Metro by T-Mobile’s latest deal offers two free phones and a tablet for switchers


One week after T-Mobile announced its holiday deals, Metro by T-Mobile has unleashed a special offer of its own.

Metro by T-Mobile’s first Black Friday deal offers two free smartphones and a free tablet, all on a plan that’s $100 per month. Customers who switch to Metro, port in their number, and buy a Samsung Galaxy A20 or LG Stylo 5 can get a $239.99 instant rebate to cover the cost of their new phone. Then when you add another line and purchase another Galaxy A20 or Stylo 5, you can get another $239.99 instant rebate to cover the second phone.

For the next step of the offer you can buy an Alcatel Joy Tab tablet and activate a new line of service on it. You’ll then get a $110 instant rebate off its price as well as a $50 Visa prepaid gift card to cover the remaining cost. The fine print of the deal states that this prepaid card offer is not valid in CT, RI, or Miami-Dade County, FL.

Finally, the promotional rate plan associated with this deal gets you unlimited talk, text, and data on the two phones and unlimited LTE data on your tablet, plus an Amazon Prime subscription. Pricing for this rate plan is $100 per month.

Metro says that this 2 Free Phones + Tablet deal is available starting today in Metro by T-Mobile stores. It’ll be available for a limited time.

Another deal is coming on November 28th. Starting on that date, new and existing Metro by T-Mobile customers can get a free smartphone when they add a line. The free phone options will include the Samsung Galaxy A10e, LG K40, and Moto G7 Play.

Sources: T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile

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  • SuperSt0rm

    I can’t figure out with the lawyer verbiage if it requires 2 ports or 1? It honestly seems like it’s just 1 and then when you add the line the second one is also free?

    • riverhorse

      You are absolutely correct on the latter. Also, from their terms, you will pay 3 x $15 activation fees, and it’s one Prime account ONLY – plus only for NEW Prime member. 480p streaming only.
      From my past experience, you will pay taxes on the full pre – rebate pricing.
      Remaining questions : Hotspot numbers and whether all that crappie hardware can be upgraded with anything or only with Metro – sold phones. I’m stuck with that from a previous promo, plan automatically disappears forever with a non-Metro phone.

      • riverhorse

        And to all those of you who’ve created Elmer Fudd prepaid accounts elsewhere and now want to port in, Metro may demand ID and verify with independent agencies / credit headers all the pertinent info.
        BTW not criticizing having done this, it’s actually a huge security risk to give a prepaid company staffed by minimum wage goons–that doesn’t do any paper billing, contract, free merchandise tied to minimum service length, etc. full legal name, address, other phone number, dob, ssn last 4.

  • riverhorse

    Nobody wants another 32gb device or 2/3gb ram or 720p screen or 480p streaming.
    Instead, Metro needs better phones. A50/70 everywhere, even on mvno’s, but not on Tmo / Metro. Same goes for Moto… they only get the crappier models.

  • Erica Thomas

    Shady tactics on metropcs part. They make you sign up for only the $60 plan I remember when you could still get discount with $50 plan. They still are listing $400 plus prices for 6s & 6s plus gtfoh, and to top if off they still tie service to device versus sim guaranteeing u have to visit a store and get chart the activation fee. I said screw it and just went with t mobile prepaid and bought a device off swappa