T-Mobile Tuesdays adding Taco Bell, customers get a free taco every week


T-Mobile teased that it had something big to announce for the Super Bowl, and now we know what the carrier was hinting at.

Taco Bell is coming to T-Mobile Tuesdays. Starting this Tuesday, February 5, T-Mobile customers will be able to get a free taco every week. Specifically, you’ll be able to get a free seasoned beef or bean soft taco or crunchy taco.

To get your free taco, you’ll need to redeem the offer in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, create an account on Taco Bell’s website, add a credit card per line. You’ll then be able to place your order online and get your free taco.

“Tacos and Tuesdays go to together like magenta and … well … everything,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “A giant stage like the Super Bowl deserves an announcement as big as Left Shark became, so we partnered with the biggest in the biz – Taco Bell – as an epic THANKS to the best customers in wireless!”

This offer is notable because when T-Mo launched T-Mobile Tuesdays, it offered a free Domino’s pizza to customers for the first couple of weeks. Domino’s then pulled out of the offer, though, due to the overwhelming demand from T-Mobile Tuesday customers. It’s unclear exactly how long Taco Bell will offer free tacos through T-Mobile Tuesdays, but T-Mo does note that this free taco promo is a “limited time offer” and that it’ll be available “while supplies last”.

Will you be taking advantage of the free Taco Bell as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays? If so, what kind of taco will you be getting?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • JG

    Hmmm… Just so happens there’s a Taco Bell just a couple doors down from my local T-Mo store… Guess I’ll have to hit em both up on Tuesday. Free socks and free tacos. Yea

    • Phone Guy

      Stuff the taco in the socks.

  • el_perezo

    I know at least its something but cmon. All this hype for a taco you can get for what, .99 cents.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      … and without giving Taco Bell your credit card info.

  • MissedCall

    All that hype for a Taco?

    • Phone Guy

      You mean, all that hype for a .69 cent, or .89 cent taco. Sheeeeeesh.

      • gmo8492

        Them tacos sell for 1.30 in my neck of the woods. Still a huge waste with very ridiculous terms and conditions you have to follow in order to get it.

      • Iphart

        What are you talking about? It’s $1.19 a huge difference! Lol.

  • Send Obama to Mars

    Instead of a pointless taco, I’d much rather they release security updates and a new Android version for my S6.

    A true UnCarrier move:
    “Wherever and whenever possible, with no delay, we will release updates and new Android versions for all phones on our network.
    We will not hold you hostage and force you to buy a new phone before you’re ready.”

    • Lord GoFuckYourself

      +1000 Internets for your username. God Speed fellow American.

    • Francisco Peña

      Galaxy S6? Don’t blame TMo.. that is all on Samsung.
      The S6 isn’t listed on their list of monthly, nor quarterly updates.

      If Samsung doesn’t put one out, Tmo can’t put it on their network.. as simple as that.

      • ibmps2it

        But T-Mo doesn’t always release updates, even when they’re available.
        I still have an S5. Verizon released at least one security update for their S5’s, after T-Mo stopped updating its own S5’s.
        In Jan. 2018, Verizon released Android patch level 8-1-2017 to its S5’s. T-Mo stopped sending security updates to S5’s in March 2017 (the last patch level was 3-1-2017 for Android 6.0.1).

  • Iphart

    A whooping $1.19 for a taco, and don’t forget to add your CC info in the app.

  • Lord GoFuckYourself

    That’s a lot of work for one shitty taco.

  • Android_God

    It’s hilarious to watch grown adults taking a free taco so personally

  • steveb944

    I think it’ll work for Taco Bell because after the hurdles customers have to go through they’ll have add more things to their cart.
    I think it’ll be here to stay as long as their app can handle the traffic.

    • Disqus5218

      Their app can likely handle it, but they kinda made it garbage in a redesign. Used to be I could place an order, and just drive up whenever. Easier for me because I like to customize my order. They changed it to pick a time you’ll be here, which isn’t nearly as handy.

  • Jason Caprio

    T-Mobile is a complete joke. They hype something up as if it’s going to be something amazing. Who knows, maybe an un-carrier move, maybe a perk, removal of another pain point? Price reduction?! Nope…..

    A free taco every week?! Seriously?! I checked their prices. A taco costs $1.19, 4 weeks in a month, T-Mobile is giving people $4.76 worth of food per month. I’m sure people rather have something better lol

    I doubt this promotion is for life. Might last a month or so like the Domino’s deal did some years back.

    • Disqus5218

      It costs them money to organize this with Taco Bell. They can’t just do it themselves. It is kinda a perk, but if you add $4.76 per line to the $13 or so for people who have Netflix, it’s already kinda cheap. I have 6 lines, for 5 people, I’m only paying for 2, so I pay $60 a month, $40ish after this and Netflix (my friends and I have the top-tier Netflix so we can all watch (one has his own), so I ultimately pay $20 a line for two of my lines, unlimited all but only 3g hotspot. Not bad imho.

      I’m not sure what else they can do “Uncarrier” wise, apart from Day-1 Android updates? Promo cards paid off right away to get Verizon/AT&T off your back?

    • JJ

      I understand this isn’t a big deal… but they are offering this free to customers. How is this a complete joke? Quit whining about getting free things. I’m just happy that i have good coverage with amazing speeds that my family members on verizon keep complaining that they are paying way more for slower speeds. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

      • Jason Caprio

        The reason why I call this a joke is the amount of hype John Legere put behind it, as if something amazing is about to be unveiled.

        Then final reveal we’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!


        Please lol

        I guess considering most of T-Mobile’s customers are relatively poor and mainly eat fast food, this must be a good thing.

        • JJ

          I agree with all the hype behind it and then they announce just a taco which has nothing to do with maybe network announcement. As far as your last sentence, well i guess being close minded can make you assume things.

        • Jason Caprio

          Well my last line was more of a joke. People from all walks of life use T-Mobile. :)

        • JJ

          It’s all good.

    • dtam

      of course you’d rather them give something better but not sure why you’re getting mad about it though. at least it wasn’t some major announcement that everybody needs to migrate to tmo one

    • Dharharr
      • mikeZo6

        OMG ALL Fire department around the world LEAVE VERIZON NOW go anywhere but them, VERIZON put people Lives at HUGE risk or Death…

      • Jason Caprio

        Verizon corrected their mistake, but a throttled connection is better than having no service. Take a nice look at T-Mobile’s coverage map for Lodoga, California

    • Tony Chen

      so does verizon give you anything at all? anything for free for paying its bill every month?

      • Jason Caprio

        Actually I get my Verizon free through my work, and to make it better, they use a business contract so I can get the newest phone nearly 50% off. I am hooked up!

  • JJ

    Completely agree on the wasted commercial. But as far as tower congestion, i had that issue with verizon and now with tmobile i don’t. Of course it helps to have a phone that has carrier aggregation not to mention a phone with 600 band where 600 band is available helps also. Of course you could live in an area that just has a lot of tmobile users but that can happen with any service.

    • mikeZo6

      I already have one of the best phones that has all that stuff still congestion, Tmo still NO band 71 in Northeast Philadelphia

  • dtam

    they may have been $6 mill per

    • mikeZo6

      Na they said before Super Bowl 53 one commercial for 30 seconds cost 5 million I’m positive

  • Francisco Peña

    I’d rather have the $.25 off gas, or vudu credit..

    I want Wendy’s free Frosty…

  • mikeZo6

    That’s what we want with Tmo !

  • Uncle Miao

    Most of TMobile customers are Mexicans anyway, but they may find taco bell tacos not authentic yet they love freebie anyhow

    • Wow! Just wow! Smfh

      • Uncle Miao

        $5m ads for a $1 taco as well as dragging customer to the store is laughable marketing

        • Plow Rox

          So please do come back and tell us that you have moved on to a better carrier, and then stfu. You wont be missed.

        • EverythingTech

          You don’t have to want to change carriers to realize this is stupid. I love my TMO military plan, but most of these things like this are horrible gimmicks.

    • Kevin Hopper

      you’re that “molesting” type Uncle aren’t you..? Or the Drunk, racist uncle?? so many shitty Uncle stereotypes out there.. it’s hard to decide

  • Dude use wifi then no carrier has a perfect network jesus. That like trying to find a perfect spouse not gone happen get over it

  • Jason Caprio

    Lately Verizon has been amazing. We’re rocking Band 4/66 combo, Band 2, Band 5, and Band 13. Speeds have been through the roof lately and signal has never been better! I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd Half 2018 Rootmetrics report. I’m rooting for T-Mobile to win more state scores but I have a feeling Verizon will once again clear the board.

  • EverythingTech

    This is really stupid. You have to order online too. Total waste.

  • EverythingTech

    Actually, I live in a major metro and Verizon sucks. I’m forced to use them for work, but use T-Mobile for my personal use. TMO is light years ahead.

    • Jason Caprio

      Light years ahead? That’s quite a bold statement. You must have drank too much of John Legere’s kool-aid lol.

      What zip code? What speeds are you getting with each carrier?

  • James Smith

    I would rather have signal indoors.