T-Mobile now has 10 million 5G customers


Earlier this week, T-Mobile revealed that they now have over 10 million customers on its 5G network. 

The revelation was made in a publication, which really doesn’t come as a big surprise since T-Mobile has been selling different 5G devices for years now. 

But despite this, the figure achieved by T-Mobile is a pretty remarkable one since US carriers don’t generally provide a lot of information on the metrics of their 5G customers. 

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert believes that the company has “all of the assets” needed to achieve and maintain durable and sustainable 5G leadership “through the entire 5G era.” With this, they are aiming to be the first in US wireless industry history to offer the best network and the best value.

And with the different offers and new plans that T-Mobile is coming out with, it’s no surprise that T-Mobile will be able to grow that 10 million count pretty soon.


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  • JR

    I guess all those free line promos are paying off.

    • AA-Ron

      You know it’s a cutthroat business, they do what they gotta do. All the wireless companies are doing whatever it takes to stay ahead and be profitable.

      • Mike Smith

        Only one of them is succeeding. The other two have been declining for years.

    • marque2

      Free line does not necessarily mean new 5g phone. My free lines all went to 4g phones.

    • marque2

      Speaking of free lines and 5g you can get a Samsung A71 phone (with 5g) for $99 with the free line promo. this is probably the last free line promo, so jump on it.

      • JR

        Thanks for the heads up. Just called to take advantage 9fvit and they are out of stock. :/

  • marque2

    I am surprised it is only 10 mil with all the phone promos they had last year.

  • Shaun Michalak

    so basically, something like 1 in every 25 people have a 5G phone.. Considering that 5G phones have been out for what?? 1 1/2 years?? maybe more?? That is kind of impressive, but yet, not very impressive..

    Kind of considering all the penny pinchers have not gotten one because prices have not come down to the level that they would buy them.. But at the same time, a lot of people are using the stimulus checks to buy new 5G phones instead of paying their bills, and that is what I would guess really pushed the 5G phone numbers up..

    I am not sure about anywhere else, but when the first stimulus check came out, I could not find a store anywhere around that sold T-Mobile or Metro PCS phones that had a 5G one in stock, because people were buying them out, and preordering them for when the next shipment came in..

    • marque2

      But they are cheap, I got my V60 with dual screen for $400. You can get the very good Velvet for $280. My daughter got a S20FE for $200 and a $75 gift cert from Samsung – for an ancient S7 trade in. Lower end Moto has a G series (2/3rds channel admittedly) for $300.

      Not sure why people aren’t buying. I thought everyone was getting a new TV and phone last year because they were stuck home so to da covidz

      • Shaun Michalak

        A lot of it is because, well, some people just do not buy a new phone until they have to.. When you think about it, it is about the same percent of people using 5G phones as there is using 3G phones still.. The thing is, if that many people have not upgraded to even a 4G phone yet, how many people are waiting until their phone dies, or they have to upgrade.. Or like me, waiting until they actually get some service in their area that you can actually work with it.. and I do not consider having band 71 on just half of the towers something to work with..

        In the country / rural areas / small cities or communities.. T-Mobile really has no band 41 in any of those areas.. So what is the point of jumping on the 5G bandwagon if they do not have the service to make it worth while?

        The prices have come down to a point where most people could get one if they wanted to.. But lets be honest here.. There are a lot of people out there that just do not care about 5G.. The simple fact that T-Mobile offers plans with only 2 gigs of data should say that 5G will mean almost nothing to those people.. The same for people with flip phones too, since they do not even have a 5G basic flip phone.

      • Zerovanity

        I haven’t gotten one because I am waiting for a half decent modem in a half decent phone. Half of the problems people are experiencing with 5G is a result of the limitations of the modems. The Qualcomm Snapdragon x60 is the first modem that is an upgrade over 4G. It is only on the Samsung S21 line right now. Since Samsung has made unacceptable design decisions on those phones, I am waiting for 5G.

        I was waiting for the next LG flagship (V70? or rainbow?) , but that might be canceled. Will Sony support bands 71 and n71 this year?

        • marque2

          That and while I have to admit, it took eight months after getting my 5g phone, until I started seeing nice improvements in the T-Mobile network in spots. Now it is better at home and at work, but not on long interstates (actually seems worse, because handshaking doesn’t seem to work as well) I would also tell folks don’t bother with 5g until about fall. I think in October the network will be built enough where most folks will see a 5g improvement.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Some places, you do not even need 5G to see improvements.. I took a trip down to grand Valley, PA a few days ago.. The whole route 27 stretch (about 25 miles), from titusville to corry had no coverage when I went down that way last year.. Including Grand Valley which is in the middle.. When I was down there over the weekend, I confirmed that they now have coverage on about 15 of the 25 mile stretch.. I did not go down far enough to verify the rest.. and download speeds of about 30 to 35 megs down with 3 bars of service..

          My point, T-Mobile is making upgrades to coverage that you do not even need a 5G phone to see.. Just need band 71 support on the phone.

      • Zerovanity

        Where are you getting these prices? T-Mobile is still selling the V60 for $650. There is no unlocked version. It is not sold on Amazon or Best Buy.

        • marque2

          You have to watch for deals. Existing deals are $288 for a LG Velvet, which really is a $600 phone if you spec it all out. OLED screen for $288? The OnePlus 8T+5g is $375 if you add the free line T-mobile is giving away now.
          Other Cheap 5g phones phones Nord 10+ 5G @ $299, the Revvyl 5g is $200 with the free new line. Samsung A71 (not a great phone) is $99 with free line. (Note the free line really is almost free, it costs $0.30 a month)

          The S20FE was a special pre-release deal … The V60 they had two promos with 2 for 1, single screen it was $800 for two, dual $900.

    • Francisco Peña

      I don’t think people will buy new phones as much with the government freebie as other items. And if people get bill credits, rather than owning the phone outright, then they aren’t giving up credits until they are done. I think peopl emight be using it for other items. Now in another 1-2 yrs, yeah, folks will be upgrading, but those pre-5g phones purchased right before it came out, still have some time. And some folks might not like the new S21 without sd slots and hold on to older phones a bit longer.

      As MArque2 below said, I’m in the same boat. I got a s20FE last yr when it came out to trade in an s7 (bought for $50 on Facebook to get that $500 credit) and traded in my s9 for my wife’s S21. So we are set. If those deals weren’t available, we’d still be on a non-5G phone.

      • Shaun Michalak

        You have to remember.. That may be true with T-Mobile customers, but not with Metro customers.. and the Metro end is where they really hit big.. I personally was looking for a phone at that time.. Just not a 5G phone.. I needed a flip phone for my dad, and was calling around at that time to try and find one.. After talking with the people in the stores, they all said the same thing to me.. I can not sell you anything because we have no phones in stock.. They fly off of the shelves as fast as I can get them in..

  • Johny M

    How about working on the network a bit for that 5g now. I was in PCB and while there and on the way the 5g connection was trash. My wife’s 4g pixel 3a was decent but I kept getting no connection with full bars on gs20fe.

  • Bob B.

    5G is pretty pathetic here inside my home. I sometimes hit 70 Mbps on a download speed test, but not even breaking 10 on the upload. I do not really use my phone for anything Internet related inside my home and I can connect to my WiFi anyway which is fiber to the home service. But T-Mobile has tried to get me to switch to their home Internet service here several times. $60 a month. If I lived where there was no other Internet service available, then T-Mo would be a good option. Right now I am paying $50 a month retail for 500/50 Fiber service with the upload set at 500 now (maybe permanently ?) due to Covid.