T-Mobile launches 3 programs for Black History Month


February is celebrated as Black History Month. And with this, T-Mobile has unveiled a total of three new programs that it is working on to help make opportunities available for the Black communities throughout the country. These programs are intended to provide resources and support to Black students, tech workers, and business owners. 

The three programs that T-Mo launched for this month include the following:

Magenta Scholars Program

In partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, T-Mobile will be donating $500,000 to various historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). This will allow the company to create scholarships for 18 individuals. 

On February 9, T-Mobile customers can support the Thurgood Marshall College Fund via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Every customer that clicks on the donation option in the app, $1 will be donated by T-Mobile to the college fund (up to $500,000; minimum of $250,000). 

NextTech Diversity Program

T-Mobile has also unveiled the NextTech Diversity Program, which will be taking place over the next five years. This program is intended to provide career training and placement for underrepresented candidates for the role of 5G network technicians. 

The program has already kicked off with almost $1 million in funding. The initial $750,000 funding comes from T-Mobile. The program is said to include a total of 60 candidates this year.

Magenta Edge

A few weeks ago, it was reported that T-Mobile will be launching a program for budding entrepreneurs called Magenta Edge. Through this program, entrepreneurs will be getting access to expert advice and insight on how they can run their business through success. 

The resources and stories come from other Black-owned small business owners who T-Mobile has partnered with. The program offers free educational programming on various topics that can be beneficial to budding small business owners. 

You can read more about these initiatives here.

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  • Shaun Michalak

    “This program is intended to provide career training and placement for underrepresented candidates”

    This is what gets me these days.. It is not about, “are they qualified?”, but more, “what color are you?”.. You are black, fine.. But in the end, it should be.. The best, most qualified, or who is suited for the job, over race, sex, etc.. I would love a high paying job handed to me.. But if it took me 1 hour to do the job, and it took someone else 30 minutes.. Well, the person that could do it just as good in 30 minutes should get it over me.. and it does not matter if I am black, white, oriental, etc.. Help them with schooling, fine.. But after that, they should be qualified and able to do the job just as good as the next person if they are to be hired.. If they can’t, then the job should go to the other person.

    • Fan_Posting

      Yep, like those wealthy parents, actresses, business leaders, charged in the US college fraud and schemes, paying up to millions of dollars to cheat college admissions, qualifications and entry into college, my goodness…

      • Shaun Michalak

        True, but the difference is.. Those people paid their way into it.. and it was only for a piece of paper.. They were not guaranteed jobs afterwards.. Here, they pay nothing, and then are given the job.. and it is base on race.. Rich people come in all races..

        I am not trying to be racist, but I have seen time and again, where qualified people were not given jobs, but people of color were, even though the people of color were not qualified.. One example is my mom worked for a shop a while back.. She did the same about of work as 4 people of color combined.. My mom, being white, never got hired on full time, yet all 4 of the black people got hired on full time.. Same job, same position.. But because of color, they refused to hire the more qualified person.. How are people that take 4 times the time to do the same job, more qualified??

        • Shawn Philpot

          Where is your data to support this?

          And what made your mom qualified? And I’m willing to bet there were other white men and women working at that shop, wasn’t there. That’s the inconvenient information you left out.

          And I’m willing to guess other Black people didn’t get the job, but they shouldn’t because being White your mom DESERVED that job, didn’t she?

        • Shaun Michalak

          Dude, if all you are going to do is act in a immature way, picking and choosing what to respond to.. Well, lets just say I like intelligent conversations, and not ones filled with race baiting, or stupid comments, or someone just trying to pick a fight or agitate people.. Well, sorry but it is not going to work on me.. If you are not intellectually smart enough to figure out that 5 people doing the same exact job.. 1 is working hard.. 4 are doing the same amount of work as 1 person.. is not proof enough that the 1 person is a better worker, or more dependable, or more qualified.. If you truely believe that the 4 should be hired over the one that is doing the work of 4.. Well, you are part of the problem, not the solution.. and that is your problem, not mine.. But I am not going to debate it with you.. Have a nice day.

    • Shawn Philpot

      This isn’t a job. It’s a scholarship.

      And are you saying that Black people can never be qualified for anything? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying. And if that’s what you’re saying, that is the definition of being racist.

      • Shaun Michalak

        You obviously do not know how to read considering it says “career training “AND” placement”.. Placement = Jobs, not training.. It is basically saying, we will train you, and hire you, because of race.. Even if you are not capable or efficient..

        On that note, we will train and hire you if you are black, but we will not do anything for you if you are white.. Isn’t discrimination the whole idea of leaving out someone because of race, sex, etc?? Sounds like your comment is more racist then mine is.. after all, my comment only says that people should be “capable” of doing the job, if they are going to get it. Not it being guaranteed, even if they are not..

        • Shawn Philpot

          Where does it say you have to be Black to receive training?

          When you find that clause, paste it here…since you can read.

        • Shaun Michalak

          “These programs are intended to provide resources and support to Black students, tech workers, and business owners.”

          What color was mentioned in that phrase again?? Hmm.. Black students, tech workers, etc.. Oh wait.. My mistake.. Lets try this again..

          “make opportunities available for the Black communities throughout the country”

          Wait.. That one must be wrong too.. Because that one mentions Black communities..

          How about “T-Mobile will be donating $500,000 to various historically Black colleges and universities”

          Dang it, there goes that black word again..

          “underrepresented candidates”

          Underrepresented candidates.. well, since most people doing the job are white people, then who does that leave?? Over-represented would be those who are a majority.. and since white people are just that in the field, then I guess saying under means anyone but them..

          Yup.. I can read just fine..

        • Shawn Philpot

          Where is the word “required”?

          I worked in non-profit, so I know the answer to all of these questiions already. I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself.

        • Shaun Michalak

          There is no word of required in it.. and no, I am not hanging myself because the articles and facts that I have brought up speak and proves themselves to be what they are, and what they mean.. The fact that your answers have no factual basis behind them, and pick and choose parts of the article to comment on, are proof that if anyone is hanging themselves, it would be you.. The simple fact that you put, “it is not a job, but a scholarship” to an article that states that someone will be trained, and hired on, should prove that in itself..

          But hey, if you want to continue to go on and pretend that you are right, and ignore half of the facts.. Well then, all I can say is.. You are a perfect example of the type of person that I was talking about that should not be getting the job.. Because the people doing the job need to rely on all facts of what works, not just what they choose to listen to.. Have a nice day..

        • Shawn Philpot

          I stopped reading at “There is no word of required in it.”

          In other words, if you truly wanted a opportunity to better yourself you would shut-up and apply to be in these programs instead of whining and trying to get people to feel sorry for you and agree with your BS.

          But you find comfort in being prejudice and trolling whenever you can because behind a avatar you don’t have to have accountability and change. You can be the same whiny dude saying “I’m a loser because of Black people” when ironically everything in this country was built so that you have an opportunity.

          I’m done with you. Let me get back to working my second job and working on my business. You can get back to whining.

        • Shaun Michalak

          What ever you want to believe.. I guess if it makes you feel better about yourself believing what you say and put down.. Well, more power to you.. But I am not playing your race bait game, nor discussing things with someone who is lacking in more than one way..

        • COVID _Stay _Safe

          Sounds like a sense of Privilege, that is, one group feels they are privilege over other groups, when we our humanity is the same, and above all, COVID-19 does not discriminate, and nor should we during these moments. And, when we need someone to test, vaccine OR provide a life saving intervention, the HUE of the Skin should be the least of our concerns, we Hope!

        • Shaun Michalak

          I agree.. I have always said, I do not care what race, color, sex, etc that you are.. Can you do the job.. Are you qualified to do the job.. Of course, all aspects should be taken into account.. For example, someone may be more experienced, but their work record shows them getting a new job every few months.. You would obviously want to go with someone that is slightly less qualified, but you know that they will stay over time..

          I think what gets me is the fact that there is not equality in the hiring process.. A company has mostly white people, are forced to hire someone that is black because they need equality.. But what if there is only 10 black people in the area?? Now they are forced to hire them beyond what their capability may be, just for equality.. You can not hire people if they are not there.. or refuse to apply for the position..

          Here, the police force is mostly white.. It is not because they are being discriminating, but they just can not get enough qualified black people to apply for the job.. they have traveled across the state trying to get more black applicants because they can not get them in the immediate area..

          But then again, look at sports players.. Most basketball players are black.. the NBA in 2020 was composed of 74.2 percent black players.. Approximately 70% of football players are black.. They were hired based on “ability” so I am fine with that.. My problem stems in the fact that if it was the other way around, these organizations would be forced to hire less qualified people of the opposing race just because they were not as well represented..

        • COVID _Stay _Safe

          Seriously, we hope you get the help you need for your problem. Our humanity is the same, our blood in our arteries is Red and each of us had losses, supported sick ones and dealt with missed opportunities, Ups and downs, Irrespective of our Ethnicity. Life is too short and precious, too Blame the world and others for our unhappiness and self-imposed misery.

        • Shaun Michalak

          And what problem would that be.. Telling the truth?? bringing up facts?? Or would it be me not having sympathy for those that chose not to do anything?? or is it that I expect that someone is qualified to do the job, to get the job?? Because all I have said is.. Someone should not get a job unless they are qualified, and can do the job in a reasonable amount of time.. If it takes you 4 times more then someone else, you should not get the job because of your color.. Oh wait.. There is the problem.. I expect equality, and not stuff handed out based on race.. and that people should be limited as to how much they should do to meet quota’s.. Should the police accept all applicants, yes.. Should the police have to travel across the whole state and more just to get someone of a certain race in there, no.. Advertise the job, and hire the best people for the position.. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • dcmanryan

    When is white history month again and the white only awards? Also does TVision carry the white entertainment channel? Oh that’s right, I can’t be proud of my race or history because I’m white. There’s only one way to make racism go away and that’s ignoring color, NOT celebrating only certain races. Who cares what color people are FFS.

    • German heritage month is October. Irish heritage month is March. Polish heritage month is also October. Get where I’m going with this?

      The difference is that for Black Americans, the majority of us do that know where our ancestors were from (Thanks slavery) and so lumping us all together as “Black” is the best we can do. Consider yourself lucky that you most likely know from where your ancestors immigrated.

      • dcmanryan

        My main point was the world today says I can’t celebrate my heritage as I’m racist if I do yet a black american is encouraged to celebrate theirs and rub it in every one else’s face by having award shows and channels that are based on race. You can never fight racism with racism and that is the world we live in today. There’s no way anyone can tell me with a straight face nothing would happen and the race cars wouldn’t fly if we had a white people only award show and tv station.

        • COVID _Stay _Safe

          Believe it or Not , the World only cares during these COVID moments, that we wear a mask, Social Distance and wash our hands, Frequently,.. with Who-ever, What-ever or Where-ever we decide to celebrate, to slow the spread, because COVID does Not discriminate…

  • Mr. Suavena

    The problem is simple, substitute merit and qualifications for gender and color. I’m saying this as a puertorrican that can take advantage of this woke policies.

  • Donald Adamson

    The programs about giving black people jobs cause there black your an idiot it says people of color and it’s for ory month yet your gonna sit there and act dumb like it doesnt say color.Fuck you if you make it about skin color you get what you deserve cause your a moron trying to sound intelligent lol your not.people are people jobs should be basedon qualifications notcolor alot of blacks want everything gift wrapped and handed to them if not they cry and burn cities down to the ground predominately black neighborhoods right but its gonna come out of white peoples pockets to rebuild it.