Miami US Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital receives T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network


T-Mobile has just deployed its super-fast Ultra Capacity 5G at the Miami Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System. With this launch, they are providing medical staff and patients access to their 5G speed and performance. 

This is the first new custom 5G installation that T-Mobile deployed at a hospital. Currently, the Un-Carrier has an in-building 4G LTE wireless connectivity in place across over 50 VA Healthcare Systems. 

Through in-building 5G radios, users of T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G coverage can enjoy speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Medical teams are also given quick access to high bandwidth files that would typically be needed in a hospital setting, such as labs and medical charts and imaging results without the need for a computer. 

And T-Mobile promises that this is just the beginning. T-Mobile for Business EVP Mike Katz shares:

“We set out to do good with our 5G network and right now healthcare is more important than ever. T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G brings healthcare providers the fastest 5G network of any provider enabling them to deliver high quality medical care. We are proud to be a long-standing partner of the VA and now the medical teams at the Miami VA Healthcare System can tap into 5G. This is an exciting step towards the future of healthcare made possible by the T-Mobile network.”

T-Mobile has an existing partnership with the VA to provide up to 70,000 lines of wireless service to doctors, nurses and hospital staff across their hospitals. They are also working with the VA Secretary’s Center for Strategic Partnerships (SCSP) to help improve access to the VA’s telehealth platform, VA Video Connect, to make healthcare more accessible to millions of veterans. 

To this date, T-Mobile has been able to connect a great number of VA telehealth visits that only increased during the pandemic. More than one in four veterans received care in the VA via telehealth. This is an outstanding 79% increase in serving veterans compared to the past year.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Ben

    Just n41 or will they deploy mmwave there too?

    • Glenn Gore

      This must be N41 because millimeter-wave cannot be used or received inside of buildings. Transmitters would need to be placed in each and every room of each building for millimeter-wave, a logistical nightmare that there is not yet equipment available to do.

      • Willie D


      • Shaun Michalak

        Not only that, but considering it says “up to 300 mb down”, that right there should tell it is not mmWave, because that is their standard for N41 coverage..

        • Glenn Gore

          T-Mobile calls their N41 “Ultra Capacity”, then, so what do they call their millimeter-wave service?

        • Shaun Michalak

          Well, comparing it to their band 71, it is “ultra capacity”.. and mmWave?? you mean they have some of that?? lol

          In all seriousness, I was actually kind of disappointed with their C-Band auction wins.. Only 124 licenses?? The only thing I can think of is maybe they are waiting for the lower 3 ghz auctions later this year, or the 2.5 ghz auctions that are about to start?? and considering a lot of the upper 3ghz will not be able to be used for years to come.. Maybe they felt no real hurry??

        • Glenn Gore

          Yes, they have a little mm-wave, LOL. Thank goodness they saw the futility in devoting any more resources to it and have designated the N41 they got from Sprint as the way forward. They have just barely scratched the surface of it thus far and I hope it’s guns-a-blazin’ with it this year. I have a feeling it will be.

          I think N41 is the reason they did not spend any significant money on C-band. They already own plenty of that Sprint spectrum, and you are right, it will be quite a while before it is all available and they can use that N41 right now.

          Meanwhile they are making great strides on improving the throughput of all the Band 71. I am now seeing 200 Mbps in my house on it, and this is from a tower 6 miles away! A couple weeks ago, 45 Mbps was tops. I have noticed the same type speeds showing up in other places lately. When you get right down to it, if you’re seeing that type of speeds, you’re in good shape and anything faster is gravy. You just don’t need more for most purposes other than bragging rights.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I don’t think that having N41 is the sole reason why they did not spend big at the C Band auctions.. I think they did not care for a lot of it for 2 reasons..

          First, if so far, people are averaging 300mb down on just 60mhz of band 41.. Well, why go to a higher frequency?? Yea, it has higher speeds.. But from what I have read, using band 41 vs C-band, band 41 gets about 30% farther of coverage.. This will make a dramatic difference in rural areas.. You go to places that Verizon, or AT&T have 2 bars of coverage right now, they are not going to have any real coverage with C-Band on that same tower.. But they might with band 41..
          The second reason.. First read the quote:

          “Verizon’s rival carriers are conspicuously absent from the list of
          bidders, but they may just be holding out for another auction starting on December 8th. The FCC will make 280 megahertz of licenses in the C-band available for auction, giving more companies the chance to purchase the right to use the spectrum (ranging from 3.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz) for their 5G networks.”

          So basically, they have another chance at getting some of the spectrum.. Going to this auction, and bidding AT&T and Verizon up means that they both will have less money to budget on those other auctions later.. This gives them the better chance at getting better prices later on.. After all, the more desperate you are, the more you are willing to spend on something..

          Before this auction, with all the band 41 that T-Mobile got from the merger, this really put the other 2 companies at a disadvantage, so they were more desperate to equalize things.. But they killed their budget in the process.. Better for T-Mobile at the auctions later this year..

        • marque2

          It was pretty expensive spectrum. Tmobile already “spent” 26 billion to get the Sprint Spectrum and needs the cash to build it out, rather than hoard more and not be able to use it due to cash issues.

          I find it strange that the government is all up in arms that we don’t have competitive 5g compared to other countries and yet they just happily sucked out 80 billion from the industry. Seems like 80 billion would go a long way to build up a 5g infrastructure.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Taking things into consideration, they did not suck it out.. It i just that the cell industry kept bidding it up.. Not something that the government can control..

          If you want to talk about hording, wouldn’t Verizon be going up that ally now?? The lower the frequency, the slower the speeds, so you need more to get the same amount of spectrum to get the same amount of speeds.. But look at what Verizon bought.. 160 mhz of spectrum.. Almost as much as T-Mobile has total with band 41..

          The difference.. Verizon needs way less to keep the same amount of speeds with it. So basically, Verizon is only going to need 40mhz of spectrum to match T-Mobiles 60mhz.. Looking at it like that, did Verizon really need 160mhz to boost their network?? It also makes me wonder, are they even planning on installing more then half of it?

          It is true that 80 billion would go a long way.. But at the same time, it is the companies that need to keep their network upgraded.. Just look at AT&T.. There are places that they refused to upgrade past 3G until now.. And not because they could not afford it.. But because they just did not want to spend the money.. So why should the government pay for it??

          Still, what I think really sucks is the fact that most money made off of these auctions will go to the government, so they can help balance their budget, because the idiots running the country can not spend within their means.. and overspend too much.

  • steveb944

    Never knew about that partnership, good to know.

  • Kendrix

    I’d like to see the Houston VA improve. Barely get a signal in that place