T-Mobile Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra receiving new security update


Samsung Galaxy S20 owners are getting another new update from T-Mobile today.

T-Mo is now pushing updates to the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. The S20’s update is version G981USQU1BTJ4, the S20+’s is G986USQU1BTJ4, and the S20 Ultra’s is version G988USQU1BTJ4.

The only item on the changelog is the October 1, 2020 security patches. T-Mobile hasn’t updated its support pages for the S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra yet so it’s unclear what, if anything, might also be included. A security update isn’t always the most exciting thing, but at least the S20 phones are on the latest security updates once again.

These updates are now rolling out over the air, so if you’ve got a Galaxy S20 series device, you should see it on your device in the coming days. You can also check for it manually by launching your Settings app and selecting “Software update” and then “Download and install”.

Thanks Daryl, Mitch, and Paul!


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  • Steve

    Hopefully, this fixes the issue with 5G basically making the device unusable and needing to keep it on the LTE network selection instead.

    • EffortLess

      You need the new standalone 5G capable SIMs from T-Mobile. Call and ask or message them on Twitter and they’ll send them. It’ll fix the issues. I tried to post the link here, but it wasn’t approved yet. Google T-Mobile 5G capable SIM and you’ll find the help page T-Mobile created.

      • Steve

        Thanks for the advice. I had changed the SIMs in my S20 and one of my friends S20 Ultra and still the same issues. It was actually a tech supervisor at the Samsung Experience Store that told me that it is a problem only for T-Mobile since the 600mhz spectrum that they use is great for building penetration in NYC but not actual service out in the suburbs.

    • Aaron A.

      Yea I went to the store as soon as I asked the rep about 5g Sim he went to the back and got me one and activated for free. It should say R15 on the the Sim instead of TM9263. I had connectivity issue to 5G with old Sim and once I switched to new sim no problems.

    • Abel

      I’ve been having problems with connectivity since July or so on my S20+. Sometimes just looses connection and reconnects by itself (I’m getting voicemail notification every time this happens). The internet rarely works when I am at work, I need to put phone on airplane mode then take it off and then it works for a few minutes then back to very VERY bad connection (speed almost non-existent).
      Anyone else having these problems?

  • Marvin

    Whoa, I thought I was the only one who had that problem. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed!

  • Philly Jim

    Nope not yet here on the East Coast near Philadelphia………

  • Aaron A.

    Received android 11 Beta with October security patch. I don’t like changes they made in OneUI3.0

    • Mike Smith

      I don’t even notice anything new. Very disappointing.

  • john bones

    I just updated mine and lost everything on my home screen. I even did a restore and still, nada. YMMV

  • Mike Smith

    S20 is so boring and always runs hot. So disappointed with Android 11 beta.

  • Lee Stevens

    So a security update and not saying what is in the actual update. Great transparency. I’ll see how long I can go without it.