T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update now rolling out with updated camera app and more


T-Mobile OnePlus 6T owners, another software update is now coming your way.

T-Mobile is now pushing an update to version A6013_34_181121 to its OnePlus 6T. The update is 110.2MB in size and includes an updated camera app, updated in-display fingerprint algorithm, optimized Face Unlock, and more. It’s still on the November security patch level.


This update is now rolling out over the air, and TmoNews readers Josh and Nick received it this morning. If you’ve got the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 6T, you can check for the update by going into Settings > System > System update > Check for update.

Once your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update arrives, be sure to share your impressions of the update with us!

Thanks, Josh and Nick!

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  • Gothamite

    Any word on whether they fixed the Bluetooth compatibility for Tile trackers? I can’t get mine to connect to the 6T

  • MarkMcCoskeyTech

    Updating my T-Mobile 6T now. Thanks!!!

  • PC_Tool

    Got it this morning. Was surprised to be getting an update I hadn’t seen anything online about yet.

  • Mickey T

    Looks like the hold power button for assistant was added.

    • Brad

      Is this changed in settings?

      • Mickey T

        yep, it’s under the buttons and gestures settings.

  • MindFog2287

    Was wondering why my phone just rebooted itself! Wonder what the “improved audio” is? I am LOVING this phone so far. Came from a Note5, which I also loved.

    • Jim Mill

      I noticed after the first step date I had crackling issues when I get call like the ringing and the speakerphone and this appears to be gone also my battery charging seems to be slightly faster and a little slower disappearing

    • Ronnie Whitman

      Yeah mine just rebooted too… Didn’t see any download or installing messages just rebooted and now have the latest software, doesn’t sound right…

  • Alex Pilaia

    Will this update be coming to the OnePlus 6 straight from OnePlus??

  • brentparkey

    “Fixed Play Store Download Notification Issue” does this mean the phantom notifications about all the apps that have updated or that it would never show you notifications in the shade from the play store?

  • Nate

    Update installed. So far no issues.

  • Jim Mill

    Should be nice if T-Mobile would let us get them even faster like the unlocked version but definitely getting updates faster than I’ve ever got from any of the phones other than Apple but Samsung LG not near as fast thanks OnePlus

  • Jose Hernandez

    Just read this and dowloading now.

  • Ron Kinsey

    Downloaded and installed perfectly

  • emcdonald75

    The only reason I have not considered this phone is due to the lack of stereo speakers. My Galaxy Note 9 sounds so good; plus, I’m sure the S10 Plus will have an in-screen fingerprint reader, but I wish it had the volume slider, like OnePlus phones and Apple iPhones.

    • Omar Lozada

      I have both phones and I have to say that the audio quality even that is not stereo is extremely good I am a movie fan and use my phone for movie watching and can definitely say I really don’t miss the note 9 sound at all.

      • Reddevils7

        I definitely miss my pixel 2xl speakers. This one is shitty. Why put 2 grills for one speaker? Especially without the headphone jack

        • the9thlion

          I think it’s for aesthetic symmetry purposes (also pretty sure there’s a mic in the other grill but can’t recall for sure)

          Wish they would just put a second speaker grill in the top of the device to give us stereo audio though, even if it’s not front facing.

    • Kyle

      the S10 is also suppose to cost up to $400 more than the 6T… is $400 worth stereo speakers? For that money you could buy 2 Sonos Ones have have a proper stereo

      • the9thlion

        If you can afford the steeper price tag regardless, I’d say the stereo speakers are worth it if you want the best video experience. I’m loving my 6t regardless but I sure miss the hell out of stereo speakers from my Nexus 6P days. It’s honestly the only thing that makes me considering switching away from OnePlus ever.

  • SuperSt0rm

    Finally able to get Alexa as my virtual assistant with the power button assistant toggle!

  • Omar Lozada

    is it me or the fingerprint scanner works faster?

    • donnybee

      Updated in-display fingerprint algorithm

    • Reddevils7

      Yeah fingerprint unlock is much faster

  • Reddevils7

    Anyone have BMW? This new update broke my connexted apps and the car won’t read the phone via USB either. OnePlus support won’t reply to any inquiries

  • T-Mobile is dropping the ball on them updates for the OnePlus 6t when are so far behind waiting for December security updates to

  • the9thlion

    I didn’t get the usual download notification for this like I’ve gotten previous OnePlus phones (and for the first TMobile update), but instead my phone just randomly rebbooted? It downloaded the update in the background with no notice and just turned itself off in the middle of use. After I turned it back on and it bother up I got a toast notification saying my phone was updated. Very strange.

    • BigDaddy

      Did the same thing to me. Was in the middle of filling out a form and my phone randomly rebooted . Not a fan of this method of pushing updates. Let me choose when I want to install.