T-Mobile’s free MLB.TV offer returning March 26th


T-Mobile has been offering free MLB streaming to its customers for several years now, and it looks like that deal is set to return for the 2019 season.

T-Mobile’s website says that its free MLB.TV promo will return on March 26th. To get this deal, you’ll need to redeem the offer in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app between March 26th and April 1st. The deal is open to new 2019 subscribers of MLB.TV only, so if you’ve got a current subscription, you’ll need to cancel it by 8:00 pm ET on March 22nd to be eligible.

With this MLB.TV deal, you’ll be able to watch every 2019 out-of-market regular season game live or on demand. You’ll get the ability to choose home or away feeds in HD, and MLB At Bat Premium is included as well so that you can watch on your iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Select Spring Training games will be available live as well. T-Mo says that once you’ve registered, you can access MLB.TV on up to 10 devices.

An MLB.TV subscription is worth $118.99 per year, plus another $19.99 for MLB At Bat Premium, so this is a nice deal for T-Mobile customers and I’m sure there will be lots of folks excited to see it back for the 2019 season.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • BrianC

    I sign up for this every year. And every year I’m not able to watch one game of my hometown team. This really just seems worthless to me.

    • Sharti24

      Yup. Useless due to blackouts

      • JJ

        Yea, these blackouts are a joke.

        • Sharti24

          Yeah, Even if you want to pay for the mlb tv service You still get blacked out

    • Nate

      Exactly this. The first year with this promo, I somehow was able to watch my local team, the Royals, every year since though, it will not allow due to the blackout thing. Super annoying. I need to find a way to fix this.

      • Paul Smackage

        Fox Sports has a deal with Sprint for no blackouts.

        • Nate

          Maybe once this merger is done, we can get that deal too.

        • Sayahh

          Time for that free line?

    • Kurt Frost

      I have some friends that would use this…I’m assuming you’ll give me yours?

      • BrianC

        Shouldn’t ASSume.

        • Kurt Frost

          So it’s not worthless?

    • steveb944


  • Lord GoFuckYourself

    A Sport, with a peak average of 15 minutes of “Action” per game making millions of dollars. How poorly our country has placed its priorities. Imagine the quality of our children, if teachers made millions a year instead of uneducated redneck po’dunk sportsing guys.

    Our country would be unstoppable. We’d have time travel and flying cars by now.

    • riverhorse

      All the money in the world will not entice knuckleheads to study and work hard.
      Now, if we require free sterilization & early abortion in exchange for welfare, recreational drug use, parole and probation…
      Otherwise fasten your seatbelt with this new push toward decriminalizing drug use combined with soak the triumphant to support the knuckleheads. The zombie population boom apocalypse is coming.

  • Matt Macaluso

    I use mine ever year. Go Cubs!!

    • stuman19741974 .

      Is there a good way to cheat the GPS? I can watch every game on this app except for the Cubs games. And until next year when they have their own channel, they rotate between like 5 stations each week. Pat and Ron are great, but I’d like video through the app too!

      • Paul Smackage

        No. Unless your phone is rooted. It’s easy on a PC by using a VPN, but not on a phone.

        • marque2

          You should be able to turn off phone GPS. It is in the settings. However the phone always tries to get a location – so it will attempt to triangulate based on cell tower locations. This os actually fairly accurate and accurate enough to still ban you from local broadcasts.

        • Paul Smackage

          Yeah. Software that requires location won’t work until you turn it on.

      • steveb944

        Try a VPN I’d possible.

  • mikeZo6

    So true home games ALWAYS BLACKED OUT not worth having…

    • Paul Smackage

      Fox Sports has that locked up with Sprint.

      • No they don’t, just get Hulu Live TV or You Tube TV!

        • Paul Smackage

          Is it for free on your phone like it is for Sprint?

    • Steve

      Depending on where you live, your local broadcast may be available on an app as a benefit of being a subscriber via your TV provider. In NY, the Mets (SNY) and Yankees (YES) are available via the NBC and FOX apps, respectively.

      • Sharti24

        Correct but you must have cable to get that perk. The indians partner with fox sports go and if you download their app it works perfectly.

        Problem is a lot of people are cord cutters and dont have cable. The next best thing is to download the app and get the login info from a friend who has cable.

    • steveb944


  • the martian ambassador

    Last year I signed up for this for the first time. I just logged into the website with the userid that was created and under “manage subscriptions” it says ”
    You do not have an active subscription.” I guess it automatically cancels the free ones ?

    • Steve

      MLB.TV and MLB AtBat are each annual subscriptions and are only good for THAT particular baseball season. Once the Postseason is over, that’s the end of your subscription (I may be wrong on the timing as it may be valid until 12/31). In any case, it’s worth every FREE dollar!!

  • Gator5000e

    Best promo TMo offers! I realize the local blackout applies and I’m not sure why. I would guess the reason is that they want you to watch the local broadcast and it’s commercials. So why not show those via the MLB TV subscription. It’s not li,e MLB has a lot of its own advertising. But it’s still good. I can watch 2 games at one time via the Apple TV app. Go Rays!

    • Crackers luv M3TH

      Use your brain all major sports do this. Major Sports have contracts with tv stations that spend millions on sports content if they allowed you to watch local home games without blackouts then the local tv broadcaster loses money and so will the sports league.

  • this is the best promo ever… i swear its one of the main reasons why i stay with tmo.. lol… i look forward to it every year. Transplant New Yorker now living in Florida.. So with this I see my Yankees.. thanks Tmo and Lets go Yankees !

  • Nobody Special

    I just want to make something clear for other readers that are not informed about BLACKOUT GAMES…. these only applies to the games in your geographical area at that particular time during the LIVE broadcast. After (i believe) about 1 hour afterthe live game has ended… you are able to now watch that particular game that was BLACKED OUT.

    There are also ways around the BLACKOUT restrictions even without the need of rooting your phone. I use a VPN on my phone and on my computer… and it does the trick.

    The FREE MLB subscription is worthless only to those who are unable to find a solution to watch BLACKOUT Games during the live broadcast. We have become very spoiled to have unlimited amout of streaming videos due to the popularity of the internet. Some of us complain about watching an 11 second advertisement during the game.

    Watch the Blackedout game 1 hour later…. or get a VPN (Problem Solved).

  • riverhorse

    This is very nice of T-Mobile.
    I have to confess watching an entire game, save for finals, holds very little interest anymore. And I actually bet for a living. It’s just a horrible time sink(even with live in game betting).
    Baseball & football are the worst, followed by basketball & hockey.
    On the other hand, fights and soccer are very attractive at half or less the time.
    So here’s my vote for dazn/ufc/espn+/fubo/fifa instead of mlb/nfl/nefflix/amazon prime

    • ibmps2it

      MLB should ban blackouts, given that the games have become a long 3+ hour, mainly boring marathon filled with commercial breaks..
      In-game attendance is down, and I doubt TV ratings are any better.
      Why drive away your remaining fans with crazy blackout rules?
      Don’t you want every possible eyeball on the commercials?

      • Matt Macaluso

        There are no commercials when watching on MLB.TV.

        • ibmps2it

          That’s true. But I wouldn’t mind commercials if they ended the blackout. They run commercials just about everywhere else (e.g. NBA on TNT, ESPN).

  • illstplaya .

    This is great I really like that they do this. But I really wish they would do it for the nba too

  • anybody get their order yet?