T-Mobile updating LG G8 ThinQ with July security patches


It’s the LG G8 ThinQ’s turn to get a security update.

T-Mobile is now pushing an update to its LG G8 that includes the July 1, 2019 Android security patches. That’s up from the June 2019 security patches that the LG G8 is currently on.

Neither T-Mo nor LG appear to have posted a changelog for this 471.8MB update yet, so it’s unclear what other changes may be packed in there. If you’d like to dive in for yourself, you can wait for the update to be pushed to your device or you can check manually by launching your Settings app, selecting the “General” tab, then tapping on Update center> System update > Check for update.

Let us know when your LG G8 update arrives!


Thanks, Nick!

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  • Jeff

    What about the V30. Haven’t had a security patch since March.

    • marque2

      Trade it in for a G8. :P

      As a fellow V30 owner/user I am guessing it is getting long in tooth. Hopefully we get one more update.

      G8 is quite an impressive phone though. Screen is amazingly better than the V30s we have. But alas our g8 belongs to the wife.

      • Awesomeguy1234

        Seconded, g8 is pretty awesome and I’m glad I bought it over the OP7 pro and s10.

        • Mzag

          I am happy with my G8 as well.

    • Glenn Gore

      I am beginning to think the V30 is a dead device. Not even 2 years old and left to rot in the Android update department. I can’t get rid of mine because I am still in my 2-year contract for the thing. No one should be buying LG phones given their record on software updates, I sure won’t.

      • Mzag

        You may want to rethink your buying decisions if you are buying solely on security updates. The V30 is a solid device. I bought the G8 knowing LG is terrible with Android updates. If software updates is that important, either get a Pixel or an Iphone.

  • Glenn Gore

    I foolishly thought Google’s efforts at getting phone makers and carriers to keep their devices updated via the Treble program would produce fruit, but I was wrong, it has been a colossal failure up to this point. LG is perhaps the worst offender in this department. The V30 I agree is a decent device and the quad-DAC audio was a big reason I bought it. But when other phones receive the Google security updates and the Android OS updates while the V30 sits idly by, I have to draw the line. My next phone will indeed be something else, probably an iPhone because of its guarantee of receiving full OS updates every year and security updates when they are needed on a timely basis.

  • marque2

    Excellent. I saw rumors of upgrades in Europe but wasn’t sure if it would hit TMobile.