hundred daily. Or deliver for even more money. Casino cocktail waitresses top 1k nightly in the better joints.
        Or take the tons of free online university and YouTube coding tutorials. In 6-9 months you’ll have a 100+k job. If you’re not that good right away you might start at only 60-85k, and if only mediocre they’ll still hire you for customer service or some other office position for 50-60k.
        Or get a truck license and work for moving furniture companies- the former pays well + tips. In the meantime go for big rig license or something like a welding course- both those jobs pay six figures and have millions of unfilled positions. The latter borrow the truck after closing and head over to garbage days in ritzy neighborhoods, rich college towns, and the back of big businesses- it’s a very nice living.
        If you know any union worker that can get you in anywhere, you’re all set.
        OR BEST OF ALL- work for yourself. Check out YouTube Reddit for retail arbitrage- which you can also combine with dumpster diving and bargains found at thrift stores and garage flea sales…a very, very nice living. Or dropshipping.
        Even just web surveys focus groups medical studies remote CS Mystery shopping product trials make way more than minimum wage, but those will take time until you become well-versed in their ins and outs.

        Florida has no personal income tax and is running a SURPLUS. NY has a huge deficit despite separate State and City income taxes and every company in the world willing to pay whatever just to have a NY presence. Blue States are running huge deficits, just like the Feds, and are going to be in deep shiet soon: Venezuela-type inflation. The only survivors will be mostly Daytrading shortsellers and crypto holders. So bass ackwards on that economic statement.
        Blue States hand out so much welfare permit so much drug use have eliminated bail and arrest for so many offenses… that between that, beaches and big clubs they attract all the schemers and vagabonds in the country. It’s their dream to reach NY, Chicago, or anywhere on the Left Coast. Meanwhile, the moneyed, who are forced to pay for and smell all that, are fleeing to the Red States. In a nutshell, the Red States traded their worst players to the Blue States in exchange for their best players. My bet is on the Red States to become Champions and the Blue States to be relegated to the Minors & Second Division

        Re your crypto opinion- until two years ago I would’ve given you a pass. But now it’s too obvious that it works, everyone and their grandmother is getting into it- and during bad times. The latter is very telling- supplanting gold. It’s everyone’s best protection against printing money and other shenanigans.
        Calling it unobtanium is being Captain Obvious. Most people can be wrong once in a while, but when something is not so obvious. This is obvious and to boot is increasing in appeal during bad times. Frivolous manias tank during the slightest hint of trouble + the stock market is doing well and why would anyone disregard that to pile onto something unsure. So it’s impossible that everyone is this stupid.

        Good luck in whatever you do, watch some TED videos.

        • Tbs

          I do mean to be rude/mean/condescending when I tell you that you have stupidly fallen into the trap that “minimum wage jobs are for kids”. You either never learned history(read up on the new deal and minimum wage, if you can read) where it is meant to be a minimum wage to live off of, not a minimum wage to pay some kids. If minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would be around 24 an hour right now. But, because of people like you spreading the lies/myth that it just meant for kids,you went broke and homeless 3 times. I stopped reading after that as it shows your level of intelligence.

        • marque2

          Dude most kids earn more than minimum wage because the fast food places can’t attract kids to work at minimum wage. The problem solved itself with out a government mandate.

          Do you really think if the minimum wage disappeared Burger king would suddenly pay everyone $3 per hour and people would be forced to accept? No the wages they offer now would at least stay the same and probably go up.

          The reason Democrats love minimum wage increases is because their union friends have automatic COLAs based on minimum wage built into their contracts. $30 per hour assembly laborers would automatically get an increase the amount the min wage goes up.

          It isn’t about the poor it is middle to upper middle class union people who artificially benefit at everyone else’s expense.

          But then socialists use young useful idiots by shedding tears, and getting you to shed tears about families living off one minimum wage – which just don’t exist. Then you post here and feel good about yourself spewing nonsense because “you care”

        • Shaun Michalak

          But the problem is.. There is a difference between a “living” wage, and a “I can not do without” wage.. Oh, my cell phone bill is $100 a month, plus the monthly payment for my new $1000 Iphone.. Most people do not “need” a $1000 cell phone, nor do they “need” a $100 or more cell phone bill.. fact is, for most people, for just calling and a few gigs of data, they can get it for $20 a month.. Too many people feel that their 10 year old “needs” a cell phone.. They “need” that new game system.. They “need” that car.. Unless it is for work, people do not “need” a high end cell phone, or lots of data.. and if they do, it most likely is paid for by work..

          People seem for forget, when the minimum wage was enacted in the 1930’s, it was for a “living” wage, and that did not include TV’s, game systems, internet, cars, cell phones, going out to eat, or any other luxury.. These things have all been added by the people who feel that they are “entitled” to these things.. Food, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, etc.. That was a living.. and most people ate at home at that time too, not in restaurants.. and when you bought pots and pans, you did it for a lifetime.. Not for 3 years until they got a scratch..

        • marque2

          To be fair we also used to buy pots and pans that lasted longer. I just bought a $300 set and a year later, they are so bad they need replacing already. For some reason the old reliable teflon pans have gone out of fashion, and the new ceramic ones work great for about a month. I guess I will have to go back to stainless steel.

        • Shaun Michalak

          For pots, we use either the big aluminum ones like you see in restaurants, or for regular sized one, we still use the old Club Aluminum (made from cast aluminum, not rolled like most these days) brand pots.. They are older then I am.. For pans, we use the old griswold cast iron pans.. Griswold went out of business in 1957, so that should tell you how old those are.. I do have a few Lodge brand of those too.. But most are Griswold.. One thing I have found with cast iron pans is… Never buy anything made in china..

          I have tried out a few different brands over the years that were made in china, and every one of them were junk.. I even had some start to rust because it soaked in hot water for a short time.. They also do not hold a seasoning worth a crap.. The Griswold ones, I can season it once every few months to a year..depending on how much it gets used, and what for.. Every one that I have gotten that was made in china.. It had to be re-seasoned ever time I used it..

          I kind of laugh when I see someone buy new pots.. They get all excited and brag about their new pots and how great they are.. I just laugh to myself and say.. Yea, lets see how you feel a year from now.. Meanwhile, I am still using the same pots and pans from over 50 years ago.. My opinion.. Take the new one and keep them.. I love my old reliable ones..

        • marque2

          Alas, unless I can find a collector set on Etsy I won’t be able to acquire an antique pot set. Even with inheritance, my parents pots are too new.

          I think some of it has to do with regulation, and environmentalists. I won’t disparage a teflon pan. they worked, worked for many years, and let your eggs slide off, but folks are so freaked about ptfe, that now all the pan companies use the ceramic lining, which is also very slippery but only lasts a few months. You get medium grade pans from a major brand. Circulon, Cephalon, Faberwear, you kind of expect it to last longer. However, eco nuts, and the government have freaked everyone out about PTFE, and how it will kill you. (This is along the line of the false logic: British people in the 1600’s rarely died of cancer, it must be because they didn’t eat modern processed food – there are 1000 holes there (they ate spoiled food and rarely lived long enough for cancer to develop)

          Other stuff that has gone downhill. Dishwashers often have their water pumps burn out now. Why, I wonder, well when I was a kid a dishwasher washed in about 40 minutes. 20 years ago the dishwasher I purchased, took 1.5 hours, because it had to be more energy efficient. Now 2.5 hours in a wash is standard, and 3 hours if I use a special mode, because now we have stricter energy and now water restrictions on the dish washers (thanks Obama). With the motor running 3x as long – of course they burn out.

          Anyway, I am now ranting about random things. I will go back to ranting about phones.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I know the feeling.. Our dryer started having problems about 2 years ago, and when it did, we considered buying a new one.. The one we have was bought back in 1997.. So it was well over 20 years old.. Then when I started to check on the new stuff, I saw so many complaints about them.. And not just one brand either.. I could not find one that was not thousands of dollars that did not have a lot of complaints.. We found someone to come in and fix the old one.. It ended up costing us a fraction of a new one.. Turns out, it was the sensors that are used to see how much heat was in the dryer, and to tell the burners to fire up.. and easy fix.. They even cleaned out our vent while they were here too.. He told us we are better off keeping and fixing the old one because the new ones.. You are lucky to get 5 years out of, no matter the brand..

          As for processed foods.. I agree that we eat way too much of them.. I find it kind of funny that they talk so much about how we eat too much of this and that.. Yet, these same things that they say we should not be eating, we ate years ago.. The irony, back then, people got out, got a lot of exercise, etc and people were actually thinner back then.. But yea, now it is because we eat those same foods.. Cancer is another one.. All this and that causes cancer.. Ironic how people have more cancer now then they did back then too..

        • riverhorse

          First of all, lower the volume of your smugness. You haven’t cornered the market on smartness. In fact, you’re fairly unaccomplished- this is so because you’re so triggered by a simple economic minimum wage discussion. Ergo you have a lot to learn- and never will with that know it all attitude.

          Name one single country in the entire planet with entry level unskilled jobs paying a middle class wage.
          Anyway, with several offspring in tow, even a middle class wage is now insufficient for you.

          You haven’t owned or managed businesses to understand the futility of your arguments. It only requires basic math and reasoning skills.

          What you regard as an intellectual position- just raise salaries- is nothing but master of the obvious & virtue signaling supposedly everyone else since the beginning of time has been too stupid or greedy to implement your novel idea.

          You might find the greedy small company here and there, but large corporations don’t survive on cheap pay and substandard benefits- they can’t even get to be big to begin with.

          Business 101 for say, a food or retail business:
          A. Fixed costs B. Labor C. Product Cost
          Those are usually 30% each + or – 5% depending on industry type and location. So you need to sell Product @ 4x purchase price to make a profit, and if you decide to pay higher salary to outbid your competitors, there goes your profit. Or sell Product @ 5x original cost- but you won’t sell much.

          We had a discussion earlier here rebutting critics of former CEO Legere’s final year salary and severance package @ $100+ million- while the rank and file weren’t drawing as much. Simple math resolved it. Taking it all away from him to redistribute to all other employees would result in… Drum roll please…the grand raise of $40 weekly per employee.

          You really need to rethink and remake yourself:
          your theories lack knowledge, plus you envy others better off and basically want to rob them to improve your lot, while taking no responsibility for the hole you have dug yourself into.
          Your manners the way you treat others is holding you back from high level positions and promotions. Get some counseling. I’m just some internet rando you’re exchanging opinions with-who knows how much worse you treat someone you have a real disagreement with…assuming you are able to talk like this to others’ faces.

        • Shaun Michalak

          This makes me think of a discussion, and things people said about fast food a while back.. Why can’t they pay their employees $15hr?? They can afford to do it without raising prices much.. And extra $.25 on a burger, etc and they can do it with no problem.. and people will not mind paying that little extra either.. In fact, most people would not even notice the price difference.. That is the kind of stuff that they were saying..

          I just laughed and thought.. well, maybe if it is just one location they might be able to do it.. But they obviously are not taking the whole process into account, and how much things would go up if everyone get a nice price increase.. Just think about all the people before them that would have to get that raise too, and how it adds up down the line.. From gas to farmers for grain and to raise the animals, truckers, processing plants, and so on.. Heck, just for one whopper or big mac, I could easily see over 3 dozen people that were needed to get those supplies just to the restaurant to make that sandwich.. and that does not even include the people at the restaurant..

        • marque2

          I notice the difference. 5 years ago I could get a quarter pounder meal for 5 bucks, and a taco bell meal (burrito supreme, taco and drink) for the same. Now the typical price with tax comes out to 10.50 and is even for a higher wage person, much less affordable. I am definitely eating out much less these days.

          Doubling of the price in 5 years wasn’t just due to corporate greed, it was mostly to do with wages going from about $1 above minimum wage (about $8.50 an hour) to a new minimum wage of $14.

          I think some people do not tie money with production, it has become too removed from us. You get paid for producing things and you get paid more if the value of the things you produce is worth more AND if the barriers to entry to the job are more difficult – but it is still worth an employer hiring you. If you get free $ from the government, so you can sit down, you are really sucking off of someone else’s production – yes including those working at the fast food joints for alleged minimum wage.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Do not forget about the middle man too.. Each middle man increases the price by a percent, not by a fixed amount.. So that increases prices at each location and distribution unit too..

          I agree.. They do not tie in price with production.. For some reason, the only thing that they can see is the end person or location.. I guess they think some magical unicorns get the product from the farms to the store, and not truck drivers.. I guess the dwarfs and gnome’s did all the work of processing the stuff too.. lol

          Yet they sit back and complain that they want higher wages, and then when they do, and prices go up because of it, then they complain that prices went up.. Just what did they expect when 30 or so people all got pay raised to make the product?? what ever it is..

        • Bklynman

          Do you any websites to go for this?Even just web surveys focus groups medical studies remote CS Mystery shopping product trials. Been trying focus groups for the longest never found anythat really work. Thanks.

        • riverhorse

          Instagram ads and Reddit have tons of stuff. Reddit is so humongous you can spend months & years until you find what you need.
          Give me a couple of days to put some stuff together, search my inbox, and I’ll dm you. There’s also tricks to getting the high paying & quick stuff- two people with the same app place can be opposites feast and famine.
          One has to be willing to sign up for tons of stuff & not be a privacy hound. It’s like panning for gold- sloughing thru email spam & web social media ads uncovers the nuggets. They’re there, and you catch them before the dedicated blogs publish and trigger runs. People who go overboard with private anonymous browsing, block ads & don’t sell my data miss out on a lot.
          There’s tons of bonus whoring- but that has its levels too- exclusive referral bonuses much larger than publicly posted ones.

        • Bklynman

          Thanks you. You can email here. Here nyccat77at yahoo
          Not worry about ppl emailing from here not my main email anyway. Thank you.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I live in one of those “blue” states, and I can account for the stupidity of the people running the state.. COVID hit, and suddenly we were not even allowed to repave the roads.. He made the application so difficult to understand that most people that applied for COVID relief, which came from the government, not the state, was rejected because they could not figure out how to fill the application out right.. And then, he took the extra COVID money meant for small businesses, and used it to fund non COVID stuff, but it balanced out his budget quite well..

          Taxes go up, people complain, and then they vote the same idiots back in.. Heck, my mayor is a democrat, and he changed the city garbage plan so they take extra rounds to pick everything up.. What, you can afford that new $2000 couch.. But you can not afford to get rid of the old one.. Lets swoop in and pay to get rid of it for them because the idoits were not smart enough to figure out how to spend $30 to get rid of the old one, even though they can afford $2000 for a new one.. and the mayor happily pays to get rid of the old one for them.. Bad thing is, most of these people are living off of SSI or Welfare..

          Know how many small garbage companies went out of business because of this?? Know how much our garbage fees increased because of it?? and what makes it worse is the fact that instead of just picking the stuff up while they are actually at your house.. Nope.. They make a second trip to come back for the second time to pick it up.. This increases costs, from maintenance for the truck, gas, overtime, etc.. and then he says, I do not understand why we are in the red with balancing the budget for the garbage..

          Don’t even get me started on the fact that the head of City council was under investigation, and later prosecuted for embezzlement and fraud by the fed and more, theft, etc.. and our dear mayor refused to ask her to step down even after she admitted to the charges.. But because she was not convicted in court yet, he refused to do anything about it.. even ask her to step down.. Pretty much all of City council, all democrats, refused to even ask it too..

          The one that made me laugh at the stupidity of it was when he allowed the roads to be painted by private people, with slippery paint that was dangerous to walk on when it rained.. and the reason it was OK was because he said that the state said it was OK.. It was a city road, not a state road, and he was not even smart enough to figure this out.. So I know that the state never gave anyone the OK to do something on a road that they do not own..

          We also lost a lot of work, and upgrades to the companies, because the democrats in power played their little games so much that the steel company stopped their plans to upgrade their facility, and hire more people.. In fact, they sent work out of the area because the democrats in power messed around so much.. To put it in their words.. Another steel company in another state started their plans the same time we did. They are now up and running with the upgrades and we still do not even have a permit to give us the OK to start the upgrades.. Or something like that..

        • riverhorse

          A lot of Blue States are almost all Red but 2 or 3 large cities are Blue to swing them that way- the vote tallies in those cities are so overwhelmingly Blue though, much higher than in all-Blue States, that it’s obvious there’s cheating going on.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Here, while most of the state is red, the problem is all that area is more farm land, and rural area, so there is not many people there.. But it is definitely much more then just 2 or 3 cities that make up up the blue here.. It is more like about a dozen counties that vote primarily blue.. and that is going back many elections, not just one or two..

          I remember a few years back.. I can not remember how many.. But the city tried to get the surrounding township to join together with them, to make one bigger city.. They completely shot them down.. All I can think of is, it is probably because they have seen how poorly the city has been run year after year, and said.. We do not want any part of it.. The irony.. They are doing pretty decently with everything from jobs, to businesses, to keeping the books balanced.. My city, not so much..

        • marque2


        • Shaun Michalak

          Must be a fellow PA person.. I live in Erie.. Did you know that PA was the only state to stop all construction work?? When I heard that, I just shook my head.. Hey, nobody is on the roads, nobody is going to work, nobody is walking around.. But this somehow makes repaving the roads dangerous?? What makes it worse is the fact that they only have something like 4 months to do the paving.. We can’t do it all year round like they can in Florida..

          Here, we had main roads mostly closed off for a year because he (Wolf) would not even allow them to do what they needed to, to open the roads back up.. 3 lane road down to 1 lane.. and right in the middle of town.. and that was not just one road either.. That was not fun..

        • marque2

          I was referring to the song :) Allentown by Billy Joel. It was a bit sappy, but it was about the town suffering when a steal mill closed in Allentown, PA.

          I never lived in PA, but my few years in Iowa, I do remember the two seasons, Winter, and construction season.

          It may have been an OK call. It turns out of all the industries, construction workers did have the worst rate of transmission of Covid. Though here in dictatorial California, where we had some of the worst covid nonsense, they just forced everybody to get tested all the time and construction went on.

        • Shaun Michalak

          PA is not much different then Iowa in that manner.. With the exception of the past couple of years, we usually get well over 100 inches of snow a year.. At least in my area.. But I do live pretty much on the border to Canada, and on the great lakes, so I guess it is to be expected..

          I am not sure if I ever heard that song.. But the irony that you mentioned that song, and what it is about, and close to the same thing is happening right now down in Pittsburgh, PA.. They were trying to upgrade the steel mill to do more, be more efficient, etc.. But the power to be, screwed around so much, that they scrapped all their plans to do it.. In fact, they decided to move the upgrades to another location, in another state.. Then they tried to blame the steel mill and make excuses for what had happened.. Here is a few quotes..

          “U.S. Steel never secured those permits, and it pointed out that, over the same time period, a competing steelmaker in another state announced a new steel mill and will be ready to make steel this year.”

          “state Rep. Austin Davis, a Democrat representing the 35th district, said US Steel executives “have broken their promise to the Mon Valley and its own workers by scrapping a plan that would have made the Mon Valley Works the first project of its kind, provided cleaner air for our community and good jobs that would have helped this area prosper for decades.””

          “Fetterman said, in a statement. “I will never understand why I was one of the only elected officials who pushed for this major project proactively and enthusiastically, while so many others turned their back on the working men and women of the Steelworkers and Building Trades in Allegheny County.””

      • Shaun Michalak

        Wow is that a self entitled comment.. People want to work, just not for slave wages?? Really.. then explain to me why sheets is hiring at $15hr, and they can not get people to apply?? explain to me why most of the garages around town are looking for mechanics, and can not find people to apply?? I will tell you why.. They get enough on UE that they do not have to work..

        Car payments?? Why do they even have one?? Because they use the excuse that a newer car is more reliable?? Because the older ones are not pretty enough?? Because they feel they are too good for an older car?? My car is 20 years old, runs great, has never left me stranded, and I only paid $2000 for it, including fixing the few minor things that it needed when I first got it.. What is the value of most peoples vehicles that have car payments?? $10k?? $20k?? and we should all feel bad for someone with a car payment because that $2k car was not good enough for them?? Not feeling the sympathy here..

        Mortgage?? Can’t afford it?? Did they buy their dream home, or one that they can afford?? It is cheaper to buy then it is to rent.. Can’t afford that house, then buy one that you can afford, and upgrade later..

        It always amazes me when you see someone say, “you can not live off of $15h”, but then when you say.. You do realize that most people on SS live off of half of that, and they seem to be able to do it.. So why can’t you if you are bringing in twice what they are?? I have yet to ever get an answer to that question.. Of course, this is looking outside of places like NYC that are extremely expensive to live in..

  • Christopher Lee Sims

    Couldn’t be that T-Mobile is phasing out some legacy position’s if the people wanted to retire/quit. I mean come on now, I’m not trying to defend them by using whataboutism’s but compare that to what AT&T has done in the past and suddenly T-Mobile looks like the golden child in the American wireless industry. Can they do better? Absolutely there’s no 2 ways to it but given the circumstances, they are doing great and holding up their promises for the most part.

  • Mark Gonzales

    I worked for T-Mobile for over 18 years & was “laid off” in June of 2020. It would be great if T-Mobile would reach out to employees who got let go in June & offer them a position with T-Mobile.

    • marque2

      So you got the state pay plus $600 federal UE bonus – how did that compare to tmobile pay? I it differs by stater, but here in CA it was about $4500 a month (about $26.25) with no SSA taken out and no state tax.

      • marque2

        Ooh and now no federal tax! The IRS just announced this week they would give refunds for taxes due on the unemployment money. I know it is no longer $26.25 an hour and is closer to 18, but still, $18 tax free, no SSA/Medicare taken out. If my skill level were at the $20 range, I would sit on my butt until someone offered me nearly $30 because otherwise it just isn’t worth it.

    • Prod1702

      The sad thing is I do not think T-Mobile will want you back. I worked for them for 8 years and left because I was fed up with the crap job it became. This was from 2008 to 2016. When I first started working for T-Mobile the pay was great, add in the benefits and it was a great job. I loved working with the people I worked with. My manager was even one of the best managers I ever had. Fast forward to around 2014-2016. It went down hill. They started making the job more like lets find a way to pull every penny out of our customers and pay our employees less instead of what can we do for them to keep them. I understand that this is what a Sales job is, but this is not the T-Mobile I joined in 2008. The sad part is you were most likely were over paid in their mind and didn’t give them what they wanted. All this vs them hiring a brand new person that they can tell how great it is now and that person might not ever know how the good old days were with them. This is just how I feel and I felt when I left the company in 2016.

      If you really still loved working for T-Mobile, I hope they give you the option to go back but I wouldn’t hold my breath of it. There is bigger and better things out there. Goodluck to you.

      • Steven J. Rash

        SAME! Except 2008-2015. And I joined TMO through the SunCom merger.

    • Jeff

      Hey Mark. I think what happened to you and other workers was terrible. I’m sorry. I’m still with the company. We were told that it was because the company was starting to feel the effects of the pandemic, so some layoff’s were necessary. So no one asked any questions. But, then these news stories start to surface about the golden parachutes that were paid out to top executives a few months before the layoff’s. Legere was paid $137 million in March/April 2020 timeframe, Sievert was paid $55 million to become our new CEO, Braxton Carter(our former CFO) got a $7.5 million retirement package, and several other executives got paid millions, all while the company is claiming we have to layoff people because of financial difficulties. It’s disgraceful. When middle class people are laid off, sure there is some severance, but when that runs out, they go on unemployment, and some may end up on public benefits, while our executives pockets are being lined with cash. T-Mobile says they are a different kind of company, but yet they do the same things that other companies do. And then after they laid you and the other off, a few months later, they had openings for coach’s/manager’s. If you are interested Mark, I would love to hear more about your story. Not sure how to contact you. I’m sure I could ask someone at work for your number if you’re ok with that.

      • Mark Gonzales

        Jeff – I am on FB>

  • Dacoldest

    Did this have to turn political? The truth is somewhere in the middle. I would hope it is possible for people to see that.

    Yes many people are making more on unemployment than they were working. If you work in low-pay labor, then you will make more. Doesn’t make those jobs worth less. Honestly if my choices were to stay at home (maybe start a business/go back to school) or go work a front-line underpaid job in a pandemic… Not even a real choice. These people didn’t write the laws they are merely using them to their advantage. It’s not a problem when rich people do it, so why is it a huge problem when average/poor people do it. Oh because they don’t donate to political campaigns.

    Also, many jobs are frustrated at not being able to get their labor back at the same wages. Some of the fastest growing jobs in America over the last decade have been in service, hospitality and care work. All sectors that don’t pay well and can be grueling. States are starting to remove the unemployment plus ups so we will see if the rhetoric around unemployment is real. Anecdotally many people who worked fast food/retail/warehouse work realized they could deliver Doordash (just an example) not have a boss breathing over their neck and make 750 -1500/wk. Why go back to retail/care/fast food hours that suck and change all the time and have terrible benefits? Some started working in call centers remotely. Realized they could work from home with a (usually) steady schedule w/ better benefits in many cases. And no one is talking about childcare which is on the verge of collapse in this country. Many people were already paying a lot for that and its only worse now. If my hours were cut and I’m struggling to arrange childcare with a changing schedule… Put yourself in that persons shoes.

    And this may be a hot take but if your company can’t pay over minimum wage then maybe you shouldnt have a business. Yes two people together w/ no kids each working minimum wage may not be able to afford to live in the biggest cities in the country but they shouldnt have to move to Iowa to make it.

    • marque2

      How is a job underpaid. I get Biden wants to ship more skilled jobs to China, but the reality is when you develop skills you get paid more. Should a fast food cashier earn $100 an hour, whatever they feel they want? What if that person went to welding school, or studied to be a master plumber, would I happily pay them more than $100 an hour, yes.

      I a situation like that. Got out of college with one of those sleep through it degrees and ended up with minimum wage. I decided to go back to school to become an engineer now my salary is closer to that $100 than it is to the $15 living wage.

      People shouldn’t just expect corporate money because they exist.

      Now for the wage I lost my job last March and in April I had more money in the bank from UE and stimulus at the end of the month than the beginning and I have house/car payments and four people to feed. That really should not be the case. I ended up paying for considerable home improvements I was so we’ll off while unemployed. Again, that is just not the way it is suppose to be.

  • SlopeTangentAnswer

    Spoiler alert: they are never going to.

    Wonder how much more time will pass before people begin to realize that the guy who can cozy up to an orange haired racist so easily also has the ability to lie to people.

    John Legere was paid handsomely to tell a bald-faced lie to the public about jobs ($137 million right?). He doesn’t and has never cared even one iota about jobs or people.

  • MissedCall

    Oops…Needed to get those “synergies” in place uninterrupted for a few quarters so Sievert could maximize his bonus.