Microsoft and T-Mobile test program will provide students with Connected PCs and free 4G LTE


After announcing a partnership with Microsoft on the xCloud game streaming service last year, T-Mobile is once again teaming up with its Washington state neighbors.

Microsoft and T-Mobile are coming together on a pilot test to help get students online in rural and underserved parts of the U.S. Starting next month, T-Mo will provide pilot schools in select districts with SIM cards and free 4G LTE plans while they test new Connected PCs.

These Connected PCs are meant to help students connect to the internet and do schoolwork at affordable prices. These are still able to run Windows and Office programs and can get online anywhere there’s cellular service.

The two new Connected PCs are launching this summer and are the most affordable models to date. The JP.IK Turn T101 (shown above) and Wise N1212S will start at $299 and $575, respectively. Both models are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c chipset and have built-in cellular connectivity, and Microsoft touts that they offer twice the battery life and 25 percent better performance than competing platforms.

Via: Windows Central
Source: Microsoft

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  • Lin Nakamura

    Sounds a lot like the Comcast “Internet Essentials” program.

    But unlike like Microsoft and T-Mobile, who are doing this for PR reasons and to curry favor for a merger, Comcast’s $9.99/month internet plan has no caps, and the computers Comcast has available cost less too. $149.99. It’s amazing that Microsoft and T-Mobile cost so much more.

    And once you have internet, you also quality for Comcast’s XfinityMobile plan, which for me, has been as low as $1.75/month in some instances, because you only pay for data. Phone calls, text messages and roaming are free on the nation’s best and expansive US Verizon network..

    Comcast has also recently expanded their “Internet Essentials” rateplan to elderly, military, and those on government assistance programs like reduced/free school lunches.

    So with Comcast, they have a win-win-win-win rateplan, and kind of a no-Brainer with more people that qualify.

    • dcmanryan

      You’ll never see another $1.75 bill on Xfinity Mobile again so I hope you enjoyed it. 2-1-20 all plans will now be minimum $12/GB and no free 100 mb anymore. No grandfathering either. You should have got an email long ago.

    • riverhorse

      Hhhhhmmmmm……I don’t know,,,,,,TMo offering much Superior.
      Over the years I’ve transitioned from TMo to Metro to Visible by Verizon, precisely for savings + i dislike MS…sufficient to prove i have no ax to grind. But still…
      I wouldn’t go to bat for arguably the most reviled provider in America.
      Comcrap’s offering, if it’s even available in one’s area, is limited: 15mb down / 2mb up internet with a monthly data cap, and public WiFi is limited to 40 hourly sessions a month while hardware is a small, refurbished barebones laptop.
      Then, the cellular is no bargain when paying per GB- no matter how low.
      Also bears to mention that the pertinent government program of similar name does reimburse the carrier per customer, so the low monthly rate is not altruistic.
      Yes, the speeds plus monthly hotspot and data caps aren’t that bad, but they are limited.

      On the other hand with MS & TMO the cellular plan is free and the hardware is newfangled all in one/ drawing, cellular tablet with all day battery life and tons of MS software- even if a lot of it is for teacher / school.
      No matter how poor one is, this service + hardware is much more preferable.
      It’s like saying an mvno is a bargain compared to a postpaid carrier- but the phones are worse and the data is much less.
      To boot, the most revered carrier is providing the service for free.

      PS there are plenty cheap options out there for the general public- unlimited, no qualifying jumping thru hoops needed, pricing & plan terms grandfathered for life-unlike with Comcrap:

      Metro has $10 unlimited tablet data plan with hotspot permitted, tablet costs $50 and has IR blaster plus all the TMO bands.
      Visible has $25 unlimited everything phone plan with hotspot permitted, plus plenty free basic phones and cheap upscale quality ones.
      AT&T has unlimited $20 connected car data plan that you can insert in a router and take anywhere.

      Sorry Charlie, Starkist only uses 100% tuna fillet.