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T-Mobile brings Prisms VR to students

T-Mobile is giving students and teachers in the US easier access to new technologies, like VR. Through this, they are able to support STEM learning and close the opportunity gap.  T-Mo earlier pinpointed that over 19 million people in the US have limited access to the internet. As a result, students, teachers, and schools that are part of this number have limited access to new learning opportunities. And this is why T-Mobile has decided to work with … [read full article]

T-Mobile: Hosting T-Mobile Accelerator Virtual Demo Day on June 30


T-Mobile will be hosting a T-Mobile Accelerator Virtual Demo Day on June 30th and they want you to be part of it! After three months of working with T-Mobile leaders, the participants of the T-Mobile Accelerator Spring Immersive Technology Program are finally ready to showcase what they have been working on. At the virtual Demo Day event, we’ll get to see these 5G innovations in the fields of 3D data storytelling, holographic communications, AR wearables, immersive virtual … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils the 8 startups under its T-Mobile Accelerator Spring program


T-Mobile has since been vocal about its desire to help support startups as they build 5G products and services aimed to improve the world. With this, they have launched a number of programs that highlight their advocacy. One of those programs, the 2021 T-Mobile Accelerator Spring Immersive Technology Program, has just kicked off. It’s time to get to know the eight startups that T-Mobile specifically handpicked for this program. These startups are all geared towards developing new … [read full article]