T-Mobile making big changes to TVision by offering YouTube TV and Philo


Just five months since T-Mobile announced its TVision streaming service and it looks like the Un-Carrier will be shutting down this service by the end of April. In its place, T-Mobile will be welcoming YouTube TV and Philo as part of its partnership with Google and Philo. 

With the partnership, T-Mobile will be offering YouTube TV as their premium live TV service and Philo as their base live TV service. Philo starts at $10 per month for T-Mobile customers only. Once TVision live channels shuts down, T-Mobile will be offering the two TV service at these prices:


  • T-Mobile TVision LIVE and VIBE customers – Get $10 off YouTube TV and/or Philo every month. 
  • Existing TVision LIVE customers – Get a free month of YouTube TV to start (regularly $64.99/month) and get three months of YouTube Premium on us (regularly $11.99/month). 
  • Current TVision VIBE customers – Get a free month of Philo to start (regularly $20/month).
  • All T-Mobile postpaid wireless and Sprint consumer customers – Eligible for T-Mobile’s TVision partner offers: $10 per month off YouTube TV and/or Philo starting April 6th.


Compared to TVision Live, YouTube TV offers more than twice as many channels. Philo also offers twice as many channels as TVision VIBE, making this new change a huge upgrade for T-Mobile customers. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • mckillio

    Not really expecting an answer right now but how would this work for current YTTV subscribers? I really don’t want to have to redo everything that I’ve customized, can it just be switched over?

    • Mike

      Call customer care or login to my T-Mobile and get a redemption link sent to you for the $10 discount. You can then make a new account or login to your existing YTTV account to apply the discount.

      • mckillio

        Found the small print, “If you’re currently subscribed to YouTube TV and wish to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to cancel and reactivate your subscription via the unique SMS you’ll receive from T-Mobile. ”

        Hopefully that cancellation and reactivation won’t delete any of my settings.

        • dcmanryan

          It’s been updated. The first year you’ll receive a coupon and your billing will stay through YTTV. After the first year you’ll need to switch the billing through T-Mobile (BOO!!) similar to how Netflix is. I despise bundle deals and prefer separate billing.

          From a different site…

          Update 2: It seems the confusing terms means that for the first 12 months, the discount will be via a coupon code and billing will be handled by YouTube. After 12 months, T-Mobile will have it integrated into their billing system, similar to how Netflix On Us is now. This will require customers to switch the billing to T-Mobile at that time.

        • Hoosier__Daddy

          That’s much better. I have thousands of hours of things in my library including hundreds of movies I haven’t watched and numerous series I may binge watch in the next pandemic. I’m sure I probably won’t watch much of that but its nice to be able to have a huge selection available at any moment. Not sure $10/mo would have been enough to make me start over.

        • Jason

          Hoosier, you can cancel and reactivate your subscription without losing your library – I did it last night for a different billing issue.

        • mckillio

          Great news! Thanks.

  • Sharti24

    T-mobile should work out some kinda deal out for “YouTube Premium”. I hate watching ad’s on my iPhones youtube app. (And yes i have an adblocker but adguard pro doesnt block ad’s in the youtube app)

    • Mike

      You can either root or jailbreak your phone and get YouTube premium features for free

    • dcmanryan

      Use a VPN and buy it from India. $3.20 a month roughly. YouTube is fine but your YouTube Music may get some goofy Hindu recommendations.

  • JG

    All T-Mobile postpaid wireless and Sprint consumer customers – Eligible for T-Mobile’s TVision partner offers: $10 per month off YouTube TV and/or Philo starting April 6th.

    Do we know what the eligibility requirements are?

  • I’m so confused lol

    • steveb944

      Youtube TV for major live TV, replacing TVision.
      Vibe is gone, Philo for a few channels at $10.

  • Glenn Gore

    Coming from someone who worked in the cable TV industry for 40 years, I am not surprised at this at all. T-Mobile’s T-Vision service was about to get sucked up into the morass known as “programmer hell” and be forced to fill their service with dozens of channels that no one wants to watch, let alone pay for, just for the rights to carry the few channels that viewers really do care about. Plus deal with customers’ reaction to skyrocketing programming fees. It is for the the best that they just get out while they can with their dignity intact.

    YouTube TV is already showing the first signs of what is to come, with the huge price increase they introduced a while back along with a batch of new services, none of which I would call top-tier. The programmers are not about to let viewers or those selling their services, to pick and choose which ones they want to pay for, they just aren’t going to do that or allow it. It’s not how they operate. You either take the entire bundle of junk in order to get the one or two viable channels, or you get nothing, take it or leave it.

    At least now when YouTube TV becomes the bloated mess that cable had become, and what Dish/DirecTV have now become with their $139/month fees, T-Mobile can rightly claim that none of it is their fault and lay the blame squarely at Google’s feet.

  • marque2

    Interesting Philo has most all of the channels I would like to watch, except for the news channels. (CNN, FOX, MSNBC). What probably really saves them money though is no Disney ESPN package. If you don’t care about sports and watch other things than news, Philo is a pretty good package.

  • AA-Ron

    Im a little pissed because I just bought 3 tvision hubs for my parents. Wouldn’t have to if tvision was on roku or Samsung hub.

    • Magestic

      It’s just a T-Mobile branded Google TV. It’s still going too work just fine, probably even better if you choose YouTube TV as it’s native to the box. Remember the hub is Running Android TV 9.0 (I think) but will eventually be upgraded to Google TV (Android 10).

      • AA-Ron

        Im aware of that. 1. I didn’t need them my TVs support YTTV natively but not Tvision. 2. T Vision is shutting down so now the 3 specialized button’s on the remote won’t work. 3. Also I highly doubt it will be a priority for T-mobile to update these devices. 4. You can’t remove the Tvision app or move it up or down the favorites list.

        Hopefully they release an update to fix a couple of these.

        • Magestic

          You could try contacting customer service & explaining it to them. They may give you a bill credit for the cost of the boxes too make up for it. I’ve had the best luck talking to the reps via Twitter @TMobileHelp

  • Keith Stevens

    Total Fail…

  • steveb944

    I’ll likely get Philo due to unlimited DVR. Vibe had an extra $5 fee for 100 hours.
    Keep us posted!

    • aLdo

      you tubetv has unlimted dvr also

      • steveb944

        Yes but we don’t need that much content to justify price.

    • Mike Thaler

      YTTV (which is owned by Google) also has unlimited DVR.
      Edit – See this was already posted below by ALdo

    • warmon6

      Philo customer here, just a note about the DVR, while it is unlimited for the number of shows you can “record”, the recording of those shows will only last 30 days.

      • steveb944

        Can you set schedules?
        I’m thinking of recording shows for my kids and keeping a recurring fresh list for them.

        • warmon6

          Sorry for the delay, busy day its been.

          Anyways, yes you can set schedules. Just what ever you record only last 30 days.

          Although I forgot to mention (as I forgot about this myself) most shows and channels on philo have a “free on-demand section”. So if you miss something completely (say… by a year or two), there is a chance you can watch those shows you missed out on.

        • steveb944

          That’s awesome, I can’t wait. Thank you for the information.

  • nutmac

    FYI, Philo has 30 more channels than TVision Vibe, at the same $10 discounted price point. While I only recognize few, more is better.

    AccuWeather Network
    American Heroes Channel
    AXS TV
    Cooking Channel
    Crime + Investigation
    Destination America
    Discovery Family
    Discovery Life
    Game Show Network
    Great American Country
    Law & Crime
    MTV Live
    Science Channel
    TV One

  • I want to hear more about the Google One deal. I pay for extra storage and so having it with service would be awesome.

  • Iphart

    LOL, good one.

  • Bob B.

    I called them yesterday. And it was news to them also. But, I after the gentleman looked into it, he told me to call back by April 7 because this new program begins on April 6. We are existing YTTV subscribers and all I need to know is what is going to be required of us to get that $10 a month savings. He did mention that there would be a coupon code number and that we would be eligible one he looked into things while we were on the call.

    • laker666

      Yeah I’m on the other end. I’m a tvision subscriber trying to get the free month. Guess we’ll see how it plays out.

  • htyoung

    Still sad about this. I was hoping they would just make it better. I had slingtv which is better than Youtube TV, but switched to Tvision because it had the 100 hour DVR and most of the same channels for $5 less per month. Now I have to go back to Youtube TV and lose out on a couple channels I watch the most. And Youtube doesn’t do the ala carte thing like Sling. I really should go back to sling but that $10 discount means I won’t. Only negative with Sling was no local channels. but then I can watch sports online for the locals and have an antenna with a DVR as well.

    I guess I’ll have to get used to Youtube. Only negatives I found with TVision was the fact that the tv shows you record go away after a year, and no apps. No Windows viewing and no Roku for my Roku tvs and mainly no chromecast support. I have a lot of smart tvs and smart displays so with sling I would always just start my tv on my phone and cast it to whichever tv or screen is in the room. I guess I get those things back with youtube tv, but lose the two channels unless I also get philo, which then cancels the benefit of taking the $10 discount

  • FootyMax

    No Windows or Roku? The service was doomed from the start. Looks like I made a good choice sticking with Sling.

  • Magestic

    Everyone please remember that the TVision Hub is just a T-Mobile branded Android TV (ver. 9.0 I think). TVision is literally an app running on the box & the OS (Android TV 9.0) themed with T-Mobile’s colors. The Hubs will still work just fine & even better if you choose YouTube TV as it’s native. It’ll get even better if they upgrade the OS to Google TV (Android TV 10.0). It’s the same thing Tivo did with their Stream 4K.