T-Mobile 5G launches in seven more markets


T-Mobile has confirmed that its 5G coverage is now live in several more markets.

T-Mo says that it recently flipped the switch on its 5G network in seven new markets. Those include Folly Beach, SC; Reynoldsville, PA; and Tallulah, LA.

Here’s the full list of new 5G markets announced by T-Mobile recently:

  • Folly Beach, SC
  • Lonaconing, MD
  • Old Fort, NC
  • Reynoldsville, PA
  • Mercersburg, PA
  • Perryopolis, PA
  • Tallulah, LA

This coverage uses T-Mobile’s low-band 600MHz 5G, which is supported by five phones on T-Mo: the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

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  • Brenden Morris

    Is T-Mobile gonna close it’s retail stores due to the CoronaVirus? My guess is no because John Legree only cares about money….but I seriously hope they close the retail stores for a period of time.

    • Joshua Miller

      Actually they closed all the mall stores.

    • Shaun Michalak

      John Legree only cares about money

      Well, yes, I would imagine that he cares about money.. It takes money to put up new towers, install more coverage, buy more frequency, etc..

      Is he going to close the retail stores.. well, it would be dumb to not close them in certain areas.. Just think.. If people are not going to shop because of the virus, unless they have to, then why would you leave a store open if it is not going to get many customers? Not to mention, if your employees get sick, that means that you do not have people to run the store anyways, so they would still have to close it..

      Just think of it this way.. As you said, he only cares about money (your words).. Do you take a chance at getting your employees sick, so they can not work, when there is almost no one to buy stuff, or do you close them when you have a lot of business, because you have no employees to run the place.. It is smarter even from a financial side of things, to close the stores when there is going to be little business, so that when there is a lot of customers, you will have employees to help them and not home, sick in bed..

    • riverhorse

      How does this impact you either way?

    • marque2

      They are closing the mall stores. But you are being a horrible human being for using the Corona Virus as an excuse to go on a personal vendetta.

    • Lefty88

      Haha, who’s going into a store to buy a phone during this scare? Cheaper to close!


    It’s LTE plus at best. Just like when they were claiming 3.5G was 4G 10 years ago

  • riverhorse

    Looks like it’s easier to blanket small towns without many large structures.

  • Dawson J Philpot

    I did get one of the new 5G phones (S20) and I can say the quality of the service is better in areas I would get little service prior. It isn’t necessarily faster than what I had on LTE, but it is much more consistent. I have a feeling since 5G is still in it’s infancy that speeds are either throttled or still being built up to allow for faster speeds in the future. Most places I do speedtests now are easily 50 mbps. I actually don’t need my wifi at home anymore.

  • James B

    So has TMO’s 5G actually helped it’s coverage. I’ve seen people say the speeds are more consistent. But are dead zones still dead zones? Is fringe coverage still fringe? Is in building coverage any better?

    • Lefty88

      I think it depends on your phone, what will help with the dead spots is the 600 mhz band that is being used for 4/5G. My Galaxy S8 did not support 600 mhz, but from what I can tell with the S20, is that the dead spots are much less of an annoyance. I play PUBG on my bus route, and where I used to lag out of the game and disconnect, I might now just lag momentary. It didn’t fix everything, but it helped

  • James R Kester

    Pretty Certain if 4-5-6…G were integrated directly into the pavement of all highway/transportation systems, three things would happen. (1) Billions of $$$ would be saved. (2) The 5G & all future technology infrastructure would never need an upgrade, and would be free of atmospheric disruptions, & outages (essential for emergencies) catastrophic specifications. (3) It would compliment the backhaul requirements to cloud without additional infrastructure saving $ Trillions, while serving Military, and Emergency Specifications,