T-Mobile paid John Legere $137M for three months’ worth of work in 2020


Earlier this week, T-Mobile was forced to reveal that it paid its previous CEO John Legere a whooping $137 million for working three months in 2020. T-Mo had to file the information with the SEC, which is why this information leaked to the public. 

The payment consisted of Legere’s severance payment worth $136.55 million, paycheck for $600,000, and legal fees reimbursement worth $50,000. Prior to 2020, Legere earned $27.8 million in 2019 and $66.5 million in 2018. Most of these were in the form of stock awards. 

Legere left his position as the company’s CEO in April 2020. He was succeeded by Mike Sievert, who also received a generous pay check from the Un-Carrier last year. 

As the new CEO of T-Mobile, Sievert was given salary, stock awards, bonuses, and incentives which amounted to $54.9 million in 2020. In 2018 and 2019, he was paid $35.6 million and $16.4 million, respectively. 

According to reports, Legere received that amount last year for closing the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. 

Legere has been the CEO of the company since September 2012. The original decision of the board was to keep him as the CEO after the merger. But in November 2019, Legere announced that he would vacate his position upon merger closing, which was on April 1, 2020. He also resigned from his position as a board of director on April 24, 2020 so he could “pursue other options.” He was originally slated to remain on the board until June. 


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  • George Salcedo

    He earned every penny, he made T-Mobile what it is now!

  • Fan_Atl77

    Just wish, Tmobile had been more transparent with the numbers. Yes, understanding it is a Business. However, as an Un-carrier move, it should have been revealed that T-Mobile paid the former CEO millions for working three months in 2020…and others.

    • Shaun Michalak

      It is a severance package.. that means, it is his retirement money for the last 8 years of work.. It is not just for 3 months of work..

  • marque2

    I am not sure if it is a leak if it is part of a required public filing. Tmobile know they would have to report this when they made the contract. I am not sure why the nefarious tone of the article.

    Legere deserves every penny he gets. He convinced Deutsche Telecom that he could take the failed company DT was trying to dump and could turn it around. In that time he turned it from a money losing distant 4th operation which could barely provide service into the 2nd biggest cell company in the USA, and more importantly made it profitable.

  • Javi

    Meanwhile sales reps are making 10 bucks the hour with reduced incentive pay but increase goals. Great job! The rich keep getting rich and the poor, well…. you know how that goes.

    • riverhorse

      LIL it’s more than $10 hourly, but what the heck.

      t-mobile is closing in on 60K employees. If you repo’d Legere’s final year compensation and distributed it to all employees, each would get additional $40 weekly for that year only. That’s it! And didn’t Legere create 40+k of those jobs?

      Also, without Legere TMo wouldn’t exist (if it did, wouldn’t have one tenth of today’s employee count) and without Legere pressure, your cellphone bill and mine’s would run into the hundreds monthly for each line- plus mandatory exclusive contracts and expensive carrier-locked phones with dialup speeds.

      I’m not a fan of Legere’s retiree wokeism crusading, but you have to call a spade a spade.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Actually, if I remember right.. they had something like 75,000 employees at the end of last year, and they have hire more since then.. I remember that because they said that it would be about 5 thousand less then the combined Sprint/TMobile employee count and people were criticizing up a storm about it.. If so, then it would be more like $30 for each employee max..

        I think that they said that the new employees in the call centers were making something like $17 dollars an hour too.. They said that the new associate will be making $36,000 a year.. the irony that came from an article not too long ago too.. My guess someone has some hate issues that spouts off stuff out of hate??

        • riverhorse

          These mentally lazy socialist trolls lack critical thinking skills at best, or purposefully lie at worst.

          Union mentality #1 commandment is not to have to perform any extra task than one’s coworkers, #2 is all corporations and bosses are evil and greedy; so I wouldn’t expect the extra documenting work necessary to verify their position:
          no simple internet search to get basic company stats, then the follow-up simple arithmetic.
          But even before that, simple reasoning should make one stop before automatically lambasting someone who not only built a tiny company into a Fortune behemoth, but caused an entire industry to change its way of operating in benefit of the customer.

          To be like that is a pitiful, hate-filled, envious, troll existence. It’s tough to pass a job interview, tougher to have a successful career, no matter what you have is never enough & those who have more are suspect.

        • Shaun Michalak

          The ones that I really laugh at are the ones that come up with pathetic excuses to prove their point.. I had one person tell me that I did not know hot to think because I was a republican.. So I said, and this is true.. I said, in the last election, I voted for an independent, a green party, a democrat, and a republican.. So which part of that says I am a republican?? The part that voted independent or the part that voted democrat?? they shut up right there and I never got a reply..

          But even more then that, is the stupid comments to justify them thinking that they are right.. Oh, you have a cartoon character so I can not trust anything you say.. Really?? You are judging someone based on the fact that they do not want their personal picture shared all over the net as a bases for them being stupid?? Oh the irony in that statement alone..

        • riverhorse

          Last troll called me an insane pedophile, three times (somewhere else)- I’ve been deleted for hurtful speech, but not him- for a tag team coup de grace. And to boot these yahoos have the right to vote- plus maybe even worse..either they vote multiple times, or the software multiplies their vote…

        • marque2

          You have been blocked because the Trolls flag you (with that arrow on the upper right – “Block User” and “Flag as Inappropriate” If you get too many Flat as Inappropriate, it automatically goes down on many sites. You could say “Lillys are beautiful” and if some troll is out to get you, with the Flags your going down. Trolls often have multiple accounts as well.

        • Shaun Michalak

          True, but what I find is that they are not usually too bad on actual forums.. Facebook is another story.. They are horrible on facebook.. 100 times worse then I have found on forums like this.. Heck, I remember this one time that someone flagged a post because of how a girl was dressed on it.. no nudity or crudeness.. But they reported it because they were offended..

          The picture was of a trucker that was a girl, and it was her taking her own picture.. I saw the picture and could not find a single thing wrong with it.. But they reported it to facebook, and facebook took it down saying it was offensive to woman.. Heck, I have seen 10 times worse walking down the street then what was in that picture..

          When the forum admin asked what exactly was wrong, or so offensive about it, they could not give them an actual answer. The only answer they got was that “someone” found it offensive.. So it is not like someone actually has to do something wrong.. at least not with a place like facebook.. They will allow the blocks to go through just in spite on there.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I have had people go down my wall and start throwing insults in all of my posts that I shared.. Then they justify it with, well, it is a public forum so I am doing nothing wrong.. all the while, they keep all their info set as private so that no one but their friends can comment on their wall.. I had one time where they never listened to what they were actually commenting on, and justified that they did not know what they were talking about in the video..

          I just told them 2 things.. first, I do not have to keep my wall private, because I have nothing to hide.. and then asked them.. What about you??.. Then in another post with that video, I just laughed at them and said.. Go ahead and keep commenting.. When people watch the video, they will know just who is the one that looks stupid, and it is not going to be me..

          Evidentially I am guessing I got them mad because they were not getting the satisfaction of the types of responses that they wanted, and were not getting me upset with them, and suddenly they stopped commenting when my comments actually made them look like the idiots..

          Those kinds of trolls thrive on chaos and getting people upset, but absolutely hate it when you just talk facts that make them look like idiots, so i just reply back with stuff like that, and they usually stop replying pretty fast when they get no satisfaction..

        • riverhorse

          Dang, sorry to hear that- makes my troubles seem like a walk in the park. I’m flabbergasted they would pick on someone who never gives pretext.
          Your solution is perfect, I don’t have the patience to execute it. LoL

        • Shaun Michalak

          Well, like they say.. Kill them with kindness.. But instead of kindness, I kill them with facts.. Either way, I just think about the source.. and just like everyone knows.. everyone is a keyboard warrior when they do not have to face the consequences.. But you know that 98% of the people that do stuff like that only do it because they do not have to face the person, face to face.. They can hide like little cowards behind their screen.. Me, I will not say anything on here that I will not say to someones face.. This is just a small way of making them face up to what they say.. and when it goes from them trying to make someone mad out of ignorance, to them looking like idiots.. and they know that they are not winning, they seem to hide pretty fast.. I have been blocked by a lot of people for just that reason.. at least on facebook I have..

        • riverhorse

          Do you do Instagram?

        • Shaun Michalak

          No.. I do a little facebook and I come on here.. I do not stay on the net with anything else much.. In fact, I spend more time reading comments on here then I do on facebook.. I just get tired of all the crap with facebook, to the point that facebook is now more of a jokebook to me.. I do read a lot of articles from different sites though..

        • riverhorse

          Yeah, FB & Twit zuck. But even if you avoid them, they control or are acquiring other platforms we use.
          Reddit is ok, especially if you stay away from troll magnet topics. There are so many subreddits you might never see them all. It’s great for learning the latest.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I never got into twitter either.. Facebook was not so bad when it first came out.. People were somewhat decent back then.. But as time went by, it turned into a lot of trolls, one sided views, advertisements, etc.. I look down local stuff on the marketplace, and at least half of the stuff on there is not even from this area.. sponsored ads and this ships to you..

          They can not even get their stuff right on how it comes up.. I have seen search results from within 60 miles of city A.. then you go down the list, and it will say, here are results from outside your search area.. This product is from City A.. I just sit back and scratch my head thinking.. How is something from my city outside my search results??

        • riverhorse

          Do you think that’s ranked by how much they pay per placement andor how much total revenue commission they earn FB?

        • Shaun Michalak

          I think a little bit might be that. From what I have seen, when you put a sale ad up on marketplace, you are immediately asked if you want to pay more to sponsor that ad. I had that happen to me when I put an ad up on there.. But the thing is, I was giving something away for free, and I am not going to pay to up scale and add that I am getting nothing out of. s for the shipped to you ads.. I think they make a commission off of each thing sold.

  • vinnyjr

    John Legere turned T-Mobile into the #1 Carrier in the USA. Worth every dime they paid him.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Well, not #1 yet.. They still have some work to do, towers to convert over, and a lot of band 71 and 41 to get installed before they can say that.. Maybe once they get all that done, and get a few of those gaps filled in where they lose service in-between towers, then they can go with that.. But right now, they really are not that far off.

  • Fan_Posting

    Fyi, John Legere’s secret sauce to the success and Industry transformation is his management philosophy, To ‘Listen to your employees, Listen to Customers, even compliants and what they tell you. As such, the rest is history…

  • Shaun Michalak

    It is called a severance package people.. That means, it is his bonus for all the work he has done over the last 8 years.. not just the 3 months he worked this year.. What the heck is up with the article making it sound like he got that much just from 3 months of work, and not implying more that it was his package from all 8 years he worked there, for retiring?? It says it right in there.. For this years work, he only made $600k, so that is about $200k a month.. It is sad that it is right there, and so many people chose to completely ignore the facts.

    • Bilesha Welton

      It’s because it’s 2021 and he’s a white guy. Not really but I’m sure that’s some of the reason for some people nowadays. Plus the articles on this site have really gone to crap since Christine took over.

      • Bklynman

        Alex wasn’t that great either. Neither one of them can hold a candle to David and Cam.

        • Bilesha Welton

          So true! I miss David.

        • Bklynman

          We all do!!

      • Shaun Michalak

        Sad part is I agree.. The sad part is the fact that this site is supposed to be about info about the company, and they are running it like the deceptive titles main stream media.. Not sure which is worse.. the fact that they are running it that way, or the fact that people do not even read the articles and then start commenting.. I went down the listing on the facebook page, and I could not find one person that commented about this being part of his retirement package..

        • marque2

          You’ve done that too, I am sure. Where you comment before reading. Sometimes it isn’t worth reading the eye roller and more interesting to see what people have in the comments.

          The article was moderately accurate, I just dislike that it was put in like some kind of conspiracy, that was discovered by sleuths. It is all standard reporting. The entire CEO package is always public and part of public statements and releases. It is almost never hidden. That some not so clever gumshoe to think going to the SEC filings page, and spending 1/2 hour finding the CEO salary is the same as the Watergate investigation is rather sad, and an indication of how lazy press types have become.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I am not going to say that I have not.. But, it is usually not something like this.. I have gotten to the point, from many years ago, that seeing titles completely misleading the actual contents, or reasoning by thing, that i have not trusted actual title for years. For that reason, I usually read, at the minimum, of half of the article at pretty much all times before I comment on things.

          I remember this one april fools day, that a company put up an article that stated something about teachers.. The title said something like, teachers do not care about their students, or something off the wall like that.. Then when you read the article, they talked about how people post stuff without reading any of the article, and try to act like they know what is going on, even though the only thing that they read was the title. They stated that if you read the article, to not say anything, do not leave a comment, and just see the responses that other leave..

          That was their april fools page.. I read down the comments, and saw so many people saying how the people that wrote that article did not know what they were talking about, and all this other stuff.. Some making excuses, some justifying, some other stuff.. and almost none of them even read the first line to the article itself. It was hilarious reading the comments knowing that not one of them knew what they were talking about, or what the actual article was about..

        • marque2

          Then you get the Amazon book reviews panning a book that was never read because the reviewer dislikes the author. Sometimes the reviews are before the book is even released. If Amazon dislikes the author, they keep the phony reviews up, if they like the author, the reviews mysteriously disappear, and when asked Amazon says we are cracking down.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I seen that.. I bought something based on the “good” reviews on amazon.., Found out that the product did not do what it said it would, and then tried to put in a negative review about the false advertising.. They would not let me.. But they left theft the positive reviews up for over a month before they took it down.. I am not sure how much over a month, but it was long after that..

          I laugh when I see someone put up a review, and they state.. I have not gotten it in yet, and have not used it, butt….. I just sit back and think, then why are you giving it a good review if you do not even have it in your hands yet?? idiots..

          as for that article.. i got it partly mixed up with a different one.. Here is the article..

          “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?

          April 1, 201410:13 AM ET

          What has become of our brains?

          Congratulations, genuine readers, and happy April Fools’ Day!

          We sometimes get the sense that some people are commenting on NPR stories that they haven’t actually read. If you are reading this, please like this post and do not comment on it. Then let’s see what people have to say about this “story.”

          Best wishes and have an enjoyable day,

          Your friends at NPR”

          I really got a laugh at reading this following article at the time.. You have to put a . where I have dot, and take out the spaces before and after at the beginning and the end of the link By the html and com parts..

          slate dot com/technology/2013/06/how-people-read-online-why-you-wont-finish-this-article dot html

        • marque2

          Comments I put in NPR articles never stay up long. I don’t bother any more – so I wouldn’t get caught in the trap.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I was reading the comments on their facebook page, that linked to their site.. Not the ones from the actual site and forum.. I never really read too many NPR articles, so I can not say about the quality of their articles.. I just remembered the really short comment in it about how people do not read the articles.. Read the title, and then read the comments at the time, and the number of people saying,m “what do you mean we do not read”…. that came up was just crazy.. I laughed at how defensive they got in the comments section, all the while laughing at the fact that they obviously never read the one paragraph article, and then tried justifying their comments.. If I did not read your article, then do you think I would be commenting.. That was another good one.. I am thinking.. Uh, nope.. But you did.. lol

  • Acdc1a

    Just imagine for a moment T-Mobile with some random suit, the John they rolled out in the into press conference if you will. Sprint would have been the company to acquire T-Mobile and we’d be counting gigabytes.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Forget about counting gigs.. I would be more worried about coverage and service.. I have a Sprint hotspot, and a Metro phone for service.. I have gone around town, to multiple towers.. and even tried the Metro phone when connected to a Sprint tower where there was no T-mobile service.. I do not think I have found one time that I got a speed of over 5 megs in the past few years off of a Sprint tower.. Not only that, but every time I checked the Latency, Sprint has always been between 120 and 130 ms.. I just did a test off of a T-mobile tower.. 63ms.. and if I tried a Sprint tower where I am at, I would be lucky to get one bar.. I think those would be a worse thing then counting gigs right now.. After all, if you have no service, then you do not have to worry about gigs, because you would never use too many..

  • MissedCall

    Reading the proxy statement, it says he got an accelerated vesting of shares, valued at $122M (the rest of the $14M was his severance pay), likely at the time of vesting (4/20/20). If he’s not cashed out, these shares have recovered about $30 a share since 4/30/20….or in rough numbers an additional $36 Million in value.

  • AA-Ron

    Usually I don’t say this about the big wig executives but he for damn sure earned it.

  • MissedCall

    Who didn’t get in a feud with Trump?

  • Willie D

    That’s 1.7 Million more than they should have. The network is utter garbage.

    • Shaun Michalak

      And you proof that they are overall, across the board, worse then AT&T and Verizon is what?? I would love to see that data that shows that they are “utter garbage” as you put it.. Because in my city, and surrounding areas.. they have put up over 10 towers in the last 2 years in my immediate area.. I went down to Grand Valley, PA.. I have a friend that uses Verizon towers.. His download speed.. Around 5mb down.. T-Mobile.. About 35mb down.. AT&T.. They have coverage?? Not down there… How about in my town.. Was at the store with a friend that has Verizon.. I did speed tests on both phones at the same time.., Him on verizon, and me being downgraded because of being on Metro.. Guess who had faster download speeds?? It was not verizon.. But yea.. lets pretend that T-mobile is the only carrier with a “utter garbage” network, as you put it.. lol

      • marque2

        It really depends on the area where you live most. But really, though not garbage it is frustrating that major interstates still have lots of dead spots. Not that Verizon doesn’t have any, but they definitely have fewer.

        That said I have worked at places where I got my 3/5 bars, and decent service and the Verizon person got 0/5 and no service. I am sure Verizon is overall somewhat better overall than T-mobile – but the point is it really depends on your circumstances.

        • Shaun Michalak

          That was kind of my point.. If you look at the coverage that they had back in December, T-Mobiles total land coverage was 59%.. Then in March of this year, just 3 months later, it is now 62%.. But that in itself says that there is 38% of the US that does not have coverage.. and that is if the land coverage is actually accurate, which we know is not for any company.. Verizon’s coverage is not really too much better then T-Mobiles.. Less then 10% difference.. and AT&T is just down the middle of them both..

          The thing is, you can not say a whole network is bad because one area is bad.. Just like how you can not say a whole network is good, because one area is good. I think if they would have said something like, “T-Mobiles service sucks in southern California”, or something like that.. They actually gave an area, then I could agree.. But saying that because one area has problems, the whole network is bad, is like saying all of FedEx’s service is bad because of one bad delivery driver.. It is just dumb to say that..

        • beth

          For me I’ve seen no improved speeds from mint to Tmo which cost more than 3x mint. This is in a fully covered area , northern NJ and NYC. I often get offline errors in browser despite the 4 to 5 bars signal of 5g using 2 diff phones. Search results took 2mins to load whilst in NYC today if i could get it to load at all, its bad. For reference ,speed test said at that time 24mbps, which should load a browser page easy but it failed to and is slow compared to normal here at 125mbps or more. Speed isn’t the only determinate of good service tho. What’s also important is that the company doesn’t brick your phone with their updates . my phone is now widevine l3 due to the Tmo July update, making the old screen useless as I can’t stream in higher than 480p. It looks awful. And Tmo reps are clueless abt the issue.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I know that mint is lower in priority then regular T-Mobile customers.. Just like how their Metro customers are too.. The biggest advantage to actual T-mobile customers, be it the main company, or their Metro line, is with Mint, you only jump off of T-Mobile towers.. With T-Mobile, you can jump off of AT&T towers for talk and text if there is no T-Mobile tower around. Walmart family is the same as Mint too in that aspect.. This “used” to be a big factor..

          Since T-Mobile has expanded out so much, there is just not enough area with AT&T coverage that T-Mobile is not there.. Not only that, but their contract with AT&T does not cover the 700mhz towers either.. Just either 3G / band 5 or mid band towers.. Since a significant portion of the area that AT&T has coverage on, where T-Mobile does not, is just band 12 / 17, that leaves very little coverage any more that T-Mobiles customers can access with no actual T-mobile tower around.

  • Willie D

    Remember when he spent thousands per night staying with Trump hotels

  • Lefty88

    People with over 5 million of liquid assets should be required to report their stocks on a mark to market basis. It’s ridiculous how much control rich people have over when and how much they get taxed. Most people get taxed when they get their paychecks, not so with stock based compensation.

    That being said, John did a great job and I don’t begrudge him for being compensated as he was.

    • marque2

      No, when you get options you do have to pay tax on the fair market value when the option was given. Depending on how the company performs the options could be worthless – or not worth enough to convert, or they could make you lots of bucks. If Legarre did a poor job, he would not have gotten rich off of the options.

      Note that in the bad old days, the company did not have to report the gain in their taxes, so companies gave almost all their employees options of some sort. Now to cut back on that the government required companies to report the gain and pay taxes on it. So what happened the good progressive notion of fairness took options away from all regular employees and companies now only give them to CEOs and other fairly higher ups, and the regular guys is left in the cold. Thank you Mr Lefty progressive for taking away some of my middle class income in the name of fairness.