T-Mobile hiring 300 new workers for Oakland, ME call center


Good news for all, especially those who reside in Oakland, Maine. According to a report, T-Mobile will be hiring 300 new workers to be part of its call center based in this part of the country. 

T-Mobile will be hiring associate experts with an annual salary of $36,000. These candidates will also be earning an average bonus of $600 per month. In order to apply for the role, applicants need to be 18 years of age or older. They should also have a high school diploma or ged. 

Considering the current health crisis, the new employees will all be working remotely. T-Mobile will be hosting a virtual information session on Monday at 5 pm so you can learn more about the role. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile did not reveal the exact number of employees it has at its call center. But according to a report, the expansion of jobs is part of the company’s merger with Sprint in 2020. 


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  • Valentin Lorien

    Yes to US-based call center workers!

    • riverhorse

      They’re practically Canadian, just a stone’s throw from the border LOL

      • marque2

        You saying illegal Canadians will run over the border to do the jobs Americans “refuse to do?”

        • riverhorse

          I was joking how two US call centers are barely inside the border.
          Actually at $43(and up)K + benefits they will find plenty of very willing, committed takers in both locations.
          And the generally non-accented English spoken is ideal for phone work.
          Both sides benefit.

        • marque2

          I was joking about the illegal Canadians, playing on your joke.

      • Eric A

        If you can throw a stone across Lake Ontario.

        • riverhorse

          Or swim across it. In the dead of winter.

        • Sean sorlie


  • Ben

    With the prevalence of VoIP phones, and the offer to work remotely, I wonder why employees have to physically be in Oakland, ME. Hopefully a smart reader will be able to help me understand.

    • dcmanryan

      My only guess is the work from home is temporary and they’ll be working in the local office at some point.

      • riverhorse

        I’d certainly hate to manage a call operation of all remote workers.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I would have to agree.. Call centers are so much better in the fact that they are more reliable when it comes to call quality.. Say what you want, but since this whole work from home thing has happened, the amount of problems I have been having understanding people because of bad connections, poor voice quality, breakups, etc has gotten extremely bad.. Work from home does have its uses.. But overall, customer experience has gone down dramatically from using it. But that is just my opinion and experiences.

  • Bob B.

    They are still, at last report, going to be building a new call center here in the Rochester, NY area. Just south of the city in the town of Henrietta. Covid has delayed their plans at this time is what they are saying. But, the initial report was that some 1300 people would be employed there.

    • riverhorse

      Nice suburb area. And another Canadian border locale.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I am waiting to hear from all the negative’s out there.. When they heard that there was 5,000 less people working at the end of last year, people were quick to say all this negativity and stuff about it.. How many new stores have opened up with more jobs since then?? 300 new people here.. Someone talking about them going to be hiring 1,300 in Rochester NY at another place.. What about that hiring initiative that they just did for other stuff?? Wow.. Seems that 5,000 negative is going to be negated pretty fast adding all these new jobs bringing that 5,000 negative down or even maybe a positive pretty fast.. So how many of those negative people are going to acknowledge these hirings??

    • Neoprimal

      Never. Super vocal when it’s negative, whispers in comparison when it’s positive. This is good news. I’m glad that they’re on their way to making good on their promise.

      • riverhorse

        And in areas where the level of salary paid benefits the local economy.

        • Bob B.

          Exactly. My wife has been working at a call center here that has contracts with many different companies. And the programs come and go. She has worked in maybe 10 different ones since she went to work for them. She has been working from home since last year due to Covid and that is a good thing. Right now she is doing customer support for a cable company that does business in several of the larger cities in this country. But, her job has helped support our family… the boys are grown and gone now, and not to be against anyone over in India or someplace, she is an American with an excellent command of our language who is helping customers of the company she does support work for and yes, we contribute to the local economy all the time.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I kind of figured that they would.. It just takes time to work things out.. Get rid of excess baggage and duplicate positions first to streamline things, and then hire to get you where you need to be.., that is usually where things go with big companies merging.. I think the part that I like is the fact that they are paying decently too.. $17 to start is pretty decent.. But I noticed no one says anything about those kind of wages either when they talk badly.. I guess see no evil, hear no evil.. But in this case it is hear no good, see no good??