T-Mobile pulls plug on new $50/month hotspot plan (edited with T-Mo remarks)


Editor’s Note: T-Mobile has reached out to us and gave some corrections on the report. According to a representative from T-Mo, the $50/month hotspot data plan has not been pulled and is still available. But it is a limited time offer, as explained when it was first announced. There is, however, no mention of an end date when this plan will continue to be offered.

As for changing the plan, T-Mo clarifies that they have an Un-contract Promise for their customers that says they cannot change their customers’ plans. Only the customers have the power to do that. This means that if you sign up for this $50/month hotspot data plan while it is still available, you can continue to use it until you decide to change it yourself. The 100GB data allotment will not be reduced for customers under the plan. 

The original story is below:

Back in December, T-Mobile launched a hotspot plan that many considered was one of the best in the market. The $50 per month hotspot plan came with 100GB of data every month, which attracted a lot of tech users. 

Unfortunately, it looks like T-Mo is pulling the plug on the plan just less than four months since it was released. The sad part about this new decision is that existing subscribers of the plan won’t seem to be grandfathered into the original plan. 

This is something that many users have ranted on Twitter. Instead of promoting the plan in the first place, T-Mobile should have offered it as an introductory plan. In fact, they should have been clear about its plan to only offer the plan for a short period of time. 

Right now, T-Mobile has not released a statement on the issue. But once they do, we’ll be sure to share it with our readers who feel disappointed by this sudden development. 

Are you one of the subscribers of the plan? How do you feel about this? 


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