T-Mobile Global Plus drops high-speed data roaming allotment to 15GB


When T-Mobile launched Global Plus earlier this month, it offered unlimited high-speed data while roaming in a Simple Global country. Now it looks like T-Mo has tweaked the add-on a bit with regard to high-speed data roaming.

T-Mobile has revealed that its Global Plus add-on now includes 15GB of high-speed data while roaming in Simple Global countries. The price for Global Plus remains the same, at $50 per month for customers on a T-Mobile One plan. If you signed up for the previous Global Plus add-on, it should be grandfathered.

In addition to that 15GB of high-speed data in Simple Global countries, T-Mobile customers who sign up for Global Plus also get the following features:

  • 5GB high-speed, international tethering in Simple Global countries
  • 5GB high-speed data while roaming in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited texting and calling at $0.00 per minute in and between 210+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited Stateside International Talk and Text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE Smartphone Mobile Hotspot in the U.S.
  • Unlimited HD video streaming (must be activated via T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile) domestic and abroad in 210+ countries and destinations
  • Gogo in-flight all flight long (unlimited flights/sessions) on Gogo-enabled domestic flights
  • Name ID
  • Voicemail to Text

Other details of the Global Plus add-on that are worth mentioning include the fact that once your 15GB of high-speed data runs out, your speeds will top out at 128kbps. Additionally, if your line already has a T-Mobile One Plus or T-Mobile One Plus Intenational add-on, the latter of which was discontinued earlier this year, then you’ll have to remove that feature in order to add Global Plus.

Some T-Mobile customers on Reddit and T-Mo’s support forums have reported that they’re experiencing extremely slow speeds after adding Global Plus. Customers say that they’ve run into the issue while traveling in Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, and other places. It’s unclear exactly what’s causing the problem, but I’ve reached out to T-Mobile about it and will update this post if I hear back. Until then, know that if you’re encountering slow speeds with Global Plus, you’re not alone.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Kev Martinez

    AT&T International Day Pass is a much better deal. Unlimited everything while abroad!

    • AA-Ron

      How much is that

      • SirStephenH

        $10 PER DAY… :-D

    • DDLAR

      It’s $10 a day for the AT&T day pass. Unless you need it for less than five days in a month I don’t see how you conclude that it’s a better deal. In addition, T-Mobile throws in a few other nice features (voicemail to text, Name Id, etc.).

      • Kev Martinez

        Yea $10 per day but AT&T is a much superior carrier compared to T-Mobile. I’d rather pay $10/day for something that will work excellent than $50 for a crappy and inferior service.

        • Melissa Cardenas

          nah i used At&t in Europe and some parts in middle east in Armenia, Russia, Turkey, azerbaijan and other countries , . Boyfriend had tmobile . And At&t it didnt work in half those countries because they not supported on travel pass . So i had the option to use At&t passport Which is a total rip off since they offer very little internet . So i dont know how u say its a superior service if it doesnt work in a lot of countries like tmobile. So i just turned off my At&t phone in all trips and used my boyfriends tmobile phone which worked FREE in all them countries . .

        • Kev Martinez

          Well sure… T-mobile might be superior in some countries abroad but definitely not in the U.S. where it really matters! AT&T blows them up in every aspect. You get what you pay for.

        • kanakamaoli

          Kev I want to see an AT&T family plan with 4 unlimited data, text, call, lines with 15 GB of Hotspot, unlimited data in 210 international countries for 127 dollars? I don’t have to pay extra for HD streaming I get over 150MB DL speeds I have coverage(band 12) at work underground that my co workers with AT&T don’t have a single bar. When they have signal most of them get tops of 20 MB DL. 2 of 3 them has changed over to T-Mobile because of me and couldn’t be happier. So I don’t know why you make such a asinine statement. Maybe there are some places AT&T coverage and speeds are better? Maybe there places T-Mobile is better?
          But where live and work T-Mobile is superior.

        • Kev Martinez

          The point of a smartphone is that it works everywhere and not just in some areas. That’s fine if you think T-Mobile is the best, but AT&T is the second best carrier and no, I dont pay extra for HD which with T-Mobile, you have to pay an additional $15 so for 4 lines with all HD is about $220 whereas AT&T is $190 with HBO which is a much better deal than Netflix so yea, AT&T is definitely much better than the third-world quality service T-Mobile offers.

        • Steven

          You know 4 lines on T-Mobile right now with everything including HD, 20Gb hotspot, Netflix, unlimited inflight internet (if offered on your flight) , Caller ID, Voicemail to text, calling and traveling to Canada or Mexico is $170 TAXES INCLUDED (pricing is with a free line promotion)

          So if your saying at&t is a better deal, you my friend don’t do research at all before you speak.

        • Kev Martinez

          Lmao so neither you… It is currently $140 + $40 for each line if you want HD in all of them so $180. And this is a promotion not a permanent pricing, so really the real pricing would be $200 (160 + 40 for One Plus on all 4 lines) where as AT&T is $190 every day. So boom! $10 cheaper and a much superior network. But whatever, stay with your third world class service.

        • Steven

          Obviously you don’t read. The pricing above is $170 with free line promotion ($200 without it). T-Mobile doesn’t expire plan promotions. So idk where you got that from. Even without the free line promotion your $190 AT&T plan doesn’t include taxes so texhanically its more then T-Mobiles $200 TAXES INCLUDED. Do you just not research anything? Lol

        • SirStephenH

          Actually prices can be changed after two years on T-Mobile, you can keep your plan (minus the price) forever though. It got rid of grandfathered pricing a couple of years ago but those who have kept their plans from before the change aren’t effected.

        • Melissa Cardenas

          depends dud here in los angeles california its pretty bad. I been considering joinin my man on tmobile im paying over 130 a month for my note 9 with them .. I am not getting what im paying for have u actually used it here in LA? LA fitness gym dwtwn i walk in there i drop down to 1 bar “4G” and no data at all and calls dont even connect while my man on tmobile has 3 bars lte . And its like that in many stores and buildings At&t craps out while tmobile comes thru And everywhere else in LA its pretty bad when compared to tmobile. It might be good in your area but here its not in california . and i say california because not only in LA, san fransisco, oakland , san jose etc..up north its bad also compared to tmobile. I still own 750 on it which is a lot and tmobile wont pay the full ammount to switch . So im stuck or else trust me i would have gone to tmobile ! and btw if your wondering why i own that much its because i had an iphone 7 plus which was paid off already and i also had crappy service on it . so when i went to At&t to cancel they convinced me yes i fell for it that i needed a newer phone and that my problems would be solved . How dumb of me i admit it . Got New phone same bad service ..

        • Fabian Cortez

          Well sure… T-mobile might be superior in some countries abroad but
          definitely not in the U.S. where it really matters! AT&T blows them
          up in every aspect. You get what you pay for.

          Actually, “where it really matters” is overseas roaming, which is exactly what this article pertains to.

          Service in the U.S. is 100% irrelevant to this topic.

        • DDLAR

          Kev, Keep in mind the topic is an international deal. You’re switching topics by bringing in the US coverage.

          That is, you are no longer supporting your original argument about the T-Mobile international plan being a bad value. You’re now claiming T-Mobile has bad US coverage so everything else they offer is a bad value. Which is a bit off base.

          However, if you really want to go there, okay. Coverage is very much an individual issue. That is, if a carrier has coverage everywhere (or most places) I travel then it’s good coverage from my point of view. For many people T-Mobile falls into this category. It may, or may not, be the case that T-Mobile has worse coverage in some abstract way. This is a very difficult thing to measure. Furthermore, most attempts to rate coverage find the top three carriers are pretty close right now. That is, they find differences, but they are minor.

          So, for many people (myself included) T-Mobile turns out to be a very good value.

        • PC_Tool

          ….and blocked.

          “Kev” is here for one reason and one reason only – to fangush over AT&T. Obviously keeping track of the discussion and staying on topic are not priorities.

        • Kev Martinez

          I guess truth hurts around here… The truth that people tries to put T-Mobile as the best carrier around when they are actually trash but hey yall! Whatever floats your boat. If you guys are happy with your inferior service, let it be.

        • GinaDee

          We all pick inferior products. For some its our girlfriends etc…

        • GinaDee

          Actually no it doesn’t. Either you work for AT&T or you’re misinformed.
          AT&T used to be world’s better. Not anymore. In fact T-Mobile now offers LTE to more Americans than AT&T does and their network is getting bigger everyday.
          And your comment has nothing to do with the international feature. Again not sure if you’re confused or just that misinformed.

        • Sharti24

          Att is growing too with the deployment of the firstnet Spectrum.

        • SirStephenH

          Deploying spectrum on a network with nationwide low-band already deployed doesn’t magically expand coverage. This isn’t going to make up for the fact that T-Mobile still has a lot of room for improvement in coverage with the deployment of low-band in large areas of the country where it’s not already deployed. AT&T would have to place a lot of new cell sites in order to win second place in coverage back while T-Mobile just has to deploy low-band at existing sites to pull further and further ahead.

        • Sharti24

          I dont think tmobile can deploy low band on every current tower because that would cause interference with other cell sites.

          What do you mean “win second place in coverage back”? Att is already in second place with their current coverage over tmobile. Drive through maine or WV and tell me how many times you roam onto Att

        • Nearmsp

          This is a 10 year old status. T-mobile is often faster in most locations.

        • Fabian Cortez

          I’d rather pay $10/day for something that will work excellent than $50 for a crappy and inferior service.

          It’s roaming service…

        • Brad C

          As i sit here with 50+Mbps on my T-Mobile device, but AT&T is dropping between B17/HSPA on my work phone.. get bent. AT&T is not fantastic everywhere.. and my god have you tried getting anything done with AT&T CS? It took 3 weeks for them to “figure” out how to activate my LG Urbane that i had already.

          Honestly, T-Mobile and Verizon are really the only two options at this point, and AT&T’s numbers show that. AT&T is giving the farm away and still not doing the best since the DirecTV buyout.

  • Adam Thodey

    I still can’t find this Global Plus on the T-mobile website.. i only have read about it here.. how do i know it actually exists?

    • (J²)

      I can not find this option either and reps are not advertising this here in the US.

  • Adam Thodey

    The other thing, I know this is T-Mobile US, but T-mobile is also in germany, so i would think that the company would consider T-Mobile Us and T-mobile Germany the same country and then it’s the same network and the US plan would work in Germany and vice versa, but that’s not the case… i was in germany for a day and saw lots of ads for T-mobile there, i would recommend that if they truly want to be the uncarrier, that they at least provide the same plan on their network (like Germany and US) as what ever your plan is in your country of origin since one has the perception it is the same company because of branding, logo, etc. Just my thought…

    • RoseGold

      its not the same , both countries have different Laws and rules along with different policies where they cant share USA people data base such as Social Security etc , example TD Bank USA and Canada

    • SirStephenH

      T-Mobile and T-Mobile US are two separate companies and they are run that way. T-Mobile doesn’t even own T-Mobile US outright, it’s only a majority shareholder. Plus, US regulators have already been a bit skittish about foreign ownership of US carriers, such a close relationship would probably raise some red flags.

  • Juan

    If I temporarily disable my grandfathered One Plus International Plan to use the new Global Plus 15GB, would I be able to re-enable One Plus International again?

    Also, I have a friend who was able to get grandfather himself into the unlimited Global Plus plan. If he were to ever remove it temporarily and reinstate it in the future, would this mean that he’d lose the grandfathered feature? Thanks!

    • dcmanryan

      If you change from a grandfathered plan to a new plan the grandfathered plan is gone and there’s an almost zero chance of getting it back.

    • Joe2050

      If you change your grandfather plan you cannot change back to it.

  • Lela T. Davis

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  • Willie D

    So less service with the same or higher price. More reason Sprint and TMo need to merge…competition.. said no one ever.

  • OZ

    They quietly dropped the 10-day 1 GB international data pass for $20. I only see a $5 daily pass instead.

  • (J²)

    I was also confused by this initially. One Plus was already $15 and One Plus International was already $25.

    The details are tad misleading as well. Unlike other plans, you receive up
    to 15GB of 4G/LTE speeds on your device and Unlimited Calling at no

    Hot spot/Tethering outside of North America has also been bumped up.

    Now keep in mind, there are some countries and carriers that do not offer
    4G/LTE speeds. Also for those who choose to have their phones select
    which carriers to roam on to – be mindful that the chosen network may
    not be the best or fastest network.

    I’ve tested this on my trip and can confirm it’s worth it. I do believe this plan should be $40 instead ($15 more than One Plus International).