T-Mobile customers can get free White Castle, DoorDash discount, and more next Tuesday


Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday gifts will make it easy for you to have a “dinner and a movie” night at home.

On Tuesday, December 11, T-Mobile customers can get a free combo meal from White Castle and a free one-night disc rental from Redbox. Also available is a deal that’ll get you $5 off your order plus a $0 delivery fee from DoorDash, but it’s important to note that this offer is for new DoorDash customers only.

Rounding out next week’s gifts is a $10 Spa & Wellness eGift Card credit for Spaweek.com and an offer that’ll save you $40 or more per night on hotel stays from HotelStorm.

The contest for next week will be handing out digital gift cards to the restaurant of your choice. Two grand prize winners will each receive a code valid for $500 in gift cards from Tango Card, while 100 first prize winners will get a code valid for $100 in gift cards from Tango Card. Finally, 1,000 second prize winners will receive a $20 code valid for gift cards from Tango Card.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Deadeye37

    If only there was a White Castle remotely near me….I have yet to try one.

    • gramps28

      No big loss.

    • Robert Roll

      i always felt sick after eating white castle so no big loss that and the closest one to me is 4 hours away in St Louis Missouri

    • Acdc1a

      You have to be drunk or high to enjoy White Castle burgers.

  • Michael

    I wish I could use the White Castle coupon at Krystal’s

  • Dominimmiv

    Wow White Castle. Fabulous for people back east; worthless for us left coast people. How about an In-N-Out Burger deal?

    • jj201367

      Agree In-N-out would be nice

    • Koolme666

      I miss the domioesd free pizza lol they got so pissed they(dominoes) had to stop that, but yeah wouldnt mind an in n out deal

  • steveb944

    Shame that the DoorDash deal is new customers only, either way they messed up that Cheesecake Factory cheesecake offer recently.

  • gmo8492

    White Castle is only in 12 states and mostly on the east coast. Pretty much useless for the rest of us, would have been better if we got a choice of McDonald’s or some other national chain.

    • gramps28

      White Castles are mostly in the midwest.

      The only state on the east cost that has them is Jersey and there are 45.

      • marque2

        And please let them stay in the Midwest. Their slider things with mystery meat are absolutely awful – and I went out of my way to find one because I heard so much about them.

        • gramps28

          If you want to clean out your digestive tract they work, hence the name “slider”.

        • Acdc1a

          Smell the same going out as they do going in too.

        • Disqus5218

          BurgerFi is mystery meat too, so avoid them. They sold a “chicken hot dog” that had pork in it when you looked at the fine print only on their website, not even on the menu.

          They also do “impossible burgers” which are veggie burgers that taste like real burgers imho.

      • Rich Dollars

        Wrong they are several white castles in New York

  • I miss White Castle so much! Too bad there isn’t one in San Antonio. At least we’re getting QuikTrip.

  • MissedCall

    Lots of White Castles on the west coast…

    Illinois White Castle locations (93)
    Indiana White Castle locations (89)
    Kentucky White Castle locations (54)
    Michigan White Castle locations (53)
    Minnesota White Castle locations (32)
    Missouri White Castle locations (52)
    New Jersey White Castle locations (45)
    Nevada White Castle locations (2)
    New York White Castle locations (60)
    Ohio White Castle locations (102)
    Pennsylvania White Castle locations (1)
    Tennessee White Castle locations (14)
    Wisconsin White Castle locations (2)

    • fuzzmanmatt

      53 in Michigan? Really? Are they all around Detroit?

      Edit: yes, they are. The closest one to me is in Indiana. I am neither Harold nor Kumar, so I’m not driving an hour and a half for White Castle.

  • Chanki Lee

    No white castle here inutah

    • dcmanryan


  • being a transplant new yorker living in Florida now, i would have loved this.. but guess what no white castle here.. whats up with the regional hookups tmo? slick way to save money ?