T-Mobile Tuesdays celebrating #EarthDay by giving you a chance to win a Tesla Model Y


April 22 is Earth Day. And T-Mobile is doing its part to commemorate an important day on our planet through various efforts.

One way it is helping address climate change is by empowering other organizations that are doing meaningful conservation efforts. For this year, T-Mobile will be donating $300,000 to The Nature Conservancy as a way of helping with its efforts in forest restoration and preservation.

And that’s not all. On April 20th, T-Mobile customers can also do their part in helping curb climate change and sustain crucial ecosystems. As a customer, you can use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to get more information about the three Nature Conservancy projects: Plant a Billion Trees, The Family Forest Carbon Program, and Living with Fire. 

You can also use the app to place your vote on how T-Mobile’s donation can be used by the organization tackling these three projects. You can learn more about these projects here

The T-Mobile Tuesdays app will also be featuring earth-friendly offers for customers on April 20th. Some of these offers include special intro offers for Imperfect Foods sustainable grocery delivery service and The Dyrt Pro’s camping app and a free reusable tote bag. T-Mobile Tuesdays is also giving users a chance to win a Tesla Model Y. 

T-Mobile will also be celebrating #EarthDay by highlighting ways you can go green using your phone. 

You can read more about T-Mobile’s environmental commitment here. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sayahh

    Taxes covered by Tmo again?

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      Very good point… A lot of people wouldn’t be able to afford the taxes on that “gift.”

      • Iphart

        Most people won’t be winning that gift.

      • Sayahh

        Luckily T-Mo is still Un-Carrier on some things…

        “Prize includes order fee, destination and documentation fee, ARV: $52,290, plus an upgrade bonus of $7,710 that winner can use to select a Tesla upgrade such as wheels, tow hitch, upgraded interior, upgraded seating layout, full driving capability or other upgrades available for the Tesla Model Y on the Tesla website, and a check for $25,714 that winner can use for taxes and/or expenses in his/her sole discretion for a total ARV: $85,714. Winner is responsible for all sales and income taxes.”

    • disqus_tX1mp6lnvI

      no way taxes are a personal issue sell it after 1/2 year to cover the income taxes and pocket huge vacation cash

      • Sayahh

        Then you don’t know T-Mobile:

        “Prize includes order fee, destination and documentation fee, ARV: $52,290, plus an upgrade bonus of $7,710 that winner can use to select a Tesla upgrade such as wheels, tow hitch, upgraded interior, upgraded seating layout, full driving capability or other upgrades available for the Tesla Model Y on the Tesla website, and a check for $25,714 that winner can use for taxes and/or expenses in his/her sole discretion for a total ARV: $85,714. Winner is responsible for all sales and income taxes. “

  • Shaun Michalak

    This would actually be a pain in the butt for me to win and use.. On street parking.. Can you imagine having to run an extension cord over a sidewalk, and about 50 feet to your car just to charge it so you can drive it?? And then when you get 12″ of snow overnight.. Good luck going out and getting that cord before it gets damaged.. and better hope that it did not get froze to the ground from freeze thaw cycles too..

    • marque2

      There are definitely advantages of Hybrid vs pure electric vehicles.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Hybrid I could do.. I think pure electric cars are good for people in the south, that do not have to worry so much about snow, or ice.. I also think that they may not be bad for someone that has a garage that they can run an electric port to.. But think about people who rent.. People who do not have a driveway, and have to park on the street.. Not so good for people like that.. In that case, I think a hybrid is good..

        Personally, I really do not see the great benefits of having a pure electric car, unless you can power it by things like wind power.. The difference vs a highly efficient (35+mpg) gas powered vehicle are so small, that is is not even worth comparing the two types in CO2 amounts.. EV start at 10 metric tons of CO2 more just from production, but save 1 metric ton of CO2 in emissions (power comes from something like natural gas) vs an efficient gas powered car.. So it basically takes 10 years for them to balance out in that fact alone..

        But since EV’s use heat pumps to generate heat, their mileage can actually drop in half if you crank the heat up to high.. That right there just completely negated the pro’s of CO2 in EV’s in the winter..It is also completely negated if your power comes from a source that uses coal.. The difference between a coal for power to generate electric vs a 22mpg (not high efficiency) is only about 12% lower for regular use.. That makes a high efficiency car more CO2 friendly in those areas..

        I guess if you compare it to something that gets 10mpg, then you really got something.. But high efficiency cars, or hybrids.. To me, they just make more sense then a pure electric one.

        • disqus_tX1mp6lnvI

          oh what whining! You could sell it in an instant to pay for the income tax value and still pocket some vacation cash. Same here: we park on the street but that is our plan after using it for a half year with so many Tesla charging station in our area
          LOL the odds of winning it are nil to zero so just a discussion exercise anyway Tmo has what about 95 million customers now in the USA

        • Sayahh

          Because one person can win, even if the result is rigged like the McDonald’s Monopoly game used to be.

          Also, still better odds than the lottery.

        • Shaun Michalak

          depends on your luck.. With me, I do not think it makes much of a difference.. I got the luck of never winning what I want, or can use.. Heck, if there was a drawing, and there was 100 tickets in the container, I had 98 of them, I would still not win.. That is the kind of luck I have.. But give me something that I can not use, and I will win it just about every time.. just as long as it is useless to me, and not worth anything.. lol

        • Shaun Michalak

          So many tesla charging stations.. lol That is a good one here.. Heck, even half or more of our car dealerships do not have charging stations here.. I can think of 2.. Just 2.. places to charge your car in my city.. and the closest one is quite a few miles away..

          You are correct that I could probably sell it very fast.. But then again, my thoughts were on the “using it” end, not selling it..

          But in my own defense.. here is the way I look at it.. a tesla model S gets about 390 miles per charge.. In the winter, I would have the heat cranked up.. So drop that in half right there due to the heater constantly running.. Now down to 195 miles.. If going straight to my sisters house, it is 90 miles from my door stop to hers.. 180 miles round trip if no detours, etc.. there are no charging stations between my house and hers that I know of.. So basically, i am hitting the limits of that cars battery life to make one trip to visit my sister. less then 15 miles of leeway from my car going dead, and nothing I can do about it is not my idea of a good time..

        • Sayahh

          It’s a catch-22. People don’t invest in infrastructure for wind and solar throughout the country because of oil lobbyists and without that infrastructure there will be less need or incentive for EV and battery innovation. Money talks. 4 kinds of COVID-19 vaccines in one year (not counting Russia and other ones I don’t read much about), even if only two are the mRNA based. Supercars wouldn’t be caught dead offering hybrid, much less full EV models a few years back are all changing their tunes. Yes, it’s because they want to keep making money–not out of the goodness of their hearts–but whatever it takes to curb climate catastrophe.

          Automatic transmissions have become faster than human shifting now that even I can drive a supercar now. Can’t afford it, but that’s another problem altogether.

        • Shaun Michalak

          But the fact is, just going with high efficiency can curb the climate problem.. Just look at the cars.. They say it takes 10 metric tons of CO2 to produce an electric car then a gas powered one. We are no where near the point that we can say that we produce even 50% electric from “green” sources.. so that means over half of that power is guaranteed to come from something that gives pollution.. But here is an interesting fact.. From what I have read, if a pure electric car gets into an accident, it is more likely to be totaled then a gas powered one.. Even if it is only 2 years old.. So now you have the environmental hazard of producing a whole new car..

          I think it just comes down to the fact that people go on the binge of what is “in” at the time, and stick with it.. this looks better.. that looks better.. and that is what people and companies go with.. I personally do not want one for a few reasons.. First, would be.. I honestly have found no proof that our electrical infrastructure can even handle the onslaught of EV’s being put on the system, and in full force.. Second, I like the idea that I can take a can of gas, and use it to fill my tank if something happens.. EV’s.. No power, no backup to get it if the grid goes down.. unless you have a gas powered generator that is.. The irony in that statement.. But it is all is like you said.. Catch 22, where there is no real answer that one is always going to be better then the other..