Neville Ray talks about current state of 5G in the US


Earlier today, T-Mobile’s President of Technology Neville Ray released a blog post where he discussed the current state of 5G. This blog post comes after the recent C-band auction and analyst days where wireless companies released plans on how to use it. 

Ray noted that the industry is already on the second phase of 5G, which is all about mid-band. The CEO shared that Verizon is playing fast and loose with the laws of physics when touting their C-band plans once again. This is something that the carrier also did with millimeter wave. 

But Ray encourages the public to keep an eye out for this announcement when Verizon announces its earnings later this week. 

The blog post published by Ray gives a reality check on how C-band (and physics) really work and how T-Mobile is driving its rivals to try and catch up. 

And this seems to echo the sentiment of an analyst, which said that “They [T-Mobile] will be the first to 5G, and they will be the best in 5G. Everything we heard from all three carriers over three days underscored that simple point.” 

Ray also shares that in this second phase, everyone in the industry is playing the same game. But he is confident that T-Mobile has a winning hand and a lasting advantage. 

You can read more about Ray’s blog post here

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