John Legere takes early exit from T-Mobile board of directors


When the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint was complete, John Legere stepped down as CEO but said that he’d stay on as a member of T-Mo’s board of directors through June 4th. Today we learned that he’s actually leaving much sooner.

John Legere has left the T-Mobile board of directors today. The exit was revealed by T-Mobile in an SEC filing that says that Legere is resigning from T-Mobile’s board of directors effective immediately to “pursue other options.”

The filing goes on to say that Legere told T-Mobile that he was not resigning because of any disagreement with the company’s management or board on any matter.

“It has been a privilege and honor to have led T-Mobile as CEO for the past seven and a half years and served on the Board of Directors,” Legere said. “And although I will be leaving the Board just a few weeks earlier than planned, be assured that I remain T-Mobile’s #1 fan!”

John Legere originally joined T-Mobile as CEO in 2012. In the years that followed he helped to turn T-Mo around and make it a much more competitive carrier, rolling out Un-carrier moves that helped make big changes in the industry and add tens of millions of customers to T-Mobile’s subscriber base.

Because of everything he did for T-Mobile, there’s a lot of interest about what Legere is going to do next. He hasn’t really given any clues about what his plans are, but the fact that he’s left the T-Mobile board of directors more than one month earlier than planned is sure to fuel some speculation.

Do you have any guesses about what John Legere might do next?

Source: SEC

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  • Axel I

    They can’t wait for re-carrier.

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    He doesn’t want to be associated with the upcoming rate hikes.

    • Trevnerdio

      That’s a minimum of 3 years away. If he were afraid of that, he still would’ve had quite a while to ride it out.

      • TheTruthIsOutThere

        MBA’s find a way.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Go up against Morimoto #IronChefAmerica

  • dave

    Off to be the new AT&T CEO.

    • Kaulana1989

      Nope they have a new CEO who been them since 1985

      • riverhorse

        Yep. He had been groomed for years, and but they also conducted a thorough outside search (activist shareholder agitation) before unanimously appointing him.
        I’m surprised the departed lasted 13 years- share price declined within a month of takeover, and save for a brief handful of days in ’16 never rose back higher; has almost always remained double-digit % lower.

  • Shaun Michalak

    It makes me wonder if he is stepping down being on the board because he feels that there is not much that he can do to manage anything right now, since what needs done is a lot of work, and not marketing type of changes.. or if he wants to take a few months off for vacation.. or if it has something to do with his new position for a new company?? I would guess it is one of the 3 as to why he is stepping down early.. My guess would lead more toward option one though, because what really needs done right now, is all based on getting the networks combined into one network, and getting the new spectrum up and going, more then anything..

    • Joe

      Sure marketing was a part of why he made T-mobile turn around but also he managed the company well and allocated large spending on making the network good so they can back there marketing.

      • Shaun Michalak

        True, but the fact that first, in a board member situation, he has less power to make those kinds of decisions since he turned over that title to someone else.. Second, right now they all know that they need to spend that money on the towers to finish the merger, and truly make it one company, which they already stated will take about 3 years to do.. So it is not like there is much really for him to make decisions on for quite a while..

        Right now, it is not soo much about what to do, but more along the lines of, what do we do first.. For that reason, it does not seem like him staying until June, or leaving now, will really make any kind of a real difference, vs what they are already doing..

  • Trevor Ketch

    Just tells me he was in it for the money-play…

  • vrm

    He’ll be working for Dish network’s new wireless carrier. They will need someone like him to get where they are going. Dish will not be a competitor to the big 3 any time soon but they will and should become a viable 4th carrier with John at the helm. Dish has an uphill task ahead and they need him.

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      Dish will be bought out by AT&T/DirectTV

      • RLB63

        Since there are really only 2 satellite networks, they won’t be allowed to merge

        • TheTruthIsOutThere

          Both Dish and DirectTV are loosing hundreds of thousands of customers every quarter…. They’ll be too small for regulators to care.

          They’ll either merge, or go out of business.

  • riverhorse

    Maybe being disassociated from TMO legally frees him up to cash in options.

  • Jim


  • Lester Dennis

    He’ll become the new CEO AT&T and then AT&T will buy T-Mobile

    • Disqus5218

      Funny, but he left AT&T for TMobile iirc.

  • RealShit

    Who cares lol

  • RLB63

    It’s always so great to see a man keep his word. When you commit to doing something and following through. No matter the personal cost….

  • Bryck

    Good luck John!!! Thank you.

  • Jeffrey Spalding-Fb

    Would be interesting if his new endeavor is running SpaceX’s Starlink ISP when it goes live.

  • Eunice

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  • Mike

    John really wants to get away quick, or so it seems, just wonder if it all stems from the acquisition of Level 3 and the slow T-Mobile roll out of a television service? To think he is leaving just for the heck of it don’t make sense, after all he took T-Mobile from nothing to something. Maybe the execs in Germany didn’t like something?