T-Mobile’s Super Bowl LV ad gets rejected


The Super Bowl is one thing that many look forward to every year. Despite the health crisis, the game continued to bring in hundreds of avid football fans to its stadiums. But more importantly, many host parties at home so they could watch the games together and enjoy the half-time performance. Because of the sheer volume of people who support the game, it’s no surprise that brands use these events to showcase some of their products and even pay a lot of money for their ads to be broadcasted. 

Unfortunately, there are some ads that don’t get approved. And today, we’re seeing a very disappointed T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, over a banned Super Bowl LV commercial that wasn’t allowed to be aired on the big game on Sunday. 

According to reports, Sievert claims that one of its Super Bowl commercials was rejected. The ad, which stars Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, was said to be banned at the big game because of a protected rights deal with Verizon, which is the official telco sponsor of the NFL. 

The 60-second ad features the two football stars having a conversation about Brady’s next move over a video call. Gronkowski was encouraging Brady to retire and visit Florida. But due to a spotty cell service, all Brady managed to hear was that he should play with the Tampa Bay Buccanners and Gronkowski would be joining him. 

The ban is pretty interesting since T-Mobile never mentioned any of its rivals in the commercial. At the end of the spot, T-Mobile referred to itself as #TheGOATin5G, which refers to “Greatest Of All Time”. 

With no outright mention of its competitor, many believe that the ban was because Verizon was unhappy with the ad’s content. But there could also be another reason why the ad is being refused, as suggested by users on this Reddit thread. 

Instead of waiting for the big game to launch the ad, T-Mobile decided to do so on Twitter. But there are reports that T-Mobile still has a second spot prepared for airing on Sunday. We’ll just wait and see if this ad gets banned too.

You can watch the ad here:


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  • Shaun Michalak

    The irony that Verizon is supporting the superbowl, they complain about the add, even though T-mobile really makes no real claims other then them having more 5G coverage, so the ad is rejected.. The outcome is that they actually give T-Mobile more advertisement by getting people to talk about it, then they would have gotten by just letting it play.. So what do you think? I personally think this actually helped T-Mobile more, and backfired against verizon in the process..

    • Eric Edwards

      It should have been banned anyway since I don’t want tmobile to be mentioned in the same sentence as cheater Tom. #wasteofmoney

      • marque2

        The inflategate is long behind us and Tom still managed to get into yet another super bowl. There are probably some merits to his skillset vs the cheating claims.

        How flat would the ball have to be for you to win a super bowl?

        • Eric Edwards

          What about the tapes that were destroyed? What about him breaking quarantine in tampa? The cheating never stops with him.

        • marque2

          Breaking quarantine. Oh brother.

        • bluemoon737

          Haters gonna hate…

        • marque2

          I hear Brady also occasionally uses the crosswalk moments before the light turns green, making him a serial J-walker! :P

        • Eric Edwards

          Yea he definitely has talent. He just cheats sort of like lebron. Lol

      • Dsgb Solo


  • marque2

    Paying for superbowls ads is a sucker game. It doesn’t have the same effect as 20-30 years ago.

    • Neoprimal

      I don’t agree. There’s a reason they do it. There must still be some effect, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  • Marvin

    They’ll be all kinds of signal comparisons going on during the game. It’ll be interesting who ends up on top. Both will have mmwave rocking the Tombrero.

  • JG

    The ban is pretty interesting since T-Mobile never mentioned any of its rivals in the commercial.

    They mentioned their rivals…. At the end of the video “T-Mobile is the leader in 5G”. True, they didn’t specifically name Verizon. But by claiming to be the leader, they are suggesting their rivals networks are somehow inferior to their’s.

    Plus Verizon, I’m sure, would argue that their 5G network is the leader…

    • Brad C

      I mean it’s the leader *where* you can get mmWave.. the low band 5G on my work line is an absolute atrocious joke.

      • Glenn Gore

        Yes, low-band 5G, whether from T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, or AT&T, is an absolute atrocious joke, but in the case of T-Mobile, it allows them to claim that they have the largest 5G coverage area and their butts are covered by the teensy little fine print on the ads that say “service not available everywhere and performance can vary by location”.

        Sadly, this low-performing low-band 5G is all that the vast majority of the country’s land area will ever know of 5G from any carrier for many years to come, because it will take years for anything better, which is mid-band, to be installed to any great degree, and millimeter-wave that provides the ultimate in 5G, will never be installed over more than just a percent or two of the land area of the country.

        • Sharti24

          How does range on mmW compare to LAA 5GHz band 46?

        • Glenn Gore

          I don’t know, I haven’t been able to find any information on transmission reach of this band.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Most mmWave bands being used are around 30ghz and up.. Considering T-Mobile is using 2.5 ghz range for their band 41, and what they are buying for 5G to put up on the towers in the recent auctions is almost 4ghz, I would say that 5ghz would not be too much of a difference then the 4ghz that they are going to be putting up on towers in the future..

          FYI, I just rounded out to 4ghz as it is actually from 3.7 to 3.98 ghz..

        • Willie D

          Yeah, I’d rather TMo just actually finish and maintain Gigabit LTE (abandoned the second NR came) and finish rolling out LAA. Why move to 5G if you haven’t even maintained and deployed the technology promised years prior. All of this would make TMo a much faster network WITHOUT 5G.

        • Glenn Gore

          Yes, this would make perfect sense, but in the history of cellphones, no carrier has ever “finished” one generation of technology before moving on to the next one. Not all GSM sites were upgraded to 2G before the carriers moved on to 3G, and not all sites were upgraded to 3G before they began deployment of “4G/HSPA”, and not all those sites were upgraded before they moved on to LTE, and there are still plenty of sites around the country that do not offer LTE while the carriers are now working on 5G. You can find sites still working with every generation of technology in every carrier’s network.

          Every carrier has this hodge-podge of networks and “G’s” dating all the way back to the analog shutdown that they have to support and that phone makers still have to support. I can drive around and my phone will show GSM, 2G, LTE, and 5G in various locations. I don’t know when 6G is supposed to become a “thing”, but I can guarantee you that not all of any carrier’s network will have been upgraded to LTE, let alone 5G before they move on to rolling out that 6G to “select areas”

        • Neoprimal

          You’d need to understand the long run and how network technologies work. They aren’t spending billions to upgrade ‘just because’. 5G technology is better than 4G in several ways and to limit oneself to 4G just to give some supported customers higher data speeds would be extremely short sighted. This is exactly why carriers have moved from 2G to 3G to 4G/LTE without utilizing each bands highest data tiers…because better technology is introduced that changes things from the ground up.
          You can Google the reasons but as a summary, some benefits of 5G over 4G are “higher speeds, less latency, capacity for a larger number of connected devices, less interference and better efficiency”.

          I think of it on a personal scale like my router. An ‘AC’ or Wifi 5 router might allow you to use dual or tri band, mimo and beamforming, but no matter what you do, you’re maxing out at Wifi 5 speeds and the router is only going to be able to run say (just as an example) 75-150 devices simultaneously, reliably. ‘AX’ or Wifi 6 and 6E comes along and now you’re getting more speeds on dual or tri bands, but in addition to that, you might easily be able to double the amount of devices to 300 or so (which is an insane number, but nowadays you want the capacity because people are running smart homes with 5 alexa devices, 20 wifi light switches, 4 wifi TVs, etc.). We get to take advantage of a lot of these features whether we’re on Wifi 5 or 6, but of course, as Wifi 6 devices come out, that’s when we get the big boons like higher speeds, etc.
          On a much larger scale, 5G allows carriers to support way more phones per tower in addition to giving us lower/better ping times (efficiency), much higher data rates and better network reliability once more phones are using this 5G tech.

          Of course, it’s still all in it’s infancy and there are going to be growing pains. I haven’t gotten a less than 100Mbit speed test result from being on 5G in my area yet and though there are small pockets where my phone falls back to 4G/LTE, it never loses service so I can’t or won’t complain.

    • marque2

      It is pretty universally agreed that Verizon is not the leader. You might make an argument for AT&T but Verizon has had the worst roll out of the three networks.

  • Willie D

    Considering the TMo 5G network is worse than their 3G network in terms of speed and reliability I don’t think ANY TMo commercial should be broadcast touting a 5G network that simply doesn’t work.

    • True, but it was the same with LTE in the very beginning no Volte just slow speeds. Give it time.

  • Sayahh

    NFL missed a prime opportunity to host the LV SB in Las Vegas.

  • Acdc1a

    I just wish it was accurate. 5G upgrades made service useless in my house. After months of techs trying their best and even getting a network tech over to my house for coffee it was useless until they put in a few new sites. I had to take two of my lines over to AT&T.

    • You can always just turn the phone to LTE/3G/2G mode.

      I mean tmobile is integrating a national network migrating customers and launching 5G. Give it time because Lte was the same when it first launched slow no VOLTE either I bought a Galaxy note 1 from att unlocked just to test lte on tmobile when it first launched in my city

      • Acdc1a

        I wish that was the case. LTE and HSPA are both equally useless in the house. Per T-Mobile there must be “some new interference” that makes my service useless at home. Is it simply coincidence that it occurred during their network upgrade? I’d have to say no but there’s no way I can say for sure.

        To T-Mobile’s credit I believe they exhausted all options short of putting a cell site in my yard to troubleshoot and I didn’t have a phone bill during the time. Customer service was top notch.

      • Acdc1a

        I’ll also mention that because of our location our internet is SLOW which made the cell spot useless as well.

        • Oh wow I’m sorry to hear that. This has to be a first time I’ve heard of this. Well hopefully in the future they can figure out what’s going on.

        • Neoprimal

          It happens. In my area, while they were doing upgrades and network merges, etc, 4G/LTE took a nosedive. I’ve been living here for 5 years and T-Mobile service has never, ever been this bad. This happened right about when they were supposed to “merge” with Sprint. I called and network changeouts were blamed (not 5G, just, network changes). It took months before it’s gotten back to where service is acceptable and even now it can be spotty for LTE. I upgraded to a 5G phone but my wife is still on a 4G/LTE iPhone and she still has some issues where there was previously spotless service, so that’s a bummer. Thankfully I did not have to go with another carrier or anything, I just had to be patient. The difference with me though, is that this did not affect me at home. If it had then I might have had to go the way of @ac@acdc1a:disqus as well.

      • Willie D

        1. AT&T doesn’t sell phones unlocked
        2. The Note 1 was no longer sold by ANY American company when LTE was finally launched on TMobile.

        • marque2

          They all have to unlock the phone if you own it after 6 months. In the bad old days there were unlock sites that would give you codes to unlock the phone.

        • I bought it from ebay you definitely read it wrong

  • Jay Trainer

    There are a lot worse ones that should’ve been rejected over the years.

  • Shaun Michalak

    It turns out, it is just the superbowl that rejected it.. The superbowl is playing on CBS right now, but I just saw this exact commercial on ABC.. So I guess that proves it was not so bad that it could not be played, just that (Considering Verizon is the sponsor for the Superbowl), that they for certain reasons would not let it play during the superbowl..

  • illstplaya .

    They did show a tmobile commercial bragging about 5G. But it was different from this one. It still had Brady in it though