OnePlus 7 series will be announced on May 14th


The OnePlus 7 is less than a month away.

OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus 7 launch event is scheduled for May 14th. The big reveal will take place at 11:00 am ET in New York City, with events also happening in London, Bengaluru, and Beijing.

Folks interested in attending the launch event can get tickets on April 25th. If you do go, you’ll get the chance to try OnePlus’s new hardware as well as earn “goodies” that you’ll only be able to get there. For anyone not able to attend, the OnePlus 7 event will also be livestreamed.

OnePlus has confirmed that it’s got a couple of new phones coming. There’s the standard OnePlus 7 model as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro, which has been confirmed to include an upgraded display (rumored to offer a 90Hz refresh rate) and 5G support.

There have been no announcements about which carriers the OnePlus 7 series might be offered on, but after last year’s OnePlus 6T was launched by T-Mobile, it’s definitely possible that we’ll see one or both of OnePlus’s new phones on T-Mo’s shelves.

Are you interested in the OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Pro? What do you want to see from OnePlus’s latest flagships?

Source: OnePlus

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