T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update brings RCS messaging and security patches


OnePlus 6T owners, another update is now coming your way.

T-Mobile is now updating its OnePlus 6T, sending out a 148.3MB update to version A6013_34_190217. According to the changelog included with the update, included is IR94 video calling, RCS messaging, and an Android security update that bumps the OnePlus 6T to the January 1, 2019 Android security patch level.


T-Mo hasn’t posted any info about this update on its support site, so it’s unclear what else might be included. If you’ve got a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T and haven’t gotten this update, you can check for it manually by launching the Settings app and selecting System > System update > Check for update.

This looks like a nice little update for the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, adding in RCS messaging and bumping up the security patch level. It’s disappointing that the February 2019 security patches aren’t included here, but they haven’t been rolled out to the unlocked OnePlus 6T either, so that explains why this update is on the January 2019 security patch level.

If you’ve got a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, let us know when you install this update!

Thanks, Pedro!

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  • captainbdsc

    I got the update tonight. It was pushed downloaded and installed and the phone rebooted all without my say so. I am glad to get updates, but I like to check them out before it installs.

    With that said, does RCS work in any text app? Or does it have to be the native app? I use Google messages.

    • LinkofHyrule89

      I would assume it works with the native app but depending on how they did it hopefully it also works with Messages. See if the chat features appear in the settings under advanced in Messages. Be sure to report back what you done.

      • Mike Taylor

        I tried what you said and I also reinstalled massages and no luck

        • rslh

          Same here since I prefer Google Messages! :-(

    • Raymond Guerrero Jr

      I too would like to know because I don’t see the option in Android messages or the native text app .

      • captainbdsc

        Is it the Advanced Messaging under the OnePlus Messages app settings? I am not sure…

    • rslh

      There’s no Chat settings in the Google Messages app but it’s in the native app, which has the advanced chat features.

  • Koolme666

    I noticed that my text character limit was reduced to 100 characters which is a little bit. It wasn’t like this before the update. And it’s frustrating

  • steveb944

    This may be the first non Samsung device to have RCS. Good for them.

    • t_newt

      Good for them? Sprint has it on lots of phones–they’ve had it for over a year. A messaging service that only works on a small handful of phones is pretty useless.

      • steveb944

        Good for Oneplus since it’s their first carrier device.

        • Trevnerdio

          LG has had RCS for quite a while now.

        • steveb944

          Ah that’s right. 3rd OEM then.

  • Mickey T

    That probably means that folks who have the non T-Mobile 6t won’t be getting rcs support?

    • That’s the question that I have as well. I’m on T-Mobile but using the unlocked international version

      • Mickey T

        Are you on a T-Mobile converted to international or straight up international?

    • The One

      This is correct. Do not expect any unlocked device to support RCS on T-Mobile anytime soon. For some stupid reason, RCS must be turned on by the carrier via software update. So if you’re unlocked, you’re likely to never receive an update from the carrier.

  • DynamikD

    I hate to be the one to highjack this discussion but I’m seeing that those of us with unlocked devices are getting screwed with these RCS updates. My Pixel 3 XL is still waiting for this!

  • Joe the Plumber

    I manually UPDATED to the newest security and RCS features today (3.9.19), and no RCS or Chat feature in Google’s Messages. However, I DID see the Chat option in the OPO 6Ts native messaging app. Not sure if that feature is the full RCS feature but, it’s there. So, T-MO does support it but no update yet for Messages running RCS on our OPO 6T.

  • busy signal

    Settings > chat

  • Raymond Guerrero Jr

    I’m guessing the read and typing indicators only work when texting other people with OP phones? I just tried it with someone on an iPhone and it just says delivered even after they replied back.

    • John Reid

      iPhone does not support RCS messaging

  • Hassan Adebisi

    Of such feature is made available, it’ll be with the native messaging app, I’m using the international version of 6T, I’m not sure I’m expecting such to come

  • Emil Basora

    How can i possible test this? I tried sending a message to someone on Google Fi that has Chat enabled. No idea if our RCS are compatible but I was getting no chat features between us. I do have chat enabled in my app.

  • Richard Salinas Tapia

    I updated this morning and having Bluetooth and wifi connection issues. Am I the only experiencing this? I rebooted the phone to see if it was just a one time thing but I still have a problem. Might have to switch back to my Pixel :/

  • Stephen J. Sundberg

    I’m updated but I am not sure how to turn on RCS.

    • It should be enabled by default. The options are under Messages Settings > Chat.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Latest update breaks displaying phone icon for Wifi calling. No way to know if wifi calling is enabled or not.

    • Alon

      Same issue for me

    • James Bertram

      I actually hate that icon! haha

    • Craig D

      That’s awesome! Hopefully that was actually in the fix. Go Bears!

  • This is really frustrating that T-Mobile is rolling out an inferior RCS solution

  • Nate

    My google messages app does not appear to support it. The native OnePlus Messages app is showing the new features after the update though. I was hoping to see it enabled in the tmobile version of the onePlus. I do wish I could use the google messages app instead of native. I have gotten really used to being able to use google messages in my web browser while at work.

    • Google is supposed to be opening up the API in Android Q for 3rd party apps (which google messages is on the one plus phones) to support RCS. I prefer google messages and using it on the web as well so I hope they do it.

      • Nate

        Nice! I hope so.

      • John Doe

        not anymore

  • jcradio

    I got the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T. However after the latest update, I can no longer receive pictures attached to a text message. The senders phone will say “RECEIVER CANCELED”. T-Mobile tech support offered me a replacement phone and OnePlus tech support started a repair session. They re-flashed my phone and the problem still exist. OnePlus finally said wait until the next update and see if that fixes the problem. I f I use Textra or another messaging app it works fine. I happen to like the default app that came with the phone.
    Anyone else have ths problem?