Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ now available for pre-order from T-Mobile


Following today’s Galaxy Note 10 event, the new Samsung flagships are now officially available for pre-order from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is selling the Galaxy Note 10 with 256GB of storage and the Galaxy Note 10+ in 256GB and 512GB options. The Note 10 and 256GB Note 10+ are available in Aura Glow, Aura White, and Aura Black color options, while the 512GB Note 10+ is only available in Aura Black.


Here’s how T-Mobile’s pricing breaks down:

Galaxy Note 10 256GB

  • Equipment Installment Plan: $0 down and $39.59 per month for 24 months
  • JUMP! On Demand: $121.99 down and $35 per month for an 18-month lease
  • Full Retail: $949.99

Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB

  • EIP: $149.99 down and $39.59 per month for 24 months
  • JOD: $199.99 down and $38 per month on an 18-month lease
  • Full Retail: $1,099.99

Galaxy Note 10+ 512GB

  • EIP: $249.99 down and $39.59 per month for 24 months
  • JOD: $245.99 down and $40 per month for an 18-month lease
  • Full Retail: $1,199.99

T-Mobile is running a couple of deals on the Note 10, including a pre-order offer that’ll get you up to $300 off a Note 10 when you trade in an eligible device. You can read all of the details about those deals right here.

If you decide to pre-order a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+, let us know which one you get!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10+

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  • johnnyxlayer

    I will be getting the galaxy note 10 plus 256gb aura glow color just not happy about a 480 dollar down payment

    • Jay Holm

      Yikes!!! That is way, way too much money. . .all I am going to say is I hope you get 3yrs of good use out of it.

  • Vlad Shanhin

    Have fun selling 1000$ phones .. Guess slow sales of S10 and droped profit did not teach you at all

  • mreveryphone

    Already pre-ordered Note 10+ Aura Glow. Hopefully it ships next week!

    • johnnyxlayer

      How much did you end up giving down I’m about to preorder my note 10 plus

      • mreveryphone

        Went the Samsung route this time and traded in my s10+ for 600 but I did look at tmobile and all I would of had to pay is $150 plus tax.

      • D Block Abn

        I paid 89.99 down for the note 10 plus, but i guess i qualified for the deal, not sure if everyone is eligible

    • D Block Abn


  • maanshu

    I’ll buy, when this goes down to $500 next year.

    • dcmanryan

      It’ll never be that price from T-Mobile directly. They’ll remove it fr the site before it ever gets to that point.

    • Trevnerdio

      An S9 is $600. What makes you think the phone will even make it close to $500?


    Hard decision to get this or the new pixel when it comes out. $200 down for JOD on the plus is hefty too so I will wait. Has anyone gotten a lower down payment? I have gotten a lower down payment in the past then was posted on this site so not sure if that is still the case.

    • Acdc1a

      I would love a Note with the Note features but otherwise stock Android. After using Moto and now the Pixel, I can’t deal with cartoon skins anymore.

      • THXULTRA

        I wish Samsung would offer stock android. It is more efficient as well to not have all that bloat running on top. Would also like to be able to get rid of bixby entirely and just use google assistant. Would like google to make the pixel with more ram as well… Hear the pixel 4 will only have 6gig vs the note which has 8 or 12… Hard decision for sure. Have a S10+ right now and it is ok but not thrilled with it.

        • Acdc1a

          I played with an S10 in the store. It really solidified my choice to go Pixel. Stats are just stats. I know the Pixel 4 will do more with 6GB than Sammy will do with 8.

        • THXULTRA

          Ya I really wanted to get the pixel but when I asked T-Mobile about getting one with Jump On Demand they said the Pixels aren’t part of Jump On Demand. The S10+ has been ok but not great. Something big to be said about not having the bloatware on the Pixel.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Pixel 3a is, but not the 3.

        • THXULTRA

          Ya I was told neither was on jump on demand. The pixel 4 I’m talking about is coming out later this year…

    • D Block Abn

      Yes i ended up paying 89.99 down for the note 10+ 256 gb glow

  • Android_God

    I can now appreciate why OnePlus doesn’t have to discount the 7 Pro

    • William Kirschman

      I sold my Note 9 a few months ago and got a 7 Pro on JOD thinking I would jump to the Note 10 when it came out. Problem is I really like my 7 Pro. Would not be worth jumping to the Note 10. Maybe I will wait for the Note 11.

      • Peter Smith

        Yeah, I was right where you were about going to the Note 10 but I just love my 7Pro and didn’t think I would love it the way I do. Oh yeah plus the price is cheaper which allows me to pay it off by time Note 11 comes out then I’ll see how I feel then. #notmissinganything

        • htyoung

          Had me interested in the 7 pro. Then I googled it. Smaller screen, smaller memory, slower processor, smaller battery, no s pen, no wireless fast charging, no DEX in Windows mode. Just a lot of NO NO NO

  • Philip

    Last year I did the Note 9 exchange in my Note 5 and get it for $500 with 24 mths EIP thingy. I got 1 yr to go and I will never do the EIP again.

    • noc007

      You can pay it off early if you want.

      • Acdc1a

        Nobody ever does…and I lose if I pay my Pixel 3a off early because of the trade-in being 24 monthly credits.

      • Philip

        If you pay it off now, you lose Tmo credit. Say I got 1 yr left and it’s $30 a mth. I pay 10 and Tmo credit me 20. I pay it off 360 now or drag it for 1 yr n pay 120 total.

  • beganto

    And T-Mobile removed the Note 9 from the website.

    • Ver

      Yup. I was tempted to buy a Note 9 and found it missing. Pretty fed up with the games.

  • Bryck

    I need to upgrade my almost two-year-old OnePlus 5T, but this is way too expensive. I’ll wait and see what the new pixel, and oneplus bring to the table later on this year. My phone still works great.

  • Francisco Peña

    I’ll wait until right before pre-orders of the N11 come out, and get a N10 for the price that the N10 is now with a trade in. Then Ikeep my phone and get the N10.

  • JayBEE

    Has Tmo said anything regarding the Note 10 Plus 5G?

    • John Marx

      Right now, the Note 10 5G is a Verizon Exclusive. However, they said they will have more info in quarter 4.

    • OnePlus7Pro IsBoss

      Verizon exclusive for 90 days. T-Mobile won’t see Note10Plus 5G till after November 23rd to be exact

  • D Block Abn

    A little update.. I just got off the phone with tmobile and i qualified for the for the 89.99 down and 46.11 a month for the note 10 plus 256 gb on the jod.. Didnt see it mentioned in the artilce, i case anyone was wondering

    • Manbearpig

      That’s good to hear. Every year when they post prices mine is always cheaper then what they said in the post

      • D Block Abn

        Ive had the same experience last year too now that i think of it..

    • Ramon Martinez

      Any down on JOD goes against its purpose, but $89.99 vs $379.99 what they were asking me for, doesn’t sound too bad!

  • Orion

    Man I’m still undecided between OnePlus 7 Pro or the Note 10+

    • Vahdyx

      I have the OP7P and I’m very happy with it, however I do get camera envy. Not sure how important photos are for you, but compared to my wife’s iPhone and my brothers S10, it leaves much to be desired. However personally I hate OneUI/TouchWiz, so for me Samsung is a no go for me regardless.

    • OnePlus7Pro IsBoss

      I’m glad I don’t have to decide I own the Note9, Oneplus7pro, and will own the Note10Plus on August 23rd.

  • Jacob

    Trading in my S10+ with Samsung is netting me the Note 10+, Galaxy Fit watch, Wireless Duo charger, and a 10,000Mah battery for $550. Not a bad deal I’d say. Unlocked version Aura Blue.

    • Bemi

      Is your device still covered through Asurion like this if you have the phone protection option?

      • THXULTRA

        You can add Samsung protection through Samsung for $12 a month

  • argenys

    I don’t see myself using any JOD where I have to put money down. Kind of goes against the purpose and feels like a bad deal unless you’re going to end up keeping the device which again goes against the purpose of JOD. I’m super satisfied with my OP7P for now

  • D Block Abn

    Also its 18 months not 24, plus id post proof but i dont think u can attach pictures on here? And i just double checked it i was off by a penny it was 89.99 down and 46.12 a month.. N that sound like the price for the regular note note the plus.. I ordered the 256 plus

  • Athan Broers

    I need feedback on 2 things. The 1st is easy.
    Samsung Care or add the insurance thru T-Mobile? Pros and cons?

    Second. I’ve never had an unlocked phone on T-Mobile. I pre-ordered the Note 10 unlocked for the $600 trade in v $400 trade in on my S10. (I’m not trading in through T-Mo because that’s only $350).
    Would the unlocked phone work the same? I read that on other unlocked devices on T-Mobile there was issues. Specifically with Wi-Fi calling and messaging. Is saving the $200 for unlocked worth it or spend it and get carrier specific phone? I tried to get an answer from T-Mobile which I’ll paste in my reply to myself.

    Insight and advice much appreciated.

    • Athan Broers

      “T-Mobile response to me re: unlocked on T-Mobile,” No worries! You certainly have that option, I just have to make sure we give you all of the information on our end so you can make the decision about what is best for you! If you need us at all along the way, we are here to help! Also keep in mind, starting on 8/23/19, we will have a new offer coming for the Note10 and 10+ so if you can wait a little while, you may like that as well! :) And for orders placed online and through us, there is no restocking fee and a 20 day return timeframe, so we have free returns as well. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and I hope you have an awesome rest of your day! ^SarahEsmailka”

      • Athan Broers

        Here’s the offer beginning on 8/23:

        When you buy a Note 10 or 10+ on EIP and activate a new voice line, you can get another Note 10 for free with bill credits or $950 off of a Note 10+ via bill credits. Pretty cool huh! We’ll have more details soon for you! When the offer goes live. Sound good?

  • D Block Abn

    Here they come… My payment just went through this morning!! Still havent received the shipping information text but ill keep every one posted


      Ya hoping they ship them today and we get them tomorrow. Miss the old days when Samsung let T-Mobile ships phones really early.

      • D Block Abn

        My phone just shipped out, scheduled delivery for tomorrow im in the Midwest.. Although not a week ahead still couple days before it releases! Can’t wait

        • THXULTRA

          Same here getting mine tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it setup.

  • Bemi

    I received my shipping confirmation today says it’ll be here tomorrow.