Microsoft opens dual-screen Surface Duo pre-orders, pricing starts at $1,399.99


Microsoft officially began taking pre-orders for its new dual-screen Surface Duo phone today, and it’s compatible with T-Mobile.

You can pre-order the Surface Duo from Microsoft at a starting price of $1,399.99 for the model with 128GB of storage. There’s also a 256GB model available for $1,499.99. The Surface Duo will launch on September 10.

The phone is being sold unlocked and it supports 4G LTE on T-Mobile as well as AT&T and Verizon. One thing to be aware of, though, is that it lacks support for LTE band 71, aka T-Mobile’s 600MHz Extended Range LTE.

Here’s the full list of bands supported by the Surface Duo:

  • FDD-LTE: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,14,19,20,25,26,28,29,30,66
  • TD-LTE: 38,39,40,41,46
  • WCDMA: 1,2,5,8
  • GSM/GPRS: GSM-850, E-GSM-900, DCS-1800, PCS-1900

Moving to the rest of the Surface Duo’s features, one of its highlights is the dual screen setup. Each one is a 5.6-inch 1800×1350 AMOLED panel, and when combined, they give you an 8.1-inch 2700×1800 surface. There’s 360-degree hinge connecting the two screens that lets you position the Surface Duo in different positions.

Microsoft has opted for a single 11MP camera on the Surface Duo, and the company says it’s been optimized with AI for front and rear use. It’s got a portrait mode with adjustable depth control, too, and supports video recording up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

The Surface Duo is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor that’s paired with 6GB of RAM. It’s also got a 3577mAh battery and it recharges over USB-C. An 18W power adapter is included in the box, as well as a bumper case.


Other features of the Surface Duo include a side-mounted fingerprint reader, Gorilla Glass on the display, and support for Microsoft’s Surface Pen styluses which are sold separately.

Microsoft is loading Android 10 onto the Surface Duo along with many of its apps. Those include Office apps like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, OneDrive, Edge, OneNote, Bing Search, and the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.


While it’s not cheap, the Surface Duo is an intriguing device thanks to its dual-screen setup. It’s a different approach to the foldable smartphone than we’ve seen from some other companies lately, and it’ll be interesting to see how Android apps are adapted to take advantage of this feature of the Surface Duo.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s Surface Duo?

Source: Microsoft

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  • Joe

    Jesus man this is a lot of money for this. Bezel is from 2018, processor is from last year, only 6GB of ram for what is supposed to be a heavy multitasking tablet, 3,500 mah battery for an 8.1 in screen…What is Microsoft thinking??

    • TEKHD

      One more thing… it’s not even 5G… lol. Bezel can easily be from 2016. 2018 is too generous. It’s like they are trying to sell something that was stuck in a time capsule. lolll

      • Mike

        Guess they couldn’t sell it to the rest of the world, and then all of a sudden tried it here? Price point on it is horrible.

  • Joe

    I liked it until I saw the amount of ram and no 5G and no band 71. Maybe the next version will be better.

    • Mike

      To many things missing on it, plus that over the top price, wow..

      • Joe

        This phone basically has the same specs as my Note 8. Same ram. No 5G. And no band 71. They trying to get $1400 out of a Note 8 lol.

  • Mike

    It looked good until I seen the price. No excuse to put a 1399.00 price tag on something that should be half. It’s price point really shows how badly new phones are priced. The trouble is someone likes paying that high so it gives these companies a reason to raise it higher. Sorry, no phone is worth over 400.00, unless it has solid gold on it. The other thing lacking is 5g. Why would you pay that price ?
    Tired of left over items coming to the states with hefty price points.

    • Shaun Michalak

      I do not think this is a left over thing.. I think it is another “bad” dissension thing.. Kind of like with the X-box One and them going to make it so that you had to register the game to the devise, and could not ever sell them, which also means you could never borrow or rent a game either.. Or how about how they make windows 8 when if first came out to work best with touchscreen’s.. Yea, like the majority of the population only uses touchscreens on computers.. The people at MS have been making one bad decision after another for quite a few years now, so this phone does not surprise me any..

      • Mike

        I agree on that. The biggest pain point are these prices that are being put on stuff, anything 1000.00 or more just really don’t sit well. 5g or not none of this stuff is worth that. I also think the high prices are due to the fact they try and give rebates for old phones. I personally don’t want to subsidise someone else’s rebate. Give me a S20 for 499. It should be that simple. Haha

        • Shaun Michalak

          I completely agree.. As I have always said.. i do not need deep discounts, or anything special.. Just give me a decent phone at a decent price, with no strings attached, and I am happy..

        • Mike

          Descent price is a great way to put it. It would help if people would quit buying the newest thing as fast as they can, because that don’t help with prices. We should be able to haggle on a price, just not pay top dollar that some CEO thinks we should pay.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I completely agree.. Just look at a lot of the phones out there.. My dad only can use a simple phone, so he gets a flip phone because of it.. No smart phone.. On both, the Metro and T-Mobiles site, the Go Flip 3 is $100.. $100 for a 4G flip phone with only 2gb of ram, and 4gb or ROM.. That is crazy.. Heck, I can get a regular smart phone with a 6″ display, not a 2.6″ display, double all the specs, and more, for $30 right off the shelf at Walmart.. But a flip phone is $100 thought the main company?? This is the kind of stuff I talk about when I say a phone at a decent price..

        • Mike Smith

          Haggle? If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. It wasn’t meant for you. But what you can afford.

  • Shaun Michalak

    First they start out with no band 71 support, then add in no 5G of any kind.. Then I really laughed when I see “android” as the OS.. MS is using someone elses OS?? I guess that goes to show how much faith they have in their own OS when they are using someone elses on a flagship priced phone..

    Personally, It make me wonder what the people in charge were thinking releasing a phone like this, at that price, with no band 71 support, and no 5G coverage.. Especially at that kind of a price.. Who thought that was a good idea??

    • The reason why they chose Android over Windows is simple. There aren’t many mobile apps on the Microsoft Store at this time. Windows 10X won’t be out until next spring and even then it will likely be years before the app ecosystem develops to make it viable to put Windows on this. Android wasn’t built in a day. It took nearly a decade for it to be as viable as iOS in many ways. Microsoft knows this and has amazing apps available for Android, including their Launcher. It makes sense for them to be where their users are instead of trying to shoehorn their own OS into the mix prematurely.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Wow, I can not believe that you actually described that.. I think most of use already know that.., It was a pick on MS because what is one more bad decision?? These past few years, MS has been making one bad decision after another.. Like making windows 8 a touch screen OS, and then having to go back fix it because they assumed that almost all people would be using nothing but touch screens when windows 8 came out. I am not even going to get into all the other mes ups with windows 10, the X-Box systems, etc..

        With that being said, they all ready messed up by putting a price down that is way higher then what most people would even consider paying, even the flagship model people.. So what is one more screw up by putting their own OS on it??

  • Complaining about the lack of 5G is a non-starter. 5G isn’t everywhere and won’t be for at least a few years. 5G antennas are still too expensive and bulky to include in many handsets. I can understand why people are upset about the lack of band 71 support though.

    People need to remember that this device was practically finished in 2018 before Microsoft made the decision to move to Android while Windows 10X continues developing. That explains the large bezels.

    That said, Microsoft also needs to remember this and price it accordingly. I would say $999 would have been fine, but I’m struggling to justify the $1399 price tag on this.

    I may wait until Christmas to see if there’s a sale on it.

    • InTheMuff

      Agreed about your 5g point.
      5g is just marketing points right now, 5g wont be worth it until at least 2022.
      Plus the snapdragons with the 5g modem would drive the price up even further

      • Shaun Michalak

        It depends on if T-Mobile follows through with their expansion of 5G on thousands of sites this year, as to if 5G will be worth it or not.. If so, then I can not agree with the 2022 part.. If they can get it installed as fast as their upgrades and band 71 installation, then a good portion of the US will have 5G service by the end of the year.. But that is a lot of “what if’s” that only time will tell.

        • InTheMuff

          2022 is the earliest that I’d myself consider a 5g phone, I see what u mean

        • Shaun Michalak

          The earliest I will consider one is when they become more reasonably priced for my use.. and $500 does not fit that bill for me..

        • Mike

          I agree…. makes sense

  • Francisco Peña

    For that price, I’ll get the Note 20 Ultra.

    Or better yet, get 2 LTE tablets, tape them together and call it a day.

    • izick

      Yeah, because that software experience would be cohesive for sure.

  • riverhorse

    I concur with everyone re all the missing & underspecced. I would still bite if on Windows, or even on Linux w Windows (& Android apps?) emulation- a single pocket-fitting device that is phone + Windows work tablet is very useful. And a larger version, even with those bezels, would be ideal.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Nooooooo, again, Nooooooo and NO….

  • ATRS

    Yeah..that will be a no..especially with no external notification screen at that price

  • InTheMuff

    battery, band 71, and price are my issues

  • Bumblebee

    I laughed when I saw her put the tablet up to her face to answer the call. What is the display ratio? 3:2?

  • superg05

    i don’t mind price to much but exclusives end in failure usually because u limit your user base but that’s the business

  • dcmanryan

    DOA….call me out if it’s not (you won’t be). This phone will be a failure just like the one before it.

  • Willie D

    So $1400 for a non folding screen, lacks B71 LTE, lacks 5G, is supposed to be a phone/tablet hybrid that just looks like 2 old iPad Minis shoved together oh and ONLY 128GB storage BEFORE OS installation …. $1400 If this sells any Id be surprised.