T-Mobile talks about #5GforAll in recent webcast


Earlier today, T-Mobile held a webcast where it unveiled its upcoming plans for the Un-Carrier. This is the April 7th event they teased about at the end of March that left everyone clueless on what the Un-Carrier had plans for its customers. And as it turns out, T-Mobile is making a bold move to bring #5GforAll. 

Among the announcements they made include the Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade, the Great Unlimited Trade-Up, the availability of T-Mobile Home Internet with fast wireless broadband, and the T-Mobile Hometown commitment to bring 5G to rural America. Let’s get to know more about these initiatives individually: 

Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade

According to a study cited by T-Mobile, 92% of Americans don’t have a 5G phone as of the start of 2021. And because of this, T-Mo feels like this number of Americans are missing out on an important experience of knowing what 5G is like. 

This is why T-Mobile is launching the Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade initiative. Through this, T-Mo plans to give everyone a free 5G smartphone. In order to get a free 5G device, you will need to trade in your existing phone. T-Mobile will then give you a new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for free. 

Unfortunately, this offer is only available to postpaid customers. Both new and existing customers can take advantage of the deal and trade in any old phone in working condition. T-Mobile says they will accept flip phones too. 

The free 5G smartphone will be available under 24 monthly bill credits. You only need to pay the sales tax. 

Great Unlimited Trade-Up

Another initiative T-Mobile unveiled today is the Great Unlimited Trade-Up, which aims to entice existing Verizon and AT&T customers to make the switch. T-Mobile points out that there are 60 million Americans who are still “stuck on limited data plans from Verizon or AT&T… most with limited or no 5G access.” Through the Great Unlimited Trade-Up initiative, T-Mobile hopes that they can encourage these customers to switch to get to experience unlimited data and full access to their 5G network. 

The initiative also extends to existing T-Mobile postpaid customers and former Sprint customers under a limited data plan. These customers will be getting a free upgrade to unlimited.

The best part about this is that it isn’t a short-term promotion. T-Mobile says that both the Great Free 5G Phone Upgrade and Great Unlimited Trade-Up initiatives will start on April 18th and will last all year long. 

T-Mobile Home Internet

With the current state of our lives, having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential. The health crisis forced people to stay at home, whether they are studying or working. But for many, having high-speed internet is still a far-fetched dream. And this is exactly what T-Mobile intends to change with T-Mobile Home Internet.  

T-Mo launched T-Mobile Home Internet today with over 30 million households eligible for the service. T-Mobile also made sure that almost 10 million of the households eligible for the service are based in rural America, to give them access to high-speed internet. 

The service costs $60 per month with AutoPay enabled. There are no added taxes or fees, equipment fees, contracts, or surprises on your bills. T-Mobile promises new customers to expect an average speed of 100 Mbps with unlimited data and no caps. 

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a 4G/5G gateway to your home that you can easily setup on your own. And once that’s done, you can start enjoying fixed wireless broadband. 

You can check if T-Mobile Home Internet is already available in your area by visiting this page

T-Mobile Hometown

Lastly, T-Mobile renewed its commitment to bring 5G to rural America. And in the process, they shared their plans of hiring 7,500 new employees in small towns and rural communities over the next few years. T-Mo also has plans to provide $25 million in grants for community development projects. 

As explained by T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President, Jon Freier: 

“We have one goal here: be your hometown network. That starts with a great 5G network and continues with sustained investments in local communities through T-Mobile Hometown, so the towns so many of us love aren’t left behind in this next wireless generation.”

T-Mobile plans to build hundreds of new retail stores in small towns all over the country in the next two years. These stores will create 5,000 direct new jobs and will create opportunities for those in construction and services to build and maintain these stores. 

In areas where a physical retail store can’t be put up, T-Mobile plans to designate a Hometown Expert, an official T-Mobile representative in a community. This individual will be doing most of the things that their store employees do, such as connecting people to T-Mobile’s 5G network and Home Internet service, but without a traditional store.

T-Mo plans to hire 2,500 Hometown Experts based in 2,500 small towns. Right now, they are already actively looking for these representatives by posting 1,000 job listings. If you are interested in one of these roles, you can visit this page to learn more about it.

Lastly, T-Mobile is launching a new program called Hometown Grants. Through this program, T-Mobile will contribute $25 million over the next five years as a way of helping fund community development projects in rural areas. You can find out more about this program here

“This is the moment we’ve been working toward since we shared our vision for a faster, more inclusive future — a vision we called 5G for ALL — when we announced our plans to merge with Sprint three years ago,” T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, shares. “We’re quite literally the only company that can kickstart this new era of connectivity, that has the network to upgrade America’s phones, homes and small towns to 5G. And we’re just getting started.”


Source: T-Mobile

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