T-Mobile’s OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren receiving update with standalone 5G support


Another T-Mobile phone is now being updated to support standalone 5G.

The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren is receiving an update to version 10.0.39.HD61CB. This 190MB update brings support for T-Mobile standalone 5G, which launched last month and increased T-Mo’s overall 5G coverage by 30 percent.

This changelog also mentions the August 2020 security patches, but those were included in the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren update that was released one month ago. The final item on the changelog is “General improvement and fixes”.


OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren owners should see this update in the coming days. You can also check for it manually by launching the Settings app and tappign on “System” followed by “System update” and then “Check for update”.

This may not be a huge update, but it’s good to see T-Mobile rolling standalone 5G support to another one of its devices. Not only will it help OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren owners to enjoy expanded 5G coverage, but T-Mo has said that standalone 5G can bring lower latency, too.

If you’ve got a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, let us know when you get this update installed!

Thanks Lucas!

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  • Michael Gill

    Just received the update a moment ago. Everything’s good to go.

  • scrabble a

    updated…about an hour later it no longer recognizes sim card and wifi wont turn on.

    • scrabble a

      did a reset and sim card still not recognized…used another working SIM from another line and phone still does not recognize SIM

      • scrabble a

        couple of resets did the trick.

      • shawn murray

        do you haev the new R15 sim

  • Jason

    Just updated about half an hour ago and am also experiencing some weirdness. After multiple reboots and turning Airplane Mode on/off, I had no mobile connection at all while being set to 5G. Wifi DID work. I went into SIM settings and changed to 4g lte, and that connected right away. I changed back to 5G in SIM settings, and it finally connected.

    If I reboot or go in/out of Airplane Mode, it WILL NOT connect to 5G again, leaving me w/ no mobile data connection. I have to switch back to 4g lte, let it connect, and then change to 5G. Very frustrating

    • shawn murray

      do you have the new R15 sim card that you need to have for Sa 5G i went to get mine yesterday to be ready for the SA 5g update

      • Jason

        Oh wow I def. missed the R15 sim card news a few weeks ago. Just checked and I received a “TM” sim w/ my Mclaren. Will reach out to CS and get a new one. Thanks @disqus_f8DQKrsDTV:disqus !

        • shawn murray

          your very welcome @jason@bigmase521:disqus

        • Jason

          I finally connected w/ CS yesterday and the new card is on it’s way! Will report back on issues once I receive it. More strange behavior I’ve noticed:

          1) When connecting to Wifi, the “5G” icon stays on the status bar, when usually that network icon goes away when connected to wifi.

          2) Apps like “NetMonster” that detect your cell tower / band connection are unable to detect any signal/connection at all, even though I can load websites, albeit slowly.

        • shawn murray

          ok i had the same problem it started after a few hours. after i did a chases wipe turn off your phone hold the power button and the volume down till it brings up where you have to put in your password or pin. then pick the middle option and then pick wipe chases then reboot this will help clear out temp files after a update. I have been into trouble shooting my phones and other things a lot. so this should help, also after getting the sim card should also help.

          on the 2nd part this is bc they are not updated for 5G amd standalone 5 as well.

  • izick

    Did the update, and my 5G data download speeds went from 200 mbps to around 50 mbps. I’ll try again later, but this update definitely did something weird. Speed test was detecting my 5G as WiFi, even though WiFi was turned off.

  • psycho_nole

    Yay, it’s here!
    Only thing I’ve noticed so far, besides being a month behind on the security update, is I stay on 5G when making a call.
    There isn’t 5G midband in Tallahassee yet so speed are still the same as, or worse, than regular LTE. 5G may be a little more stable, but my phone still spends more time hunting for 5G than staying on LTE. Oh well, hopefully will only get better from here.

  • Glenn Gore

    I received the update for my McLaren phone yesterday and have noticed several new 5G sites now showing up around the area. I am not sure these new sites are because they are SA sites because T-Mobile techs have been doing a lot of work in the area lately and have upgraded a whole batch of sites to 5G that are not showing up yet on the coverage maps. That big hole of 5G coverage in western Oklahoma is now actually a LOT smaller than the maps show. A great job is being done by T-Mobile in increasing their 5G coverage. The data speeds of course, being Band 71, are nothing to write home about, being exactly the same, or in a lot of instances, less than what was already available via LTE, but there is hope that things will get better in that department. I have seen some huge increases in 5G data over time as they expand spectrum and backhaul to those 5G sites.

  • David E

    I am gonna go pick up a new sim tomorrow and install,will report back!

  • shawn murray

    did anyone get Septembers security with this update i am still on august and it looks like on t-mobile website that it was supposed to be on Septembers?

    • psycho_nole

      I noticed that too, mine is on August update but T-Mobile says it should be September.