T-Mobile and Taco Bell rolling out T-MoBell stores with free tacos and exclusive merch


The free weekly Taco Bell tacos has been one of the most popular T-Mobile Tuesday deals in the promotions history, and now T-Mobile is taking its partnership with Taco Bell to another level.

T-Mobile and Taco Bell are teaming up to create T-MoBell stores. These limited time locations will appear in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago from July 23-25.

The T-MoBell stores will appear inside the T-Mobile Signature Stores in NYC, LA, and Chicago. On July 23, 24, and 25 from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm, the stores will give away one free taco and one free T-MoBell Freeze white cherry drink while supplies last. The stores will also have free T-MoBell merchandise like Taco Bell-T-Mobile socks, giveaways, and special guests like The Bachelor‘s Colton Underwood, who will appear at the Chicago T-MoBell on opening day.


If you’re not near NYC, LA, or Chicago, T-Mobile will also be doing giveaways on Twitter starting July 23. Prizes will inclue Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones, an Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 speaker, and a $500 Taco Bell gift card that’ll get you a year’s worth of free tacos.

How often have you taken advantage of the free Taco Bell tacos from T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Sources: T-Mobile

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  • Cash

    I go to taco bell a few times a week and its not even worth me trying to redeem the free taco because the taco bell website is horrible, and you cant use their app or kiosk for the deal. It literally is a 5 min waste of time to redeem this, so you either have to try to order it while driving to the taco bell which isn’t safe or order when you get there then order the free taco while waiting on first order. Who actually redeems this?

    • 14 million tacos and counting. So someone out there is.

      • Iphart

        Where did you get the 14 million number. I think it’s actually 36.95 million. Lol.

        • Possibly a coffee induced ID10T error on my part. The point is, someone out there loves their tacos. :)

    • Sharti24

      Try Using the mobile website. I have no issues and takes about a minute to reorder the same item every week

  • Android_God

    I can’t post enough facepalm emojis

  • steveb944

    When it was the regular taco, weekly. The Doritos, sparingly. Beans on a hard taco isn’t great.

  • Disqus5218

    Do you have to be a TMo customer for the SWAG? I know someone in one of those cities, but they’re not on TMo.