Metro by T-Mobile launches new prepaid rate plans today


The new Metro by T-Mobile is now live.

Metro by T-Mobile prepaid service officially launched today following its announcement last month. Metro is the new, rebranded version of MetroPCS that offers new unlimited plans with Amazon Prime and Google One included.

There are four plans available from Metro by T-Mobile, all with unlimited talk and text as well as taxes and fees included. The base $30 plan offers 2GB of LTE data and mobile hotspot, while the $40 plan bumps you up to 10GB of LTE data but drops the mobile hotspot. The new $50 plan gets you unlimited LTE data and 5GB of LTE mobile hotspot usage as well as 100GB of Google One Cloud storage. Finally, the new $60 plan offers unlimited LTE data, 15GB of LTE mobile hotspot, 100GB of Google One cloud storage, and Amazon Prime.


Metro by T-Mobile customers use the same network as T-Mobile. However, T-Mo does note that “Metro by T-Mobile customers’ data is prioritized below data of some T-Mobile-branded customers at times and locations where competing network demands occur”. Additionally, Metro customers who use more than 35GB of data per month may notice slower speeds during times of congestion. Video streaming on Metro by T-Mobile is limited to 480p resolution, but an HD add-on is available for $10.

With this rebrand, T-Mobile really wants people to know that Metro is owned by T-Mobile and uses the same T-Mo network. The perk of 100GB of Google One cloud storage could be useful for a lot of folks for storing photos, and while lots of people are already subscribed to Amazon Prime, getting the service bundled with your cellphone plan could convince some folks to jump to the top-end Metro by T-Mobile rate plan.

Now that the new Metro by T-Mobile is live, are you thinking about signing up for it?

Source: Metro by T-Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    One thing I don’t understand that John wanted to to get across was prepaid and postpaid are the same thing except one is paid at the beginning of the month and one is paid at the end of the month technically that’s not true as one has a Grace. And one doesn’t and also Metro has better plans and more of a variety of plans then T-Mobile I can get a better plan for $50 at Metro you think it would be the other way around or equal I think this shows more of how this merger may be bad for consumers there’s no telling what will happen once Metro and boost combined and Sprint and T-Mobile combined we may have one plan for all companies. If John is going to make a statement that Metro and T-Mobile are equal you should have a chart and go more in depth because they’re really not.
    But we all know that will never happen

    • riverhorse

      Metro includes much less in its ‘lower pricing”–
      none of the following($10-15 extra) each: HD, the international / inflight calling / data.
      Apart from that, no FREE: Digits / Netflix / Tuesdays / financing / paying grace period.
      Plus lesser data deprioritize threshold and slower data at times.
      Its phones are much cheaper, although overall selection is abysmal… BUT, financing adds interest.

      —————-To me, when you do the add/subtract $ math, it’s similar ” per unit / weight pricing” seen in grocery store shelves———–.

      Or…pay less @ less features you don’t regularly need / use.
      NONE of the BS from a parallel CNET article stating Metro is for those @ poor credit.

      And….arguably…. Tmo Unlimited gives one a whole lot more for not that much more $$ than Metro Unimited.

      • Hurlamania

        The point is John is trying to say that there’s no difference between postpaid and MetroPCS prepaid other than paying at the end of the month and at the beginning of the month go watch his video number two I can get the same thing I have now plus extras for the same price I don’t have Netflix I don’t need a free Redbox rental on Tuesday but regardless the comparison between the two companies is not the same as John is trying to make it seem in his video introducing Metro by T-Mobile

        • riverhorse

          I watched it live. I think he meant quality-wise, it was uttered to refute the perception of Metro for the poor and those with bad credit.
          Because literally, it makes no sense. Better to sell Metro and just offer pre and post in Tmo stores. Rake in big bucks AND save big bucks.

  • jim

    Sounds like the beginning of the end for a lot of Metro stores and employees, if the merger goes through T-Mobile stores will live Sprint Boost and Metro get cut & most close

    • riverhorse

      That would make sense, but they’ve stated they’ll continue expanding.

  • JG

    Any word on what happens once you exceed the 2 or 10Gb data cap for the first two plans?

    Will you spend the rest of the month at 2/3G speeds or will you be totally cut off or … ?

    • riverhorse

      No cutoff, but extremely slow.

  • randian

    Mandatory SD video even on limited data plans bothers me. I already have Amazon Prime so including it in my phone plan leaves me double-paying for it.

    • NapoPeb

      > Mandatory SD video even on limited data plans bothers me

      T-Mobile does this as well, and their cost to add ‘HD’ is $15 pcm. These new plans highlight how

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Great, gotta go to the store to switch my 2 for 80 plan can’t do it from the app

  • Chris

    I’m trying to figure out why i would want to stay on t-mobile now? If I switched to this I would get my Amazon Prime paid for (close existing/create new account), and 100GB storage means no more dropbox. I’m paying $80(+$12.99 for Prime) for 2 lines now monthly with only 6GB LTE. I don’t care about Netflix or Tuesdays. So I could go to $90 for 2 lines unlimited.

  • CoreyB Farmersone

    What does the Metro by T-Mobile bill mean when it says the call is INT or GSM below the phone number? I think one is international (INT) and the other is global system for mobile (GSM). But can you tell me if you are in Mexico when making one call (INT?) or in the US when making the GSM call? Or could both of these be made and received from either country? Thank you.