T-Mobile OnePlus 6T security update now rolling out


Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones aren’t the only Android devices getting an update from T-Mobile today.

The OnePlus 6T is now receiving a software update on T-Mobile. The update is version A6013_34_190510 and is 381.7MB in size. Included are the April 2019 Android security patches and an “Enhanced Messaging Experience”.

This update is now rolling out over the air. If you don’t see it on your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, you can check for it by launching your Settings app, selecting “System” followed by “System update”, and then tapping on “Check for update”.

The last update that the T-Mo OnePlus 6T received had the January 2019 Android security patches, so it’s good to see another update arriving with more up-to-date security patches. If you’ve got a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, let us know when this update hits your device!


Thanks, Debjit!

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  • MisterListerSir

    …and now it’s only a month behind. Not at all sad I handed this one down.

    • PeteFrmNY

      honestly… a month is reasonable to me when talking difference between locked and unlocked devices. I assumed 4-6 week delays from unlocked to Tmo when I got it and, for the most part, have had my expectations met

      • MisterListerSir

        You bet. A month is reasonable. Prior to today, however, it was a bit longer.

        If this is any indication, 1 month is the *best* you will get – most of the time, it will be more than that as OnePlus has only agreed to bi-monthly updates and T-Mobile does not seem inclined to even stick to that.

        • Outrager

          Let’s take a look at when the T-Mobile variant updates were put out:

          November 20, 2018
          January 3, 2019
          January 20, 2019
          March 9, 2019
          May 16, 2019

          This is pretty close to a bi-monthly schedule.
          Also, the unlocked 6T’s latest update is still on the March 2019 security update, which is even older.

          For a carrier device I think this is pretty damn good.

        • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

          This is all goin to change soon with android Q security updates will come from the play store… I don’t know why ppl make it a big deal usually its just really small security nothing big

        • MisterListerSir

          The way updates are currently handled by OEMs, combine Google’s security updates with whatever bug-fixes the OEMs have managed as well, and those can be a pretty big deal to some folks.

          I doubt OEM bug fixes will be sent through the Play Store with security updates, but I could be wrong; maybe they will.

          If not, well, at least their users will have the security updates.

        • JJ

          Yep, I am waiting for this. Most people that are mad at current state don’t believe it will get better and i understand. But even if things stayed the way they do i will not go back to ios and their closed wall junk. I love my ipad but my iphone is gone and not coming back. Can’t wait for Q.

        • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

          Am same way lol but still have my iPhone X just collecting dust

        • MisterListerSir

          That’s all well and good, and if it is good enough for you; great. I’m not trying to convince anyone not to like what they like.

          I was not trying to imply the OnePlus update schedule was good. IMO, it isn’t; but again, that’s just my opinion.

        • Outrager

          I was only pointing out that T-Mobile is, so far, sticking to the bi-monthly updates which you said they do “not seem inclined to even stick to that.” Sure it would be great if it was monthly.

        • MisterListerSir

          The first couple updates we got on that device were from T-Mobile only…they weren’t the OnePlus updates, iirc. Took ’em forever (although this could be poor hindsight) to get the lag issues fixed that were fixed on the day-1 update for the unlocked.

          Nah, not bitter at all. ;-)

  • Nate

    About time!

  • Craig D

    My phone randomly downloaded the update and restarted without my approval. I would of been fine with this if I wasn’t in the middle of a rideshare ride.