T-Mobile will begin charging DIGITS users who dropped One Plus after getting promo


Did you recently get a text message from T-Mobile that says that you’ll need to begin paying $5 per month for a DIGITS┬áline that you’ve been trying for free? We now know what’s going on with the situation.

T-Mobile has told TmoNews that it’s messaging customers who took advantage of a 2017 deal that offered a free DIGITS line with T-Mobile One Plus but then later dropped the One Plus add-on. The DIGITS line was only free for as long as you kept One Plus on your account. A T-Mo employee on Reddit says that T-Mobile’s internal systems didn’t automatically begin charging for DIGITS if a customer dropped One Plus, and now that’s being corrected.

Customers who got this free DIGITS line but then dropped One Plus will be charged $5 per month effective July 27 if they want to keep the DIGITS line. That price is half-off the normal rate for a DIGITS line.

Here’s the text of the message that T-Mobile is sending to affected customers:

“Thanks for trying T-Mobile DIGITS for free! Keep enjoying DIGITS for only $5/mo, half-off the regular price. $5 charge effective 7/27/19 unless you call 611 to make changes”

If you feel like you got this text message in error, T-Mobile recommends that you contact customer care.

Thanks, Stevan!

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  • Jay Holm

    Umm…..I am waiting for a headline that says the DOJ has formally approved the T-Mobile Sprint merger. . .

    • bman893

      Tommorow you will get another headline saying still in the works could be next week . Truth is they don’t know that I wish they’d stop making an article every week saying it’s on it’s off it’s on it’s off we get it T-Mobile’s having a hard time with the merger you don’t have to tell us every time it’s on and off just let us know when and if it happens .

      • Jay Holm

        True. . .this has been going on for 15 months already, it’s time to wrap it up DOJ!!!

    • AndrewR91

      If you think this merger is going to be beneficial for anyone but C-levels at tmo and sprint you’re in a for a surprise

      • bman893

        O I agree T-Mobile wouldn’t be pushing so hard if this was a benefit for its customers it has other plans in about 2 years from now people are going to be like why the hell did they allow these two companies to merge

  • Brenden Morris

    I think T-Mobile has the same amount of ridiculous fees as Verizon now. Notice that now Mr. John is racking in the money…he doesn’t care about the customers anymore.

    • dcmanryan

      They never did. They They care about new customers first, keeping current customers second. The best deals have always been for new customers only. BUT, we pay a lower monthly bill still compared to the other big two (for now). Still, it’s hard to swallow seeing the Best Buy, Walmart and Target deals through AT&T and Verizon and Sprint I’ll admit. AT&T and Verizon will also have loyalty discounts at times on new hardware.

  • Pak T

    Solution is simple. Cancel DIGITS and get Google Voice instead. Free and has been around years longer (although no guarantee Google doesn’t kill it someday like they do to a lot of their services).

    • Mike Thaler

      We use Voice to make intl. calls. 2-4 cents/min. TM THREE $$/min.! (We don’t make enuf calls to get a TM pkg.)

    • I’ve been using Google Voice since it was GrandCentral (and I still miss all the cool features that Google stripped away when they bought it). Same phone number and everything. If Google pulls a Google and cancels Voice, I guess I’m taking my number and porting it over to T-Mobile.

      • Nano

        Google voice doesn’t support having an apple watch or any kind of smart watch on it. Digits does. This is why digits was created. From my understanding.