T-Mobile hosting new webcast on April 7


T-Mobile has another upcoming Un-Carrier announcement. 

As revealed on their newsroom today, the new announcement will be made on April 7th, Wednesday at 8:00 am PT. According to the post, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and his executive team will be announcing what’s next for the Un-Carrier and how T-Mobile will continue to deliver on its promise of 5G for All. 

Right now, it’s hard to guess what T-Mobile has up its sleeve. But the event isn’t too far along. We’ll have to wait a week until we get to hear the new plans of T-Mobile for its 5G network. 

If you are interested in catching the webcast, make sure to visit this link to be among the ones to get the news firsthand. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sayahh

    Will they again announce something and then pull it after a few months? Stay tuned.

    • AA-Ron

      Agreed, they haven’t had any major uncarrier announcements in a while

  • Eddie Vazquez

    The Un-Carrier think in dead. Tmobile is following the path of the others cellular companies. Some services and offers terminated this weeks.

  • marque2

    I think the best one they ever did was include all fees in the base plan. I always hating getting service and it costing 20% more and no one could tell you how much the additional fees were up front.

  • Michael

    Just FYI, HINT is the abbreviation for Home INTernet. I’m guessing it is launching nationwide soon. I would be careful with it though. I’m the tech rep for HINT, and the hold time for tech support is typically over 2 hours, and all of the HINT lines are deprioritized 100% of the time. So unless you live in a very rural area with good coverage, or in a city near a tower with N41 2500 MHZ 5G, speeds will be slow. Any increase in network traffic and your download speeds are in the single digits. Literally. And customer’s are being lied to by the sales reps saying that there is a free 30 day trial of HINT service…. there is NO FREE TRIAL!!! After it is sold, the tech reps have to tell customer’s that there is no free trial and our hands are tied because we aren’t allowed to give credits for it anymore. I would be cautious if you decide to get it.

    • Jose Hernandez

      100% agree with this. I experience all of these issues.

    • Willie D

      I love you. Youre my hero for this. Someone who knows what’s up, explains it clearly and well and has true first hand knowledge. Thank you!!

      • Jeff

        Thank you for your reply. The product does have really great potential, but it is way too early to the market. The T-Mobile network is not ready to handle the extra internet traffic yet, which is why all HINT lines are deprioritized 100% of the time. I’m not here to trash talk the company. I’m here to make sure consumers know about how the product works. If you currently have home internet with cable/dsl/fiber, and are working from home, or your kids are doing school from home, I suggest you keep that setup until things improve with T-Mobile home internet. Working from home + unrelatable internet = either no paycheck or no job. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot to save $20 or $30 bucks on internet.

        I would really like to do an interview with CNN or another news agency to warn people about this product, because when it launches, we all know these things are not going to be shared. The product will be talked out to something that it simply isn’t, while key important things like no VPN support, deprioritization, no advanced router settings will all be left out of the announcement, on purpose. I just have to find a tactical way to do it, do I don’t risk losing my job. Anyone with suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

    • Greg

      I’ve had two runs with home internet and both experiences mirror what you are saying. I decided to wait until a 5G modem was available. Looks like I’ll wait a while longer. While I hate paying my ISP an extra $50/month to have unlimited internet, I do need it to work at a range of 50-100 MBPS reliably. I never experienced super long waits for customer service, but I could certainly see that an increased customer base, who is experiencing similar speed issues that I had, would jam up the lines. Thanks for the information!

  • vrm

    I wish they would unbundle 3rd party services and offer them as discounted add-ons. They shouldn’t spread the cost of subsidizing other companies such as Netflix etc to ALL tmobile postpaid customers. I don’t watch netflix and don’t wanna subsidize them. Same for google services.

    • Mike Smith

      Huh? You’re not subsidizing.

      • marque2

        Why isn’t he? Tmobile does pay for these things and can give us a $2 discount instead of $10 off of netflix, as an example. Of course he is subsidizing if the services are not things he can use.

        • Mike Smith

          Again, you seem to have some comprehension issues. I apologize if this is due to language or disability.

          Being a customer of a company in the United States doesn’t make you a shareholder or give you a say in what they offer. It also doesn’t suggest that your purchase of a service is applied towards anything in particular.

          That said, by all means, vote with your wallet. If you don’t like what a company offers or what they do then find one you like better.

          By the way, how do you know what T-Mobile does or doesn’t pay for?

        • marque2

          I think you might have the literacy problem because you have idea what you wrote in your previous or you are just trying to be an arrogant a–. In this country, give me a break.

          Companies can choose various ways of attracting customers and tmobile thinks using some of the funds for non-aligned services like Netflix, philo and MLB is the way to go.

          It is quite obvious they could choose to give a greater discount instead and not offer the little non aligned side perks.

    • marque2

      I tend to agree with you, I wouldn’t mind paying $2 less a month on my line, instead of getting 3rd party unrelated services, but it seems to be how the industry is competing for customers at the moment. Verizon offers all sorts of streaming cable services as part of their bundle. AT&T is trying the same, but doing more with bundling cable and phone service.

  • Joe

    April 7th is also Apple event. Maybe Tmobile has plans with some new apple services.

    • Mike Smith

      I wish Apple would do their own MVNO I’d switch in a heartbeat.

  • Willie D

    Who cares? It will be geared to business or enterprise or trying to hook customers into some other service they dont want in the first place.

  • P0is0n0usDarts

    Announcing new plans.
    2 lines, unlimited everything and other goodies for $80/month