T-Mobile closely monitoring areas affected by winter storms


Since the weekend, several parts of the country have been hit by severe weather that has caused the loss of power in these areas. The onslaught of snow and ice has created a problem for networks to properly operate. 

T-Mobile has reported that the harsh weather conditions have impacted the networks in areas of Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, and Oregon. Ever since the report was made, T-Mobile has mobilized its teams to provide assistance to local utility and transport partners to fix the issues as conditions allow. 

The Un-carrier promises that they are closely monitoring the situation and have even seen restoration progress in the Austin market. They promise that their teams will continue working to restore the networks that have been affected by the harsh weather. 

In the meantime, if you are experiencing spotty or interrupted mobile service, you can try some of these tips as recommended by T-Mobile:

  • If you have home broadband and power but no mobile service, you can use Wi-Fi calling to text and make and receive voice calls over Wi-Fi connection. If you will be using Wi-Fi calling for a 911 call, make sure to give your address to the operator.
  • If your mobile service is functioning, you can keep your calls to a minimum and as short as possible so that the network load will not be over swamped. This will allow other users to make a call.
  • During times of congestion, text messages manage to get through easier than calls. You can send a text message instead of making a phone call. 

In addition to these tips, T-Mobile says that several of its stores may be closed over the coming days due to power impacts. If you need to visit a local store, you can give them a call to know if they are open. Or you can call 611 or 1-800-937-8997 from your device if you require assistance or if you have any questions about your account or service. 


Source: T-Mobile