Samsung Galaxy Fold is reportedly being delayed following display issues


Remember last week when several Galaxy Fold review units suffered from broken internal displays? It looks like Samsung is delaying its new device because of those issues.

Samsung is pushing the Galaxy Fold’s launch back until “at least” May, say sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. A rescheduled launch date hasn’t been decided, but it’s expected that we’ll know more in the coming weeks. The Fold was originally scheduled for a launch on April 26th, including at T-Mobile.

There haven’t been any official announcements regarding a delay of the Galaxy Fold’s launch date, but Samsung did postpone events that it had scheduled in Hong Kong and Shanghai this week. If Samsung does issue an official statement regarding a delay, I’ll be sure to update you.

Today’s report also suggests that Samsung has identified the problem causing the Galaxy Fold’s display issues. It’s said that the phone’s hinge could be putting too much pressure on the 7.3-inch display of the Galaxy Fold.

Following the news of Galaxy Fold display units breaking last week, Samsung said that it would thoroughly investigate the devices but that its foldable phone would still launch to the public on April 26th. If there is a problem with the Fold’s hinge putting pressure on the internal display, it’s good that Samsung is pushing back the launch to fix the problem. This is a problem you’d want ironed out with any smartphone, but it’s especially true with the Galaxy Fold because you want to keep the people happy if they’re spending $1,980 on your first foldable device.

Source: Wall Street Journal


UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed that it’s delaying the Galaxy Fold in order to evaluate early feedback on the device and run internal tests. It plans to announce a new release date in the coming weeks.

“Initial findings from the inspection of reported issues on the display showed that they could be associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge,” says Samsung. “There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance.” Samsung goes on to say that it will strengthen the Galaxy Fold’s display protection and improve its guidance on care and use of the screen for consumers.

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  • Nionx

    Disappointed but not surprised. This was to be expected. I do hope they are able to fix the issues before releasing it to the masses. This delay will also give them time to manufacture more so that those who missed the pre-order window (like myself) will have a chance to make the purchase

  • Note9Is Boss

    We waited 8yrs we can wait longer for it’s arrival nobody had planned on buying the Galaxy Fold when 2019 first started anyway.

    I’ll be ready to buy whenever they feel it’s time SAMSUNG is technology and Android worldwide nothing else matters today.

    • Albert Orange

      LOL… You are allways on these comments licking Samsung’s culo. The Fold is trash. Like the Note 7, Samsung’s 2nd rate engineering team failed.

      • Jerry Rich

        Yeah, just worship your iphone 5c and keep believing apple can make a decent phone. Have some more Kool-Aid.

        • Bklynman

          You guys are way too funny!!LoL! Almost as funny as those videos on you tube watching all the leftists cry,after Trump won!!

      • Note9Is Boss

        Your useless mother is trash. It’s sad how she allows you to lay up in that shack in the woods paying no rent.

        Get a job useless bum so you can afford quality products Instead of being a financial loser.

        • Albert Orange

          Well, I had to move back to the woods temporarily because I had to leave your momma. She stunk like fish and refused to shower. As far as a job, can I get one with you? I know you like being associated with “industry leading” brands. That’s probably why you chose to work McDonald’s drive thru… rather than Burger King’s.

        • JayBEE


      • Bryck

        That’s so true lol. If I ever see you on the streets rounds are on me.

  • Mike McDonald

    Now imagine if this was Apple.

    • Jerry Rich

      Apple will never have the technology to develop devices like Samsung. And Samsung will take responsibility and fix the issues unlike Apple.

      • dtam

        Don’t completely agree with the statement that Samsung will fix everything. but yes, apple wouldn’t have this issue because they just steal everyone else’s designs so they let others iron out the wrinkles.

        • (J²)

          They do not steal designs, just ideas and concepts. Usually, people steal designs from Apple. The courts at least seem to think.

      • (J²)

        They literally get hardware from Samsung and have been for years….

        Also, if phones are blowing up on peoples face it’s kinda hard to not take responsibility and fix. If you ignore it, lawsuits will pile up.

    • Gardo

      If it was Apple they would have said that people are folding the phone wrong.

  • riverhorse

    I’ll gladly take Samsung(or TMO)-refurbished Fold with minor screen permanent defects + warranty for everything else & in case screen defects expand to point of uselessness… for half the original retail price.

  • teaReactor

    Seems like the trend of the higher the price, the more status, the less durable the device will be is continuing. My china cabinet could use more phones.

  • jpo

    shouldve waited and rolled out as part note 10 or 11 line with