Mike Sievert shares favorite philosophies from world leaders


Mike Sievert celebrates his first year as the CEO of T-Mobile by sharing a few lessons he obtained from some world leaders. With these philosophies, Sievert applies these to his role at the Un-Carrier as a way of continuing to learn and improve his leadership. 

Sievert shares that his goal as a CEO is to embrace growth and to always be open to new ideas, skills, and ways of thinking. This way, he can turn T-Mobile into a bigger and better business. 

Here are some philosophies that Sievert has gained from the leaders he looks up to:

  • “Lead with empathy.” – Satya Nadella
  • Embrace your individual strengths.” – Megan Rapinoe
  • “Always put the customer first.” – The Nordstrom family
  • “Each one, teach one.” – Kizzmekia Corbett
  • “Direct your passion back to the world in the biggest way possible.” – José Andrés
  • “We must protect the Earth for future generations, and we must do it now.” – Greta Thunberg
  • “You can’t make someone else’s choices. You shouldn’t let someone else make yours.” – Colin Powell

As the CEO says, “I am still learning.”


You can read more about his learnings here.


  • riverhorse

    Mike Sievert really picked a rogue’s gallery: ceo’s of companies sanctioned for illegal business practices, documented liars, victimhood peddlers, disheveled mental unstables, discredited theory adherents, virtue signalers, masters of the obvious,,,the negatives are endless.

    • marque2

      As long as he can sound woke, that is all that matters.

    • Bilesha Welton

      You can say that again. Not one person on this list is worth a mention unless it’s that they’re a cancer of society in some way.

    • Bklynman

      I thought I was only one who noticed this!! The walking meme is a world leader? Gerta How dare you? LoL!!

    • MissedCall

      He’s also referred to the long term T-Mobile business plan as a “Manifesto”. Looks like Marx and Engels are heroes as well.

      • riverhorse

        Great catch.

  • Bklynman

    I have a question,how can anyone with even one active brain cell call them world leaders? I can see if he mention Tony Robbins,Musk,Jack Welch,Lee Iacocca,etc. But these clowns?
    If this who is learning from,Tmo is in big trouble!

  • Bklynman

    One more thing,if anyone else makes fun of the people on this list,only thing I will say to you,How dare you!! LoL!!