T-Mobile unveils the 8 startups under its T-Mobile Accelerator Spring program


T-Mobile has since been vocal about its desire to help support startups as they build 5G products and services aimed to improve the world. With this, they have launched a number of programs that highlight their advocacy. One of those programs, the 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Spring Immersive Technology Program, has just kicked off. It’s time to get to know the eight startups that T-Mobile specifically handpicked for this program.

These startups are all geared towards developing new 5G technology from AR wearables to holographic communications, 3D storytelling, volumetric video streaming, immersive virtual learning, and many more. The participants include the following startups: 

  • Condense Reality (Bristol, UK)
  • Everysight (Haifa, Israel)
  • Flow Immersive (Auburn, California)
  • Kai XR (Oakland, California)
  • Longan Vision Corp. (Hamilton, Canada)
  • Matsuko (Košice, Slovakia)
  • Multicasting.io (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Prisms of Reality, Inc. (Brooklyn, New York)


The T-Mobile Accelerator program provides year-round programming and activities that aim to support these startups. Ever since it was created, the program has worked with 67 startups and have raised an aggregate of almost $80 million. 82% of the alumni companies are still in business today. 

T-Mobile’s EVP of Advanced & Emerging Technologies says: 

“5G is blurring the boundary between our physical and virtual worlds to create immersive experiences that better connect us to people and things around the globe. Businesses are finding better ways to collaborate virtually, and consumers are being engaged with new experiences that bring them closer than ever to the products and entertainment they love. I can’t wait to see the innovation that occurs from this talented group of developers that are pioneering the way in immersive 5G technology.”

The spring program runs through June 30, 2021. At the end of the program, there will be a Demo Day where participants will get to showcase their accomplishments. 

You can learn more about the participants here


Source: T-Mobile

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