T-Mobile brings back MLB.TV offer


Good news to all Baseball fans! T-Mobile is bringing back its MLB.TV annual free season to valued customers. If you are an eligible customer, you can apply for a free subscription starting March 30th. 

This hasn’t been officially announced by T-Mobile but it was seen as an ad on Reddit. And because it is not official, there are no specific details regarding the offer. It doesn’t verify whether the offer will be available on an All Team subscription or on a single team. But it’s likely that it will follow last year’s format where it will be for an All Team subscription. 

The good news is that the offer could be extended to Sprint customers since they are already part of T-Mobile’s network. And this usually means that they also get access to the usual perks given to customers. 

If you’ve never used this offer before, the free subscription comes with premium features of the MLB app; which is worth $19.99 on its one. These features include enhanced pitch-by-pitch tracking, in-market audio, and many more. 

There’s still no word on whether this offer will include a free subscription to The Athletic. The bundle was previously offered last year with a $59.99 value. We’ll have to wait until T-Mobile makes an official announcement about this revived offer. 


Source: 12