T-Mobile gains 5.5 million postpaid customers in 2020


Despite the pandemic, T-Mobile was able to turn 2020 into a positive experience for the business. The Un-carrier reported record customer numbers and an achievement in its 5G network. 

Earlier today, the company revealed its latest preliminary report and shared that they were able to add 1.7 million total customers and 1.6 million postpaid net additions during the last quarter of 2020. Although these numbers dropped a bit from their July-September performance, they are still pretty good compared to its Q4 2019 performance. 

As a whole, the Un-carrier was able to add a total of 5.6 million customers in 2020. Out of that number, almost 5.5 million signed up for postpaid services. This number surpasses the 4.8 million total additions in 2019 and puts T-Mobile on a pedestal as the number two, fast-growing carrier in the country.

Analysts believe that part of the reason for this immense growth is because of the early 5G leadership that T-Mobile has over its rivals. In addition to this, the Un-carrier continued to offer unparalleled deals that were hard to resist throughout the year. 

And speaking of its edge in its 5G network, T-Mobile revealed that they are now able to cover 106 million individuals with its Ultra Capacity 5G by the end of 2020. T-Mobile earlier aimed to cover 100 million people but has exceeded this threshold.

Great job, T-Mo! 


Source: T-Mobile

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