T-Mobile launching plan for Apple Watch’s new Family Setup feature


Alongside the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, Apple has announced a new feature called Family Setup that allows a parent to set up an Apple Watch for their kid without the child having an iPhone. T-Mobile has now confirmed that it’ll support Family Setup with a new plan.

Today T-Mobile is launching a Family Setup plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data plus voicemail for $10 per month. This price includes a $10 voice line discount plus a $5 autopay discount.

While T-Mo does describe this pricing as an “introductory offer”, T-Mobile’s Un-contract means that customers who sign up can keep that price until they change the plan themselves.

Also of note is that this Family Setup plan is available to legacy Sprint customers and small business subscribers as well as T-Mo customers.

Family Setup is available on the Apple Watch Series 4 and later models running watchOS 7 which is launching today. With it, a parent can use their iPhone to set up an Apple Watch for a child or other family member who does not have an iPhone of their own. The child’s Apple Watch gets its own phone number and can use phone calls and messages, Apple Maps, Siri, and the App Store.

With Family Setup, the family member’s location can be shared with the guardian using the Find People app. Apple Cash Family allows the guardian to send money to the child or other family member, and the guardian can receive notifications when the child pays and view those purchases on their iPhone.

T-Mobile has confirmed that it will launch the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE with watchOS 7 and Family Setup support on September 18. T-Mo hasn’t announced its pricing for either model yet, but Apple is selling the Wi-Fi and cellular versions of the Apple Watch Series 6 for $399 and $499, respectively, while the Apple Watch SE starts at $279 and $329.

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  • Jay Trainer

    Where’s the link to this introductory offer?

  • Mike

    What good is a watch when you already have a cell phone that shows the time?

    • puhiniho

      A watch is great when you don’t have a phone or don’t want to carry one (like a watch for a child)

    • CYB3R

      With this, you don’t need to carry phone. Also, simple to see texts, and time, with just a glance at your wrist, instead of pulling the phone out. The watch also has fitness tracking, and other health apps, like heart rate and ECG, and blood oxygen sensors, fall detection, etc.

      • Mike

        Good points about health apps.. wish you just blue tooth with phone instead of needing a plan.

        • CYB3R

          You can just get one without a cellular plan.

  • Julia Marie Arnold

    I spent 7 hours at a Tmobile /Sprint store yesterday – I was able to purchase and “set up a line” for the watch as a standlone for my child but Sprint is unaware of this new feature of Family Setup – after 7 hours – I have gotten nowhere – Sprint Techs say “only 1 apple watch per iphone” which completely contradicts Family Setup
    Any other issues with this? Any resolve?