Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra delivered early to T-Mobile pre-order customers


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra don’t officially launch until tomorrow, but some lucky T-Mobile customers have already gotten their pre-ordered units.

As you can see in the photos above and below, some TmoNews readers have their Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phones in hand. They actually got the phones yesterday, two days ahead of the scheduled launch date.

And if getting your new phone ahead of its release date isn’t exciting enough, these Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners got a new update when turning on their phones for the first time, too. The new updates for both the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are based on the August 2020 security patches and include camera improvements, an improved call icon display in 5G SA, and more.

Here’s the full changelog for both updates:

  • August 2020 Security updates
  • Enhancements for lock screen live wallpaper
  • Improvements to Camera and Gallery Search
  • Adds TV through DeX
  • Improved call icon display in 5G SA
  • Additional updates and improvements

New Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners should be on the lookout for an update to version N986USQU1ATH3 while Note 20 users can expect version N981USQU1ATH3.

Did you pre-order a Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra and get it early? If so, share your first impressions with us!

Thanks Mr P, Adam, and Zapote21!


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  • ggfb20

    Mine arrived yesterday from Samsung. T-mobile version.

  • Jamie Richards

    Mine came yesterday at 9am, one hour after I got to work lol. Thankfully my wife is awesome and brought it to me with some lunch. Phone is simply amazing in all aspects, I got the white but ordered a dbrand stone skin. Upgraded from a note 10 + to the note 20 ultra

    • Alex Wagner

      That’s awesome that your wife brought it to you. I bet it would’ve been tough to concentrate on work knowing your new phone was waiting at home. Haha

  • Francisco Peña

    I wanted the N20U but I think I’ll stick with the S20+ instead. While just a few more $ per month after the $500 trade in of my phone, still.

    congrats to all you that got it.

  • MindFog2287

    I ordered the Note 20 Ultra in Bronze directly from Samsung and it arrived yesterday. It was the T-Mobile version, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

    I’ll just say – this CAMERA! Wow. Love the 5x optical zoom.

    • Alex Wagner

      That bronze color looks amazing.

      • MindFog2287

        It is beautiful. Unfortunately, it will always be covered with my Spigen Thin Fit case. :(

        I will have to use the S-Pen more often than I do to remind myself what color the phone is. :D

  • mreveryphone

    These buds live are the truth!

  • rosedawg

    Mine showed up yesterday too (tmobile version). I wish the ultra had a flat screen.

    • RealShit

      I hope your stupid 20 lb curved screen phone survives it’s first fall lol

      • rosedawg

        Oh I’m so sorry I missed your post from a year ago. I did not know you where dropped on your head as a toddler but look at you go! You made a post all by yourself you stupid goofy bas-turd. Hope you weren’t missing out on the attention.
        *posting from my N20U*

  • souggie

    got mine in yesterday as well. so far taking everything i throw at it for work well. battery is a bit questionable considering its the ultra, but not bad at all.

    mystic black

  • Omegajb

    Mine came late today so by the time I got it set up I wasn’t able to really test it.
    Nice to see the power button is on the right side again. I was a little surprised to see that the Ultra doesn’t come with wired earbuds.

  • kev2684

    Mine arrived yesterday. Ordered Monday 8/17

  • Tunechi FAN

    wonder if Note 20 Ultra T-mobile already have 5G SA patch

    • Jesito473

      As far as I can see it doesn’t. Can anyone confirm?

  • sirkojac

    No post on the Galaxy watch 3 that launched yesterday on T-mobile’s site/stores?

  • Mottyengel

    Out of curiosity, did anyone buy the ultra on JOD? I don’t know what to do anymore. Last Samsung I got was note 10+ but when the s20s came out out I couldn’t justify the crazy down-payment so I went with the v60 instead which I don’t like. Camera not as good as Samsung and it lags which I haven’t had in years. But to put 650 down just to throw away the next time you get a new phone seems ridiculous…

    • Vlad

      I was in exactly the same boat.
      Forget about JOD, it’s dead…
      I had s10+, because can’t get S20 like you, had to finish my lease. Which just ended.
      So I bought the phone for around 200 from tmobile, and trade it in to samsung for 550 off from note 20 ultra and 200 credit from Samsung to spend on anything from their store. So basically I’ve bought note 20 ultra for 750 on 36 month finance.
      Will see how it goes…

    • fyah

      I have two V60 and there’s no hint of lag on mine. It’s just as smooth as my Note 10 plus

      • Mottyengel

        When scrolling coments through reddit on chrome Ill get white screen while it tries to load which I’ve never had on any previous phones and just random points an app will freeze, mostly chrome I think and not a lot but enough to be annoying

  • fyah

    I got mine two days earlier from Samsung